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09 Apr 2020

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30 Mar 2020



03 Mar 2020


Mumps is an infection caused by a type of virus called a paramyxovirus. It is very contagious

and spread in saliva, the same way as a cold or flu. This means it can be caught from an

infected person coughing, sneezing, etc. It can also be caught from touching infected objects -

for example, door handles.


Mumps infection is less common since the introduction of the measles, mumps and rubella

(MMR) vaccine in the UK. Mumps infection is now most common in children who have not

received the vaccine.


It is very unusual for children under one year to have mumps.


What are the usual symptoms of mumps?


  • Swelling and pain of one or both parotid glands are the usual main symptoms.

The parotid glands are the main salivary glands. They are just below the ears

and cannot normally be seen or felt when well. The salivary glands make saliva

which drains into the mouth.

  • The mouth may feel dry.
  • Chewing and swallowing may be sore.
  • Fever (high temperature); headache, feeling tired and being off food may

develop for a few days. These symptoms may occur before parotid gland

swelling occurs.

  • Mild abdominal (tummy) pain may occur.
  • Some individuals may have no symptoms at all


The swelling of the parotid glands usually lasts for 4-8 days. Mumps is normally a mild illness,

but complications sometimes occur so vaccination is included as part of the UK Routine

childhood immunisation schedule.


The immune system makes antibodies during the infection. These clear the virus and then

provide lifelong immunity. It is therefore very rare to have more than one episode of mumps.

How is mumps diagnosed?


A doctor will usually diagnose mumps based on symptoms and the type of glands that are

swollen. A saliva swab may also be taken and sent to the laboratory to confirm the diagnosis.

What is the treatment for mumps?


There is no medicine that kills the mumps virus. Most people start to feel better after about one

week with no long-term problems.


Treatment aims to ease symptoms until the body's immune system clears the virus.


  • Paracetamol or ibuprofen can ease fever and pain. Aspirin should not be given

to children

  • Give children lots to drink, particularly if they have a fever. Fruit juice may

stimulate the parotid gland to make more saliva, causing more pain so water is

best if this occurs.


Are there any complications of mumps?


Complications in young children are rare. Teenagers and adults are more likely to develop

complications, which may include one (or more), of the following:


  • Approximately 25% of males with mumps over the age of 12 years will develop

a painful swollen testis and occasionally both are affected. In very rare cases

this may cause infertility.

  • Hearing loss can sometimes occur in people with mumps. This is usually only

transient and improves with time. Very rarely, mumps can cause permanent



How can spread be prevented?


Mumps is highly infectious and can be spread by droplets from the nose, throat and by saliva.


  • Encourage staff and children to practice good hygiene at all times
  • Individuals should be encouraged to have good respiratory hygiene (covering

nose and mouth with a disposable tissue when coughing or sneezing,

discarding it immediately afterwards and washing hands straight away).

  • Regular hand washing should be encouraged (especially after coughing,

sneezing, helping affected individuals with their respiratory hygiene, contact

with potentially contaminated objects etc.).

  • Exclude individuals with suspected mumps from school until five days after their

glands have swollen.

  • Advise parents to seek medical review.


Mumps immunisation


An effective vaccine to prevent mumps (the MMR vaccination) is available as part of the UK

Routine childhood immunisation schedule. Vaccination is encouraged even if an individual has

a history of suspected mumps as many other viruses cause similar symptoms so mis-diagnosis

is a possibility. Mumps can be prevented in 95% of cases by having the routine MMR

vaccination in childhood or later in life.


More information on mumps can be found in chapter nine of the Health protection in

schools and childcare facilities guidance.


10 Jan 2020

PCSO Kate Jackson will be running a session " Do you know where your children are?" at our next coffee morning on 12th February 2020, Unicycle will also be here with pre-loved uniform that can be purchased.  For further details please copy and paste the link below into your browser.

Extra Flu Clinics

10 Jan 2020


School Direct PGCE Initial Teacher Training

25 Nov 2019

Please copy and past the following link into your browser for further informatin on School Direct PGCE Initial Teacher Training

Christmas Lunches

21 Nov 2019

This year, as the Christmas lunch cost has been kept down, your child/children's lunch needs to be ordered via the menu on ParentPay.  Below you will find instructions on how to do this along with a link to paste into your browser for a more in depth guide
1. Go to www.parentpay.com and log in
2. Select the child to make bookings for
3. Select Bookings > Make or view bookings
4. Select the time of day that you wish to make a booking for
5. Select the week to view
6. Select Make or view bookings
7. Make the required bookings
8. A summary will be displayed at the bottom of the page with any previous unpaid bookings shown in red 
9. Review the booking summary, and select Confirm booking. 
10. Any credit in your Parent Account will be used to pay for the meals. Any remaining cost can be paid by card or Visa Checkout by selecting the appropriate option 
For a more in depth instruction guide please copy the URL below and paste into your browser for a PDF document to guide you through the process.
Kindest regards
Mrs Serratore

Afterschool Club

13 Nov 2019

Dear Parents,
After School Club Provision – Friday
Over recent months we have seen a decline in the uptake of long sessions for after school club on a Friday.
We currently have 4 children who regularly stay for a long session.  However, due to the numbers involved and the number of staff who are employed to stay for the long session, this is becoming financially non-viable.  We have also received requests from staff to drop their Friday session for family reasons.
We have made a decision to monitor the numbers between now and the end of term and if there is no improvement we shall no longer be able to offer a long session on a Friday with effect from January 2020.
We will keep you informed so that you are able to make alternative arrangements.
Yours sincerely,
Lizzie Christopher

Flu Vaccination Consent

11 Nov 2019

Dear parents & carers,  
Nasal flu vaccination – electronic consent deadline Tuesday 19th NOVEMBER
The Immunisation Team will be offering the Flu vaccination to all Primary aged children,
in school, on Tuesday 26th November and as last year, the consent will need to be completed electronically.
This link for completing consent will close on Tuesday 19th November, so please access the consent portal as soon as possible using the following information:

You can also use this link to decline the vaccination should you wish to do so.

This link is secure. Please carefully select your child’s school from the drop down menu and this will ensure that the consent is in the right place.  Full details and information to assist you in completing the consent is detailed on the portal including full FAQ’s, patient information and contact details should you wish to speak to a nurse regarding the nasal vaccination.
If you have any difficulties or queries with this process please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0300 247 0082.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

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22 Oct 2019



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16 Sep 2019


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23 Jul 2019

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11 Jul 2019


Prince William Award

03 Jul 2019

Dear Parents,
You are invited to attend the Year 5 Prince William Award Graduation on the morning of Thursday 11th July. Please see the letter attached. If you would like to bring in some cakes or biscuits for the event, that would be wonderful. Please could you include a list of ingredients and ensure they do not contain nuts.
Kind regards, The Year 5 team. 

Internet Safety

01 Jul 2019


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