Llangors C in W School

Message from Mrs Griffiths

20 Jan 2021

Dear Parent
Some of my emails from the children are not coming through. So, I have decided to use my Hwb email which is:
This afternoon the children will be asked to send some coordinates by email, a way for me to also check that the email is working.
Best wishes,
Mrs Griffiths.

Live streaming tips

20 Jan 2021

Local Authority Questionnaire

19 Jan 2021

Please click on the link below to complete a questionnaire sent by the Local Authority.

Year 6 Work January 18th

17 Jan 2021

Dear Parent,
Here is the work overview for the week ahead. Once again, thank you for your support.
We will continue our work on story. I will be focusing on the Classic story - The Jungle Book and in particular Rikki Tikki Tavi. My English lessons this week will focus on comprehension and developing understanding of text; biographies of Rudyard Kipling and  comparisons between animation and text versions of the story. Mrs Griffiths will be focusing on direct speech as part of her work on Wings, She will also be looking at local geography. In Maths we will continue our work on word problem solving, percentages, percentages of money.   We will also be looking at interpreting line graphs and properties of money.
Can we encourage the children to start their research on the Sustainable Development Goal 3 assignment and some research work on organs of the human body that we have just posted on Teams.
We are delighted with the children's participation this past week and look forward to it continuing  in the week ahead. Guidance from the Welsh Government and Powys  instructs us to undertake a register during each session. If your child is unable to attend any of the 10.00 am or 2.00 pm lessons, then please let us know by phone or email.
Many thanks.
Mr Williams and Mrs Griffiths

Live sessions

17 Jan 2021

Dear parents,
Please see the attached letter regarding live sessions on Teams.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey

Next week's suggested timetable

17 Jan 2021

Dear Parents,
I hope you have had a good weekend. Here is the suggested timetable for next week. Lessons and resources will be posted each day and the assignments should appear on the posts page in Teams.
Have a great week.
Mr Godfrey

This week's video message

15 Jan 2021

Good morning,
Below is the link to this week's video message. There is also a link to The National Aquarium website where they are holding some live lessons. The first one starts this afternoon at 1pm. It looks really interesting so could be worth a watch if your child is interested.
Have a great weekend and thank you for all your hard work and support this week.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey
Video message
Link to online lessons starting this afternoon

Letter from M Williams

14 Jan 2021

Dear Parents
Thank you once again for your support this week.  Please pass the thanks of all the teachers to the children for the engagemant in their work.
Moving forward, if your children are unable to join the live online lessons and meetings in school please could you notify the school or class teacher by phone or email.  This really makes it much easier for teachers to plan subsequent work if we know who cannot join us.  We are also requested by the government to maintain an attendance register.
Can I also remind all parents that access to learning in school is only provided for children under criteria prescribed by the Welsh Government.  That advice also urges parents to use this as a last resort and states that "Every child who can be safely cared for at home should be".
We do need children to be booked in, in advance, and if a booking changes, please let us know as soon as possible.
We continue to work under the guidance provided by Powys County Council and the Welsh Government.
Many thanks
Mark Williams

Engagement with Learning for parents / carers.

14 Jan 2021

Please read the attached link from Powys County Council Cllr Phyl Davies about Engagement with Learning for parents / carers.
Kind regards
Mark Williams

Term Dates

11 Jan 2021

I am resending   link regarding school holidays and cluster days
FYI Term dates and non Pupil days for Gwernyfed Cluster,  which also includeds Mes Bach
Please see link. 

Inset Day Friday 15th January

11 Jan 2021

Dear Parents
Friday 15th January is an Inset Day so school will be closed to all children.  It is a staff training day for all staff in the cluster.
Unfortunately if you have booked your children into the Learning Hub you will need to make alternative arrangements. 
Kind regards
JS Freeland

Sending in Class 6 work

10 Jan 2021

And finally tonight, a quick reminder from Mrs  Griffiths and me, that completed work can be sent by Teams, on Hwb, or if work is done on paper, as a photo.
Over and out !
Mr Williams

Class 6 work overview for week starting January 11th

10 Jan 2021

Dear Parent,
Thank you again for your support and cooperation last week. We were really pleased with the children's level of engagement in Class 6. If they are unable to join our twice daily sessions online could you please let us know by phone or email. That helps a lot as we plan the weeks ahead. This is a new style of teaching and learning for us, and we will review things as we go along. If you can't log in, there are other ways of getting work to you.
In that light we have decided to amend our maths teaching. Normally, in school, we would teach is groups in class to maximize support for each child, and from Tuesday we will try this online. It will appear on the Teams Calendar, from Tuesday that the children will have a 2 hour morning session. Please log on as normal at 10 am, though we will not require each child for the full 2 hours! Some will be set holding tasks before we get to their group. Mrs Griffiths and I want the teaching to be as responsive as we can to the needs of each child. We hope Maths will be more manageable and interactive.
The key thing is to log on at 10am and 2 pm everyday.
Next week 
Monday  -  am our Macbeth/Macduff debate      pm    Maths Word Problem Solving
Tuesday -  am Revise mode, mean, median, range    pm   Creative writing - engaging a reader
Wednesday - am Percentages, fractions, decimals    pm  Creative writing - Create atmosphere
Thursday   - am  Handling data - graphs                     pm  Writing Scripts
Should anyone not be able to log on to the main lessons, please do not worry, there is plenty to do. Please log on to Giglets (Macbeth) and MyMaths and work through the most recent set tasks. Please remember to post your answers for me to mark.
I have also posted on Teams a topic assignment relating to our Africa work and the concept of global development. This is an ongoing task involving  developing research skills and ICT skills as they produce a power point. This is not time restricted  and the children can dip into it at their own pace.
We hope this is helpful, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you need to.
Looking forward to seeing the children tomorrow.
Best wishes,
Mr Williams and Mrs Griffiths

This week's activities

10 Jan 2021

Good afternoon,
I hope that you are having a good weekend. Below is a link to the suggested timetable for this week for Class 4. I will make the resources for these activities available on each day on Teams and include videos to introduce them to the children as well. 
Have a good week and please let me know if you have any issues with accessing any of the resources. 
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey

Press Release from Powys County Council

08 Jan 2021

For Immediate Release
Schools Update – Friday 8 January
Schools across the county are likely to continue with online learning until at least February half term unless there is a significant reduction in coronavirus cases, Powys County Council has said.
This morning (Friday, January 8), the Welsh Government announced that alert level four restrictions will continue and unless there is a significant reduction in cases before 29 January – the date of the next review – schools will continue to provide online learning until February half term.
Schools will remain open but only for children of critical workers and vulnerable learners.
Cllr Phyl Davies, Cabinet Member for Education, said: “I welcome the Welsh Government’s announcement, which provides greater clarity for our learners, their families and for our school staff. We will work with our school leaders to ensure that appropriate measures are in place to support all our learners over the coming weeks.
“We are committed to returning to face-to-face teaching and learning as soon as possible but only when it is safe to do so.
“The Welsh Government has made it clear that unless there is a significant reduction in coronavirus cases before January 29, online learning will continue until February half term.
“The situation remains very serious and it is important that we all follow the advice to stay at home and protect our health service.
“Schools will remain open but only for children of critical workers as well as vulnerable learners where absolutely necessary. However, it is important that children remain at home wherever possible, as this is the safest place for everyone.
“Our priority is the safety and wellbeing or our learners and school staff.  Until there is a significant reduction in coronavirus cases and medical and scientific advice allows learners to return to school, online learning will continue in Powys until further notice.
“I would like to thank schools for their ongoing efforts to support pupils during this difficult time and I would also like to thank parents for their patience and co-operation during this unprecedented period of disruption to our schools.”
Lee Evans
Swyddog Cyfathrebu ac Ymgysylltu
Communications and Engagement Officer
Ffôn/Tel: 01597 826023
Ffôn Symudol/Mobile: 07769 640058
Croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg / We welcome correspondence in Welsh 


Mae'r e bost hwn ac unrhyw atodiad iddo yn gyfrinachol ac fe'i bwriedir ar gyfer y sawl a enwir arno yn unig. Gall gynnwys gwybodaeth freintiedig. Os yw wedi eich cyrraedd trwy gamgymeriad ni ellwch ei gopio, ei ddosbarthu na'i ddangos i unrhyw un arall a dylech gysylltu gyda Cyngor Sir Powys ar unwaith. Mae unrhyw gynnwys nad yw'n ymwneud gyda busnes swyddogol Cyngor Sir Powys yn bersonol i'r awdur ac nid yw'n awdurdodedig gan y Cyngor.
This e mail and any attachments are confidential and intended for the named recipient only. The content may contain privileged information. If it has reached you by mistake, you should not copy, distribute or show the content to anyone but should contact Powys County Council at once. Any content that is not pertinent to Powys County Council business is personal to the author, and is not necessarily the view of the Council.

School to possibly open on January 29th?

08 Jan 2021

Dear Parent,
School has now received confirmation that remote learning will now continue until at least January 29th, with on-site provision only available for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers, as defined by the Welsh Government's criteria.
To quote the Minister, "unless the rates of community transmission in Wales reduce significantly by January 29th most students in school and colleges will continue to work remotely until the February half-term."
Thank you for your support and cooperation this week. Please do not hesitate to contact staff as the need arises, and please thank your children for their engagement with remote learning and all the work they are doing. We look forward to the day when we can all be together again in our school.
All best wishes,
Mark Williams

Next Week's Timetable

08 Jan 2021

Good afternoon Parents, 
Thank you all for your support this week during remote learning. I know it is not an ideal situation but it is a situation that every parent, child and teacher is facing across Wales. My aim is to continue the outstanding progress made by your children from September to December last year. 
I was really impressed with the attendance today for my live lessons. We are keeping a register of children who attend and I must strongly encourage all children to attend these lessons. They cannot replace face-to-face teaching but they will prevent children from falling behind. If your child cannot attend for any reason, please let me know and I will arrange for other provision. 
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions: twilliams@llangorse.powys.sch.uk
Again, thank you all so much for your support. It's going to be a strange and challenging few months but we can work together and do this! 
Have a wonderful weekend,
Mr Williams

Video message

08 Jan 2021

Good morning,

Please click on the link below to watch the video message (including and 'excellent' joke) for this week.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Godfrey


End of the week!

08 Jan 2021

Good morning Parents,
I hope that you have had a good week. Thank you for all your hard work, supporting your children at home with their school work. I hope they have enjoyed the activities. My plan for next week is to make the lessons and activities available in the same way as this week. There will also be a suggested timetable for the week although please remember that you don’t need to stick to this as I appreciate there will be a lot of other factors that will impact when the children are able to work and when parents are free to support them if they need help.
If you have any difficulties accessing the resources and videos, please let me know and I will do my best to help.
I hope you have a relaxing weekend.
Mr Godfrey

Accessing your remote learning. An alternative method of accessing remote learning during times of lockdown.

07 Jan 2021

Dear Parents
Please follow the link which is a guide of how your child can access their Hwb account using an Xbox or PlayStation.  This may help if you are struggling to share a computer or working from a mobile phone.
Kind regards

Term 2 Letter Class 5

06 Jan 2021

Good morning Parents and Guardians,
I have attached Class 5's Term 2 letter to this Schoop. The letter outlines what we will be working on this term. 
Later this week, I will be sending out a rough timetable for remote learning. 
I look forward to seeing your children in just under 10 minutes for our first assembly! 
Best wishes,
Mr Williams

Llangors School Learning Hub

05 Jan 2021

Llangors Church in Wales School 

Tuesday 5th January 2021 


Dear Parents 


As you will be aware the Welsh Assembly Government took the decision yesterday to close schools (except for critical worker pupils) until Monday 18th January and return to remote learning.  The school remains open to critical worker pupils from tomorrow.  Please see the link for critical workers - https://gov.wales/coronavirus-critical-key-workers-test-eligibility 

If you require your child to access the learning Hub in school, please book them in by emailingoffice@llangorse.powys.sch.uk and give their name, class and what days you will require for your child.  

The normal school day remains the same starting at 9am and finishing at 3.30pm prompt.  However, if you are able to pick up your child earlier, then please do.  We will have the catering team in school so school dinners are available. 

Children in the learning Hub will be doing exactly the same work as those learning remotely from home, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Kind regards 

JS Freeland 

Year 6 Remote Learning from January 6th - TOMORROW

05 Jan 2021

Dear Parents,
A Happy New Year to you. The last couple of days have proved rather frantic for us all I'm sure, but Mrs Griffiths and I have now finalised our remote learning work for Class 6.
The Teams lessons that we undertook twice daily before Christmas were very successful and we were really pleased with the children's engagement. We are keen to repeat that model.  We will start twice daily sessions on Teams tomorrow, which your child can access via their Hwb account. The sessions will run from 10 - 11 am and 2 -3 pm each day. They are not obligatory but will form the basis of our online work. If you have any difficulty accessing these sessions, then please contact me on mwilliams@llangorse.powys.sch.uk  or phone the school. We are here to help! 
Each weekend, Mrs Griffiths and I will send you a Schoop or email message outlining the themes of the next week's work to keep you in the picture.
Work Schedule for the rest of this week, from January 6th. Our intention is that throughout the day the children will undertake both Maths and English work and work with some independence
Maths - Data Handling
Mean, mode, median and range - the basics and in context.
Word Problem solving strategies.
Additionally, I have posted three MyMaths lessons: mean and mode; median and range, all averages. The children have password for their accounts. The children also have access to TT Rockstars to reinforce their working knowledge of the times tables which they can dip into at any time.
Next week we will be starting our English work on debates/ argumentative writing, but beforehand I would like the children to finish off some work on Macbeth, posted on Giglets: Reading tests 4 and 5, and the HOTS work 2.1 and 2.2. Please encourage your children to read the text again and answer questions as fully as possible. I enjoy reading their self evaluations, so please remind them to complete them.
Mrs Griffiths will also be starting our creative writing work. More on that tomorrow
Art - Our topic is "Close to Home," and as a starting point we would like you to sketch, in a material of your choice, a local landscape, "The View from my Home." More on this to follow from Mrs Griffiths.
Our Science work this term is the Human Body, so any background research the children can undertake will be great. We will also be gearing up our work on Connecting Communities - South Africa. Again, any background research on the health conditions in South Africa would be great too. We will explore more on these areas in class or via Teams.
A little challenge for the children is for them to try and find out what is meant by "SDG3". It is topic related. Can they find out as much as possible about this? Clue. It is to do with health!
Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to catching up with the children from tomorrow.
Please don't hesitate to contact me or Mrs Griffiths as the need arises.
Best wishes,
Mark Williams

Important update on return to school

04 Jan 2021
Good afternoon parents
I have recently come out of an update meeting regarding the re-opening of schools.  I understand that the Welsh Government are due to make a further announcement later today/tomorrow.  However, in the meantime due to the considerable continuing uncertainty about the new COVID variant, and the potential post Christmas rise in the R-Rate, Powys County Council have this afternoon made the difficult decision that face-to-face learning at schools will not start until 11th January at the earliest.  From this Wednesday (6th January), all learning will be via on-line for all year groups.
Full details will follow as soon as I have received the detailed information from Powys, but I wanted to let you know as soon as possible. 
We will be running a Hub from Llangors School commencing this Wednesday.  This will run from 9am to 3.30pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  This hub will be for the children of Key Workers (in accordance with the Welsh Government list https://gov.wales/coronavirus-critical-key-workers-test-eligibility), vulnerable children and children in receipt of free school meals.  If you believe your child is eligible and would need to use this hub, please could you email me back as a matter of urgency, with your child/ren's name and the required days and times, so that we can begin to organise bubbles, staff etc.
Should your child use a childcare provider before/after school, we would advise that you contact them regarding any changes in their arrangements.
I would stress that whilst we use our best endeavours to make the hub as safe as possible, the safest place for your child is at home.  The hub must only be used if you have no alternative childcare available. 
For those children attending the hub, school transport and catering will be available in the usual way.
Thank you for your co-operation and understanding in this ever-changing situation.
Mark Williams
Acting Head

Important update on return to school

04 Jan 2021

Dear Parents,
Please see the attached press release from Powys County Council.

Return to school letter from Powys County Council

02 Jan 2021

Please click on the link below.  

Class 5 Christmas Assembly

18 Dec 2020

Good evening Parents,
I hope you are all well. I apologise that this link is so late; I was having some technological issues before Mr Godfrey came to the rescue.
I hope you enjoy our Christmas assembly. We looked at Christianity and Christmas from around the world. The children managed it in one take! They also had to deal with a number of barriers. We were supposed to film outside but there was heavy rain on the day. Also, five of our wonderful class were away on the day of filming so some children had to double up on roles and learn lines very quickly. 
This was take 23 but they had a tremendous sense of accomplishment after filming wrapped!
As this will be my last communication with you in 2020, I would like to say how much I love teaching your children. They are an incredibly talented and special group of learners and I cannot wait to see what 2021 brings. 
Merry Christmas to you all, 
Mr Williams 

End of term letter

18 Dec 2020

Dear Parent
Well, we are now at the end of term, not the end of term we wanted, but at least Christmas is now in sight.
Thank you for your support over the last term, and your understanding, particularly to last minute changes, such as the move to home learning announced suddenly last week.  I know this presents challenges for parents to reorganise work schedules etc, but it obviously also presents challenges for us in school too.  I hope you accessed the schoop messages I sent out to parents this morning telling you that school will now reopen for all children on Wednesday 6th January.  Additionally, as notified to you previously, Friday January 15th, is a Non pupil day, to enable staff training in mathematics in the New Curriculum across the Gwernyfed Cluster.
The decision to close the schools of Powys on the 4th and 5th January was not taken lightly.  It will enable a 10 day buffer zone from December 28th, so that were anyone becoming ill after Christmas, they would have shown symptoms before the return to school, and stop the spread of the virus further.  Teachers will be working with preparation time to ensure strict health and safety procedures, planning for blended learning in case schools or classes cannot resume.
Can I thank you, for the children’s engagement with home learning this week.  Obviously, the activities have ranged from class to class, but I know the children have taken their work very seriously.
Could I ask if you are unable to return to school on 6th January due to self-isolation on a positive test result, then please email the school so we are aware of a return date, and also to ensure our attendance records are accurate.
When school does resume, please remember all Covid prevention strategies are very much in place, and must be followed – the wearing of masks by parents, the class bubbles and the staggered start and end to the day, by the correct infant or junior gate.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.  Whilst we cannot literally welcome visitors through our doors, our open door policy with a phone call or email remains intact.
Thank you once again for your cooperation and support this term, which has clearly been a challenge to us all.  Lets hope for a better 2021.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Mark Williams and all the staff of Llangors School.

End of term letter

18 Dec 2020

Mes Bach Pre-School
Llangors church in Wales School
Dear /Annwyl Parents,
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you  for your support and     co-operation at this extraordinary time. I am in awe of how the children have adapted to the changes of routine and challenges. Hopefully you have felt   confident with the measures we put in place to provided a safe environment for you to send your child.
During this chaotic time, staff members have got engaged, another postponed a Wedding,  one home taught, and another was reunited with a partner after nine months.
Our Jingle Jump was most successful and we raised around £400 which will go towards some outdoor resources, so again thank you for your support.  The children thoroughly enjoyed having a virtual visit from Father Christmas and all enjoyed the party in their Christmas jumpers.
May I please remind you that we are available to talk to, whether it be by phone or email.  I appreciate that it is difficult to discuss matters at the gate.
I look to 2021 with positivity that its going to be a better year, so I wish you all health and happiness and a joyful Christmas.
See you on Wednesday 6th January 2021.
                           Nadolig Llawen, blwyddyn newydd dda
                                                  Cofion Cynnes
Cath Gore
Setting leader

Llangors Tree Fund

18 Dec 2020
Dear Parents, 
A huge thank you to those who have so far pledged a total of £155 for the Llangorse (Christmas) Tree Fund, this is a brilliant start!
If you were thinking of donating please visit https://www.rocketfund.org/llangorse-school-christmas-tree-fund

Letter from Powys County Council

18 Dec 2020

Please click on the link below to view Powys County Councils letter regarding January return to school.
Letter regarding Returning to school in January

A Christmas Message

18 Dec 2020

Good Morning,
I hope you have all had a lovely week and enjoyed the activities. Below is a link to a Christmas message for the end of term. 
Have a lovely Christmas.
Mr Godfrey

Return to school in January 2021

17 Dec 2020

Dear Parent,
I have just received, literally a few moments ago, notification from Powys County Council, that school will now resume after the Christmas holidays on Wednesday 6th January. Monday 4th January and Tuesday 5th January are now designated planning and preparation days for staff only. We look forward to welcoming all our children back to school on Wednesday 6th.
All best wishes,
Mark Williams
Acting Head

Online Learning

14 Dec 2020


Online Learning

14 Dec 2020


Home Learning

14 Dec 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Unfortunately, we are spending the final week of term in home learning, with school closing tomorrow. After discussions with Mr Godfrey, we have agreed on a moderate amount home learning to be completed this week. 
I will be uploading all the work and projects on to Microsoft Teams this afternoon. Your child can access it through their Hwb accounts. 
Tomorrow, at 10:30am, I will be hosting a Microsoft Teams Assembly. It would be wonderful if all of Class 5 could log in and attend. 
If you have any questions at all, please email me on twilliams@llangorse.powys.sch.uk. I will aim to get back to you as soon as possible. 
Your children have made fantastic progress this year. I am very proud of each and every one of them. 
Have a magical Christmas. Keep safe and enjoy the time with your families. 
Festive regards, 
Mr Williams

Mondays Activities

11 Dec 2020

Dear Parents
We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday.  Unfortunately we won't be able to do all that was planned for next week but rest assured Monday will be a very festive day for all.
Unfortunately the Christmas parties will not be taking place, as we do not want any unnecessary items from home brought into school, but please feel free to wear those fantastic jumpers worn today or any other party attire.  
Could we please ask the children to bring a bag into school so they can take all their cards and any other items home.  Please be aware, due to the time constraints some of these items may not have been quarantined and therefore you may need to do this at home. 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday.
JS Freeland

Letter from Powys County Council

11 Dec 2020

Please read link below, regarding school blended learning, this also applies to Mes Bach Nursery.

Please read the letter from Powys County Council

11 Dec 2020

Please click on the link to view the letter from Powys County Council

Welsh Government Survey

09 Dec 2020

Dear parent,
The Welsh Government is funding a survey to understand the effects of COVID-19 on children’s mental health and well-being, as well as their physical activity levels. If you agree, your child will be asked to complete an online questionnaire (should take 10-15 minutes) and some children will be selected to wear an activity monitor (like a FitBit) for a week. Both will be repeated at a second time point a few months later.
Please click on the link to read more about the survey. If you are happy for your child(ren) to participate, please complete the parental consent form which you will find in the same link.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards,
Liezel Hurter (PhD) Email: Liezel.hurter@swansea.ac.uk
Telephone number: 077 097 09630

Christmas cards etc

09 Dec 2020

Dear Parent
As we head towards Christmas, just a little reminder that items should not be brought in from home, other than essentials like their packed lunch.
Our Covid guidelines specify that anything coming in from home (including homework and reading books) must be quarantined for 48-72 hours at least.
If your children are exchanging presents with their friends please bear this in mind, we will need to quarantine them.
The final deadline for Christmas Cards is next Monday (7th December), enabling quarantine before we open the post boxes next Thursday.
Thank you for your continued cooperation.
Mark Williams

Canu Nadolig

08 Dec 2020

Dear parents please click on the link to see our festive singalong.
The link will be live until the 18th Dec. Enjoy!

Llangorse School (Christmas) Tree Fund

07 Dec 2020

Llangorse School (Christmas) Tree Fund
Dear Fellow Parents,
In collaboration with the PTA I am again trying to raise funds to continue the efforts to green the school grounds! This year Kathy Jenkins a fellow parent has already been busy using trees from the Woodland Trust to begin to create an outdoor classroom space at the end of the playing field.
Sending gifts into school for our teachers this year is a little tricky due to Covid restrictions, so if you wanted to show your appreciation for all their efforts, then see this as an alternative gift!
I have set up a Rocketfund page to make it quick and easy, where you can make a donation and where there is more information about the project:
 A HUGE thank you in advance to any of you that feel you want to get involved. Last year we raised over £700 and planted some beautiful trees in the grounds last March, which are looking fantastic and in a few years’ time will provide some shade on Sports Day!
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!
Many thanks and best wishes,
Lucy Warry
(Flora’s Mum, Year 6)
P.S! - Donations can be sent into school, but they must be addressed to the PTA Tree Fund and cheques must be made out to ‘Friends of Llangorse School’.

This week's homework

06 Dec 2020

Good evening,
Sorry for the delay. Here is the homework for this week. This will be the last piece of homework for this term. Please can the children bring in their homework books in to school at the end of this week? This will then give me time to look through and mark their homework books before the Christmas holidays.
I hope that you have had a great weekend.
Best Wishes,
Mr Godfrey

Science Homework Class 5

05 Dec 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Good morning! I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend. 
Here is the science homework for this week. We have been looking at balanced diets and the Eatwell Plate. The children's homework this week is to explore their kitchens and look at the nutritional information of different foods. 
All the boys and girls have been working so hard this past couple of weeks. The progress they have all made since the start of term is incredible - especially in their writing. Over the next couple of weeks, Class 5 can look forward to a wonderful Christmas production and water colour Christmas cards to bring home for their families. 
Enjoy your Saturdays.
Kind regards,
Mr Williams

PCC Letter - Please read the following link regarding the end of term

04 Dec 2020


PC Skyrme's Lesson

30 Nov 2020

Please read the letter below regarding Griff's story.  PC Skyrme has been in to school today to deliver the lesson.
Letter re - Griff's Story

This week's homework (27.11.20)

27 Nov 2020

Good evening,
Please see the link to this week's homework below. There are three sheets. Your child only needs to complete 1 of them. Please choose one that is suitable for your child.
Have a great weekend,
Mr Godfrey

Yesterday PCC issued this statement. Please do read its contents and help us keep your children safe at school.

25 Nov 2020

Powys parents are being urged to be on their guard for Coronavirus and keep unwell children at home even if symptoms seem very mild.


Most Powys pupils have returned to school after the Welsh Government’s national Firebreak restrictions, but parents are being asked to keep pupils away from school if they are unwell.


New Coronavirus cases have been reported in county schools which have been linked to pupils and staff staying in school when they have been unwell triggering new cases.


Cabinet Member for Education, Councillor Phyl Davies said: “It is vital that we do all that we can to prevent the spread of the virus. I urge families to help and ensure that those who are unwell and show any symptoms even if they appear mild stay at home and follow medical advice. We need to do all that we can to prevent a further rise in coronavirus cases. “


“It is important for all of us to remember that Coronavirus is still a very real threat to public health and the best way to stop the chain of infection is to come into contact with fewer people.”


The main symptoms of coronavirus are:


  • a high temperature: this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough: this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste: this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal.


Most people with coronavirus have at least one of these symptoms.


If you have any symptoms, ensure that you and your immediate household self-isolate immediately. Visit https://gov.wales/apply-coronavirus-covid-19-test or call 119 to book a test.


We can all help to reduce the spread of coronavirus:


  • Stay at home
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Keep a social distance from others.
  • Do not meet anyone you do not live with
  • Wear a face covering in shops, in indoor public spaces and on public transport unless there is a reasonable excuse not to do so
  • Work from home if you can.


The Powys Test Trace Protect team is working tirelessly to ensure that positive cases are contact traced, and that symptomatic contacts are offered testing. If you are identified as a confirmed contact, our Powys contact tracing team will call you from 02921 961133.


If you are called by a contact tracer, please help them in their vital work to Keep Powys Safe.

Urgent - Face coverings

23 Nov 2020

Dear Parents,
Wearing of face coverings (primary)
The Welsh Government has updated its guidance on the use of face coverings in schools.
To reduce the risk of transmission amongst parents and relatives, please wear masks when visiting school, and at drop-off and collection areas. Maintaining clear social distance at the school gates will also reduce risk and set a good example to pupils.
If you have a secondary school aged child, be aware that face coverings should now be worn by year 7 and above pupils in all areas outside the classroom and be worn on dedicated school transport for year 7 and up.
Please follow these guidelines and encourage your child to follow theirs too.
Along with regular hand washing/sanitising and social distancing, this will reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 at school as far as possible.
They have been made stronger to keep you and your families as safe as possible. They are based on new advice from Welsh Government’s Technical Advisory Group, as we learn more about the way COVID-19 is transmitted.
Thank you for your help in doing all we can – together - to keep ourselves and others safe.
Yours sincerely
Mark Williams
Acting Headteacher

Wizards of Once Dressing up Day

23 Nov 2020

Dear Parents,
Please see the attached letter about a Wizards of Once Dressing Up Day on Friday 11th December.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey and Mr Williams

History Homework Class 4 and 5

21 Nov 2020

Good morning Parents and Guardians,
Here is the homework for this week. We hope the children enjoy, as it is a very creative and practical task. 
Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing your children's creations!
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey and Mr Williams

The Giving Machine

20 Nov 2020

The Giving Machine - Please sign up. It doesn't cost you anything

20 Nov 2020

Remember to shop via TheGivingMachine whenever you shop online!
Just start at TheGivingMachine website, desktop reminder or mobile app whenever you go shopping and you’ll raise a free cash donation for Llangors Church In Wales School.
Find us here: https://www.thegivingmachine.co.uk/causes/llangors-church-in-wales-school
It’s really simple, you click to your favourite shops from their website, desktop reminder or mobile app and a percentage of your shopping bill is converted into a cash donation for us, at no extra cost to you. With over 2,200 stores participating including ebay, M&S, John Lewis & Partners and Tui, you can really help make a difference.

Children in Need - Friday 27th November

20 Nov 2020

Children in Need
As part of the ongoing Children in Need fundraising the School Council have organised a Llangors has got Talent Competition for the afternoon of Friday 27th November.
This will involve a heat in each classroom for each class, and then a grand final will take place via Teams in the afternoon, judged by the School Council.
Please remind your children that performances will have to be limited by space.
All participants are invited to make a donation to Children in Need.  Each class will also undertake a fill in Pudsey with coins task.  So do send in your old coins.
Foundation Stage Class are also invited by the school Council to colour a Pudsey - £1 admission – again to be judged by the School Council on Friday.

Coronavirus - Keeping school safe

19 Nov 2020

Just to reiterate, if you or your child is showing any of the main symptoms of the coronavirus, get a test as soon as possible.  If your child or anyone in the household has a test, they MUST stay at home until you get the results.
Main symptoms are:
High temperature -  this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature).  A high temperature is usually considered to be 38C or above.
A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in24 hours.
A loss or change to you sense of smell or taste – this means you cannot smell or taste anything or things smell or taste different to normal.
What to do if you or your child has symptoms:
Get a test as soon as possible
You MUST stay at home and not have any visitors until you have the results.  Do not bring your child into school.
Please inform the school of your results before you bring your child back into school.

School Festive activities

18 Nov 2020

Obviously the festive activities this year are going to be a little bit different to previous years, but just as much fun!
Friday 11th December is the official Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day - Donate £1 for Save the Children.  You don't need to buy a Christmas jumper if you don't have one, just decorate a jumper you already have.
Tuesday 15th December - Christmas Dinner (You can also wear your Christmas Jumpers)!
Thursday 17th December - School Parties.  Please bring a plate of party food for yourself.  This is in addition to your lunch.  Party clothes to be worn.
Friday 18th December - Last day of term laughing

This week's homework

13 Nov 2020

Good afternoon,
Please find the link to the homework task for this week. I hope you have a lovely weekend.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey

Science Homework Class 5

13 Nov 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,
I have attached this week's homework. It is due next Thursday (19th November).
Thank you all for donating so generously for Children In Need. 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 
Best wishes, 
Mr Williams

Help for Homework

10 Nov 2020

Good evening,
Below is a link to a website that has some information on some Bronze age artifacts. There is also a link to a document that has some more details of Bronze Age artifacts. I hope you find them useful.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey

Information re Brecon High School for Year 6 Parents

10 Nov 2020

Dear parent,
Jo Dover, Head of Year 7 at Brecon High School, has asked me to  share with you an invitation to a virtual meeting on Teams. This is an opportunity for you, as possible prospective parents, to meet with her and the Head, Mr Jenkins, ask any questions about the School, and experience a virtual tour of the school site. 
If you are interested please indicate your interest by emailing Brecon High School at; office@brecon-hs.powys.sch.uk and they will send you the link to the event.
With thanks,
Mark Williams

Brecon Rugby - Girls & Boys

09 Nov 2020

This week's homework (Class 4)

06 Nov 2020

Good afternoon,

Please find the link to the homework for this week below. I really enjoyed looking through all the homework from last half term and would like to thank you for all of the hard work and support you've given your child to help them complete their tasks. It was clear that the children have been working really hard and they produced some great pieces of work. 

I hope that you have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,

Mr Godfrey

History Homework 6.11.20

06 Nov 2020

Good afternoon Parents and Carers,
   I hope you are all well. We have had a wonderful first week back in Class 5 and I am so impressed with the standard of work produced by the children. 
   This week, we have been writing diary entries and working hard on our multiplication. We have talked a lot about having patience and faith in our ability, when trying to overcome things we find difficult. All twenty-nine children are showing real resilience when faced with a difficult task. I am very proud of them all. 
   The homework this week needs to be completed as a poster please (A4 size). It can be written by hand or typed. It needs to be colourful as it will be put on display in class next Friday. This is due to me keeping their homework books for the next week to check their Black History Month biographies. 
   I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Keep safe and well, Mr Williams

School Uniform

06 Nov 2020

The Prints of Wales have added a school grey fleece jacket to their website www.theprintsof wales.co.uk for £13.00. 
Please note this is not a compulsory item but may help to keep them warm in the winter.
Password to place an order = 'Llangorsschool'

Photos and Flu Vaccine

03 Nov 2020

Dear Parents 


Individual School Photographs 

The school photographer will be coming into school on Friday 6th November.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer sibling photographs this year due to class bubbles.  

All risk assessment measures will be followed. 


Flu Immunisation (Not Mes Bach)

The school nurses will be coming into school on Friday 13th November.  If you haven’t already returned your consent form, please do this by Thursday this week.  Even if you do not wish your child to have the flu vaccine, the form still needs to be returned indicating you do not wish your child to have it. 


Kind regards

JS Freeland

URGENT - Admissions to Secondary Schools

02 Nov 2020

Dear Parents
The information below was originally sent via schoop on the 18th September 2020.  We have had a message from PCC stating there are still many of our Year 6 pupils who have not applied for a High School place.  The deadline for this is Friday 13th November.  
Admissions to Secondary Schools (year 7) Admission to secondary school takes place at the beginning of year 7. An online application for a place at a Powys secondary school has to be made between Monday, 21 September 2020 and Friday, 13 November 2020 by visiting the Powys website https://en.powys.gov.uk/article/1161/Apply-for-a-Secondary-School-Place Parents/Carers will receive an email on Monday, 1 March 2021, informing them if their child has been allocated a place at their first preference school. If a parent/carer wishes their child to attend an out of county secondary school they will be required to complete a hard copy of the Parental Preference for Secondary School Application form, which is available by emailing admissions@powys.gov.uk The Admissions Team will liaise with the neighbouring Local Authority with regard to a place for your child. Applications made after Friday 13 November 2020 are late applications and must be made by a paper copy, which can be downloaded from the Powys website. Having a place in a primary school does not guarantee a place at the secondary school which is linked with that primary school, and the Authority’s criteria for school admissions will apply if the demand exceeds the number of places available.

Press release from PCC

01 Nov 2020

The main symptoms of coronavirus are:
• a high temperature: this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
• a new, continuous cough: this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
• a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste: this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal.
Most people with coronavirus have at least one of these symptoms.
If you have any symptoms, ensure that you and your immediate household self-isolate immediately. Visit https://gov.wales/apply-coronavirus-covid-19-test or call 119 to book a test.
We can all help to reduce the spread of coronavirus:
• Stay at home
• Wash your hands regularly.
• Keep a social distance from others.
• Do not meet anyone you do not live with
• Wear a face covering in shops, in indoor public spaces and on public transport unless there is a reasonable excuse not to do so
• Work from home if you can.
“We all share a personal responsibility to controlling the spread of the virus. The situation can change very quickly. By following Welsh Government guidance, we can help keep Powys safe.”
Our Test Trace Protect team here in Powys is working tirelessly to ensure that positive cases are contact traced, and that symptomatic contacts are offered testing. If you are identified as a confirmed contact, our Powys contact tracing team will call you from 02921 961133.
If you are called by a contact tracer, please help them in their vital work to Keep Powys Safe.

Maths Homework 30.10.20

30 Oct 2020

Good afternoon Parents, Guardians and Students of Class 5, 
I hope you are all safe and well and have enjoyed a restful holiday. I am looking forward to being reunited with all twenty-nine of you next Monday! 
You have all completed your Black History Month biographies by now. I am looking forward to reading them next week. Don't forget, the best biographies will be read out during assembly so they should be in your own words and presented immaculately. 
I have attached the Maths Homework for this week. Follow the instructions VERY carefully. I will be taking in the homework books next Friday (6th November) so you have a full week to complete.
Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Halloween, 
Mr Williams

Police Message for Learners

22 Oct 2020

For Halloween
  • We ask everyone to think how they can keep everyone safe this Halloween and not spread Coronavirus.
  • Traditional trick or treating is not allowed. 
  • Halloween parties in either your home or at another venue are not allowed.
  •  Do not to meet anyone indoors that you don’t live with and do not meet up with your friends either indoors or outdoors.
  • Celebrate at home instead of going out and about.

For Bonfire Night
  • There will be no organised public bonfires or firework displays this year.
  • No visitors are allowed into your garden. If a firework display in your garden turns into a party at your house, you are putting everyone at risk of catching the Coronavirus.   The adults who look after you will be breaking the law.
  • REMEMBER it is illegal to buy Fireworks under the age of 18 - your parents/carers could be prosecuted.
  • You shouldn’t set off fireworks in a park or other public open space.  All local authorities in Wales have banned this.
  • Setting off fireworks in the street is anti-social.  It can be a fire risk and is against the law. 

We kindly ask people to act responsibly and to keep each other safe. Staying safe and not adding extra pressure to the emergency services will be important.
In addition to the above the School Community Police Officer team have created two vlogs to support the above messaging. These vlogs are suitable for use in educational establishments. Please follow the link below to view;
Diolch am eich cydweithrediad / Thank you for your cooperation.

Half Term English Homework

16 Oct 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,
Thank you all or your incredible support over the past term.
It has been a genuine pleasure teaching such an amazing class - I look forward to November!
Kind regards, 
Mr Williams

Harvest Newsletter

16 Oct 2020

Llangors Church in Wales School

Friday 16th October 2020


Dear Parent


Sadly we were unable this half term to welcome you to our annual harvest festival in Llangors Church, due to Covid restrictions.

Instead, our classes have prepared our harvest celebration for you to view here –

One for the Infants https://hwbwave15-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/godfreyg2_hwbcymru_net/EfVNaTyZtUJBsnkPSSWRGZYB4AmMg6h2PLzX7Frw_MRZMQ?e=ZrlAED


One for the Juniors https://hwbwave15-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/godfreyg2_hwbcymru_net/EcjpnCy9yEFNuDuNsgT3UKQBqhqp2k77UDikRn4Mm5vUPA?e=qvgxcy


As usual our children have worked very hard this term and I know you will praise them.


All the best wishes for the half term break. We hope to see everyone back on Monday 2nd November.


Mark Williams

Acting Headteacher

Approaches in education due to COVID-19 disruption - Survey

15 Oct 2020

Approaches in education due to
COVID-19 disruption

There's still time to share your views. 
We’re preparing a national evaluation for the Minister for Education and helping to share effective practice. 
Please share this email within your school/ PRU and encourage leaders, teachers, support staff, governors, learners and parents/ carers to take part.
The survey is anonymous and will take less than 10 minutes to complete. 
Take part

This text may help you share the survey
Parents/ carers
Estyn is seeking your views from you and your child/ children about education since term began.
They are preparing a national evaluation for the Minister for Education about local and regional support in education during the pandemic, and helping to share effective practice. They will also identify what could be done differently.
Share your thoughts on wellbeing, safety, communication and more in their short anonymous survey.
Staff and governors
Estyn want to hear from senior leaders, teachers, support staff and governors about local and regional support received during the pandemic.
They are preparing a national evaluation for the Minister for Education and helping to share effective practice. They will also identify what could be done differently.
Please take part in their short anonymous survey to share your views about the current situation.

Letting Policy

15 Oct 2020

Llangors Church in Wales School
Dear Parent,
After much deliberation, the Governors have ratified a Letting Policy for structured use of the School Grounds outside of school hours. As a result of the consultation and letters received we know that many of you have concerns about how the grounds are used but our policy will look to ease those concerns in favour of a new way of opening up the grounds for the growth of the school, its pupils and the community. Rest assured safeguarding our pupils is paramount in the minds of our Governors. As this policy develops over time, the use of the site will only evolve so long as it avoids compromising this safe environment. Measures will be adopted to ensure responsible access is all that is on offer so that respectful use of the site is achieved.
As timing goes, publishing the policy now may seem at odds with our current circumstance but while the school facilities are closed due to COVID it presents an opportunity to put in place the preparatory work to support the policy. The school is extremely optimistic about a “Stay and Play” project that will allow our parents to stay after school with their children for a play. It is hoped that once Government restrictions are relaxed our clubs and after school activities will return. We are aware that extra-curricular clubs can require an enormous amount of ferrying around so we will be looking to develop this aspect of after school life further. We have a wonderful asset in the fabric of our school site, one which we hope will be used to the full to meet the needs of the children and their families. 
The Policy can be found on the school website at:   http://llangorseschool.wales/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Lettings-Policy-2020.pdf
Please do have a look and by all means contact me if you have any queries.
Sara Alford
Chair of Governors


15 Oct 2020

If you are a Council Tax payer in Powys you must complete a Powys admission form even if your child attends school elsewhere

This year the Authority has the facility for parents/carers to make an application for a place in Year 7 in September 2021 at a secondary school on line.  This is available on the Powys website –www.powys.gov.uk – Schools & students – apply for a school place. Under the secondary heading an on-line application can be made and it will also outline the procedure and advantages of making an on-line application which includes:


  • On submission of an on-line application an acknowledgement e-mail is sent with an application number.  This enables the parent/carer to access the application at any time and make amendments, such as change of address or preferences.
  • No worry regarding the application getting lost in the post.  Also, it is secure, therefore, cannot be viewed by the wrong source.
  • On the morning of offer date (Monday 1st March 2021), the parent/carer will receive an e-mail by no later than 09.00, informing them if their child has been successful in gaining a place in their 1st preference school.  On receipt of this e-mail the parent/carer can accept/decline the offer of the place.  When the Local Authority receives an e-mail accepting the offer of the place, the child has secured their place in Year 7 in September 2021 at a high school.


Parents can make an application between Monday 21st September 2020 and Friday 13th November 2020.  Any application received after this date, unless there is a valid reason for it being late, will be dealt with as a LATE APPLICATION.  Legislation states that those parents/carers who have not expressed a preference for a secondary school place by the published date are placed in the lowest order of priority when allocating places.


Each parent/carer will be forwarded a letter, via their child’s primary school, outlining all the above information and how they can contact the Admissions Team if they have any concerns.  


If parents/carers have any concerns regarding making an application for a secondary school place they can contact the Admissions Team – admissionsandtransport@powys.gov.uk  (01597 826477)

If you are a Council Tax payer in Monmouthshire, you must complete a Monmouthshire admission form even if your child attends a primary school in Powys.  The Monmouthshire form will be available from 23rd September 2020 onwards and can be completed online. The closing date for the Monmouthshire admission process is 25th November 2020. Applicants should send their forms to the School and Student Access Unit who will then forward them to Powys although it may also be beneficial to send a second copy straight to the Powys admissions team.  If you require any further information regarding the Monmouthshire application process, please contact the School and Student Access Unit on 01633 644508 or email contact@monmouthshire.gov.uk
Thank you.
If you are a Council Tax payer in Blaenau-Gwent, you must complete a Blaenau-Gwent admission form even if your child attends a primary school in Powys.  The Blaenau-Gwent form will be available from 28th September 2020 onwards and can be completed online. The closing date for the Blaenau-Gwent admission process is 16th November 2020. Applicants should complete an online application found at Blaenau-Gwent Secondary applications.  These will then be forwarded to Powys although it may also be beneficial to send a second copy straight to the Powys admissions team.  If you require any further information regarding the Blaenau-Gwent application process, please contact the Education Transformation team, School admissions on 01495 355493 or email schooladmissions@blaenau-gwent.gov.uk
Thank you.
  Jackie Parker

New School meals Menu

14 Oct 2020

Please click on the link below to see the new school dinners menu starting after half term.

Hate Crime Awareness Week

13 Oct 2020

Newsletter 12.10.20 re-sent due to formatting

12 Oct 2020

Dear Parents 


Individual School Photographs 

The school photographer will be coming into school on Friday 6th November.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer sibling photographs this year due to class bubbles.  

All risk assessment measures will be followed. 


Flu Immunisation (Not Mes Bach)

The school nurses will be coming into school on Friday 13th November.  If you haven’t already returned your consent form, please do this by Thursday this week.  Even if you do not wish your child to have the flu vaccine, the form still needs to be returned indicating you do not wish your child to have it. 


Keeping Safe 

Can we please remind you that in order to keep the school as COVID secure as possible there are certain measures we all need to follow. 

Please check your child has everything they need for their day.  If, however your child has forgotten to bring something into school, deposit your things in the large black quarantine box in reception.  Once sanitised we will get it to your child.  Please ensure things are clearly labelled. If you feel you need to contact the school please do so by either phoning or emailing.  There is an answer phone and we will always get back to you. Please be aware I work both in the office (am) and the classroom (pm) so please relay messages in the morning rather than later in the afternoon. 


We break up this Friday for half term and will return on Monday 2nd November.   

Hope you all have a lovely break.  


Kind regards 

JS Freeland 

Digital Cyberbullying drop in for parents

12 Oct 2020

Livestream on Cyberbullying digital drop-in for parents, delivered at 4.30pm from Monday to Thursday this week.

 Please follow the link below


We'll take a 360° look at Cyberbullying, with
  • practical strategies for parents who are worried about their child
  • activities for families who just want to learn more
  • learning points from the relevant pillars of the Legends Code
  • signposting to other resources and games.

This week's homework task

09 Oct 2020

Good afternoon,

Please click on the link to view the homework for this week.

We hope you have a great weekend.

Best wishes,

Mr Godfrey and Mr Williams

The Giving Machine

09 Oct 2020


Remember, when you are buying Christmas presents online you can generate a free cash donation for us just by clicking via www.TheGivingMachine.co.uk. You’ll find over 2,200 of the most popular stores, so it’s easy for you to make a difference without it costing you a penny more than the normal purchase price of your item.
Llangors Church In Wales School on TheGivingMachine: https://www.thegivingmachine.co.uk/causes/llangors-church-in-wales-school

Dates for Diary

07 Oct 2020

Dates for Diary
Half Term                                Mon 19th – Friday 30th October
Flu Immunisation                    Friday 13th November
Non Pupil Day                         Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd December       
Christmas Holiday                   Monday 21st Dec – Friday 1st January 2021
Term starts                              Monday 4th January – Friday 12th February
Non Pupil Day                         Friday 15th January 2021
Half Term                                Monday 15th – Friday 19th February
Back to School                         Monday 22nd Feb – Friday 26th March
Easter break                            Monday 29th March – Friday 9th April
Non Pupil Day                         Monday 12th April
Half Term                                Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June
End of Term                            Friday 16th July

Newsletter 06.10.20

07 Oct 2020

Llangors Church in Wales School

October 6th 2020


Dear Parents


We break up for half term next Friday - October 13th for two weeks, returning on Monday November 2nd.

You will recall the extra half term holiday is due to Powys schools remaining open for an additional week at the start of the summer holidays in July.


We break up for Christmas on Friday 18th December and return on Monday January 4th 2021.  Friday 15th January is now a Non Pupil Day (instead of January 4th) enabling primary schools in the Gwernyfed Cluster to undertake staff training.


We have a job vacancy for a Cleaner – 2 hours daily, each evening in school.  If you are interested please contact the office for an application form.  The closing date for this will be Monday 12th October 2020.


After half term we will be welcoming Miss M Jenkins back after her maternity leave, to Class 1, where she will initially be sharing teaching with Miss B Price.


Please find attached the latest message from the Welsh Government which we have been asked to pass on to parents.   Data Collection

Llangors Privacy Notice 


All best wishes


Mark Williams


School Uniform Grant

05 Oct 2020

Grants are available to help families on low incomes buy school uniform and equipment.


Learners receiving free school meals can get a Welsh Government grant for school uniform and equipment if they are:


  • Entering reception class in primary school
  • At the start of any of the three key stages e.g. Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 or Key Stage 4 (primary and secondary)
  • aged 4, 7, 11 or 14 in special schools, special needs resource bases or pupil referral units.


Funding for looked after children is available in every school year.


Income and Awards have written to all families in receipt of free school meals who are eligible to receive the grant,  providing details of how to claim it.


Those families who receive free school meals under transitional protection are not eligible to receive the grant.


If you believe that your eligibility has changed, and you are entitled to receive the grant, please contact the Income and Awards Department on 01597 827462.


Details about claiming free school meals and the school uniform and equipment grant can also be found on the Powys County Council website via the following link:



Uniform Grant 


Cofion cynnes / Warm regards


Sarah Quibell

Uwch Reolwr – Gwasanaethau Addysg | Rheolwr Gwella Strategol

Senior Manager – Education Services | Strategic Improvement Manager

01597 827394


Primary school place

05 Oct 2020

Please find link to apply for a primary school place, I would suggest to complete it ASAP

This Week's Homework

02 Oct 2020

Good afternoon,
Please click on the link to see the homework for this week.
We hope you have a great weekend.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey and Mr Williams

Year 3 Homework

25 Sep 2020

Dear parents,
Please click on the link to view the homework for Year 3 this week.
Have a great weekend,
Mr Godfrey

Year 4 and Year 5 homework

25 Sep 2020

Dear Parents,
Please click on the link to see this week's homework for Year 4 and Year 5.
Have a great weekend,
Mr Godfrey and Mr Williams

Guitar Lessons

25 Sep 2020

John Eyre, B.A.hons, PGCE,
4, Groesffordd Park,
07753 177564
Dear Parents and guardians,
Guitar lessons are done individually, for fifteen minutes, and cost £7.50. Where circumstances permit, a shared half-hour lesson is fine and will cost the same. Payment is half-termly, in advance and by cash or bank transfer.
Each person will need their own guitar. Music shops will give good advice on type and size selection; most primary age children suit a 3/4 size guitar. I learned on enormous acoustic guitars from age five, but I don't recommend it! I often use a footrest or guitar rest, especially for classical guitar, but it depends on the type of guitar and personal preference.
Other materials can be added as we go along, but the more books, the better! I recommend keeping a diary or notebook, and having a suitable folder for loose sheet music. Having a music stand at home will help with posture and will help avoid back problems later.
Although I always have lots of ideas, my teaching style is to work outwards from what each person likes, sharing my influences and theirs. There are plenty of graded exams available, too; some students love to be motivated that way.
Students need to practise and play regularly – even fifteen minutes a day can work wonders.
To start lessons, simply email me to confirm that you agree to this simple contract. I'll also need your mobile number, so we can communicate – especially about lesson times.
Best wishes from

Primary school admissions

24 Sep 2020

Llangors Shop

21 Sep 2020

Secondary School Admission

18 Sep 2020

The Secondary School Admission Round for learners born between 01/09/2009 – 31/08/2010 opens on Monday 21 September 2020.  


Parents/Carers need to complete an online application at https://en.powys.gov.uk/article/1158/Applying-for-a-School-Place


Applications need to be made by the deadline of Friday 13 November 2020.


Secondary Common Offer Date is Monday 1 March 2021


If are parent / carer is unable to apply online they can contact admissions@powys.gov.uk

Class 4 and Class 5 Homework

18 Sep 2020

Please click on the link to see the homework for this week.
Have a lovely weekend,
Mr Godfrey and Mr Williams

Guidance from PCC

16 Sep 2020


Important information from Public Health Wales

15 Sep 2020

The Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes
Getting back to school and the school run
To keep your children safe and free from Coronavirus, schools have been making some important changes. Families can also play a part in keeping everyone safe.
Here are some tips on how to stay safe whilst at school.
Getting to and from school
§ If children are able walk or cycle to school, this is a great option.
§ If travelling by car, to avoid crowding at the school gates, park further away from the school and then walk. This also helps you to stay active.
§ If you transport children outside of your extended household (children under 11 only), make sure:
- everyone washes or sanitises their hands before getting in the car
- windows are kept open
- only the same group of children travel in your car
§ If you use public transport, parents and children need to wash or sanitise their hands before and after travel. Try to keep at least 2 metres apart from other passengers. Parents and children over the age of 11 also need to wear a mask or face covering.
At the school gate
§ Keep your 2 metre distance from others who are dropping off and try not to stay too long in the playground. This will help to reduce queues and allow other parents to drop off their children safely.
§ Don’t arrive at school too early to pick up and don’t stay too long in the playground.
In school
§ Talk to your child about handwashing including how to wash their hands thoroughly with warm water and liquid soap (for at least 20 seconds) and explain they will need to wash their hands regularly throughout the day.
Staying away from school
§ Do not attend school and self-isolate if you or your child:
- Has any symptoms of Coronavirus (self-isolate for 10 days)
- live in a household with a person who has tested positive for Coronavirus (self-isolate for 14 days)
- have been contacted by a contact tracer and told that you must self-isolate (self-isolate for 14 days)
§ Arrange a test for anyone who has any of the following symptoms by going to www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test or dialling the free number 119:
- New continuous cough
- High temperature (above 37.8oC)
- Reduced taste or smell (anosmia)
§ If your child has symptoms and you are waiting for their test results they must not attend school and must self-isolate.
§ If your child is a contact of a case, they must self-isolate for the full 14 days even if they have a negative test result.
Thank you - If we all do our bit to stop the spread of coronavirus,
the sooner we can all get back to normal.

South Powys Youth Music

15 Sep 2020
South Powys Youth Music will be running live Facebook Choir sessions, on Wednesday afternoons from 4.25pm to 5pm. To join all you need to do is to follow SPYM's facebook page https://www.facebook.com/southpowysyouthmusic and then join in at the start of the session. We will be running 5 sessions before half term, starting this Wednesday, September 16th.
Download the song sheet with the words you will need (see attached) and have a listen to these links to get you in the mood.
You've got a friend in me - Randy Newman (Toy Story)
With a little help from my friends - Lennon & McCartney
Fab version by James Corden and the Muppets here!
The Lion sleeps tonight - Linda/Campbell
We start with some fun warm-ups and during the session there will be 'The Quiz'!
When you join the live video make sure that you put your first name in the chat so that we know who we are singing with.
Please ensure an adult is present during the session
If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact SPYM's administrator by email, southpowysyouthmusic@gmail.com
Sally Morris (Administrator) southpowysyouthmusic@gmail.com 07814 277723
Tim Cronin (Musical Director) 07779 658635
SPYM - Link to songs

Newsletter 11.09.20

11 Sep 2020

Llangors Church in Wales Primary School

Friday 11th September 2020


Dear Parents


I am writing to update you on the measures we are taking to make our school as COVID secure as possible. We are operating under clear guidance directed by the Welsh Government and Powys County Council.


Thank you for your cooperation re the staggering of our arrival and departure times. This is in place in order to minimise congestion at the gates and in the car park. Our intention, necessarily, is to discourage large groups of people at the same time at the same place. Please do stick to the times as closely as possible. Remember also that if you are dropping children off at the earlier time, we will happily take children with a later time, in order for you to get off and free up a car parking space!  Please respect social distancing at all times on the school site.


Visitors to the school are being minimised and discouraged. They will have a temperature check on arrival. Please phone or email if at all possible.


If your child has forgotten to bring something to school, we now have a large black box, our quarantine box for you deposit things, like a forgotten packed lunch. Once sanitised we will get it to your child. Please make sure any items are labelled clearly.

In order to minimise the risk of transmission we are discouraging children from bringing anything but essential items. This should usually only be a packed lunch. Children will be supplied with their own basic pens, pencils, rulers etc. If you child does bring a pencil case, then it for their use only, and will have to remain in school indefinitely. Class teachers will be in touch re reading book arrangements. 


Our school day is organised in class bubbles - the bubble being the class. There is no mixing between the classes and we maintain staggered playtimes and lunchtimes. Sadly, we cannot have collective worship together and so assemblies take place in the classroom.


We are receiving an increasing number of calls from parents seeking advice on coughs and colds etc. Obviously at this time of year and increasingly so, we would normally expect the usual seasonal illnesses, but the Government advice of Covid-19 is clear.

If your child is displaying possible Covid 19 symptoms, they must stay at home, self-isolate and you seek a Covid 19 test and then notify school. Those symptoms are: a high temperature of 37.8C, a persistent new cough, the loss of taste and smell.

Should you be in any doubt and need clinical advice go online to 111 Wales or call 111.


Should you be exhibiting and Covid 19 symptoms please keep clear from school premises yourself.


Should your child show symptoms at school, your child will be isolated, under supervision, and you will receive a call from us. If you have not yet returned your child contact details form, please do so tomorrow or as soon as possible.


Should your child contract Covid we are legally obligated to share contacts data with the Test Track and Protect Strategy.

“Personal data being processed under the TTP strategy is done on the basis of GDPR Article 6 (e). We need it to perform a public task." Information Commissioner.

 Under the Health Protection(Local Authority Powers) (Wales) Regulations 2010 -2The Head teacher of a school can be required to provide the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all pupils attending that school when certain circumstances apply. For example, when there is or has recently been a person on the premises who is or may be infected or contaminated." Coronovirus/ Covid 19 falls into that category.


Whether parents have advised the school that contact information cannot be shared outside of school, or explicitly asked that it cannot be shared with the TTP scheme, we would be committing a criminal offence if we refused to provide the information when asked for it.


Finally, we continually, on arrival, before and after lunch, before and after play and after toileting ensure your children wash and sanitise their hands, and the school is now cleaned at lunchtime as well as after school. 

Please continue to reiterate these messages to your children. We also empathise to them, the need to respect social distancing from the adults around them.


I have been really impressed with the way in which all our children are coping with these new protocols and procedures. Please do praise them, and thank them from the staff of school.


All best wishes,


Mark Williams,
Acting Headteacher

This week's homework task

11 Sep 2020

Dear parents, 
Please find attached this week's homework task for children in Class 4 (Mr Godfrey) and Class 5 (Mr Williams).
We hope you have a lovely weekend.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey and Mr Williams

Class 4 Newsletter

08 Sep 2020


School Information 03.09.20

03 Sep 2020

Dear Parents


Thank you very much for your cooperation today.  We as a staff have been delighted to have the children back with us in school.


Staggered Arrivals / Departures

As you are aware, following Welsh government and Powys County Council advice, we are staggering arrival and departure times.  This is to avoid congestion and to ensure all our children’s hands are washed in an orderly and safe way without excessive delay.

To avoid congestion at the junior gate, could junior children/parents queue to the left hand side of the gate and the nursery children/parents to the right.

Class teachers will collect their children from the gates, so in order to avoid these queues, please stick to the assigned times as far as possible and bring your child when you see the teacher.

Obviously if siblings of different classes are being dropped off, we would not expect parents to wait outside for twenty minutes, and both/all children can be left at the earlier or later time.

We are keen to help where we can!


Now that the Hub to which we were all used to last term has finished with its extended hours, can I remind you that Breakfast / Afterschool Club is functioning again.  This may be of help to some parents.


Pick up and Drop off times:


Classes 2 and 5         8.50am           3.20pm

Classes 1 and 6         9.00am           3.30pm

Classes 3 and 4         9.10am           3.40pm



With thanks again for your cooperation


Mark Williams


School information 02.09.20

02 Sep 2020

Dear Parent 


We are all looking forward to welcoming you back to school tomorrow and would also like to welcome Mr Thomas Williams who is the new Year 4/5 teacher and also Mrs Bethan Price who will be covering Miss Jenkins’ maternity leave until half term.


School Meals (exc Mes Bach)

Free school meals pupils will continue to be given vouchers until September 14th so they will either need to bring a packed lunch or pay for school dinner via Parent Pay.

Please note the water fountains will not be in use but water will be provided.


Parent Pay

All new children will be issued with information and an activation code before the end of the week.  If anyone has any problems regarding Parent Pay please contact JS Freeland in the office. Tel: 01874 658663  or email: office@llangorse.powys.sch.uk


Fruit Money (exc Mes Bach)

We encourage all children to eat fruit as a snack during morning break.   Your child can bring a piece of fruit from home or alternatively you can buy fruit from the school which is the preferred option.

For Infant children (Classes 1, 2 and 3) the cost is £5 per term (eg. September to December 2020).  The children are given half or quarter of an apple.

For Junior children (Classes 4, 5 and 6 ) To help us to keep track of the money we would like you to pay for the whole term in advance.  Sept ember to December is 13 weeks at a cost of 60 pence per week the total amount to be paid is £7.80.   The junior children are given a whole apple.

If payment isn't received, fruit will not be given.

Please pay via Parent Pay under the ‘Fruit’ option.


Contact details

An emergency contact form will be sent home today.  It is very important that everyone fills in this form and return it to school even if your details have not changed.


Allergies, Medication and Bus

Could you please let the school know asap if your child has any allergies food or other. Also please let your child’s teacher know if your child will be taking the school bus to or from school and on which days.


Finally, can we please ask for parents to collect their children promptly at their relevant time.  If you are going to be late or have any problems please contact the school asap.  We would also ask parents not to congregate on the school grounds when picking up or dropping off.



Your sincerely

JS Freeland

School Secretary

Free School Meal Information

31 Aug 2020

Dear Parent,
Assembly Government will continue to provide funding for Free School Meals entitled pupils up until 14th September under the present arrangements. 
For those children, a packed lunch from home will be required until September 14th, as those families will continue until then to receive an allowance via a voucher of BACS.
With best wishes,
Mark Williams.

Return to school on September 3rd

28 Aug 2020

Dear Parent,
I hope you have had an enjoyable summer in these strange times. We are very much looking forward to welcoming your child(ren) back to school on Thursday September 3rd, and rebuild some semblance of normality!
I would like to take this opportunity to update you on a number of issues as you prepare for that. As a school we have been diligent in ensuring everyone's safety, and in following  Welsh Government and Powys Council's Health and Safety Guidance, we have as many control measures in place as possible. This includes:
- ensuring maximum hygiene with plenty of hand washing opportunities throughout the day
- plenty of fresh air in classrooms, and therefore windows will be kept open to ensure this.
- additional cleaning during the school day as well as after school hours.
- children remaining within class bubbles throughout the school day, including play times and lunchtimes.
- management of the movement of children around the school.
We will ensure that your child has a broad curriculum offer within the confines of the present situation. However, some aspects of practical subjects may be difficult to offer during the early stages of term. Assembly and collective worship, for example, will be undertaken in individual classes and sadly not together.
Please minimise the bringing of anything from home. We will be providing the usual basic pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers etc in school.
School Dinners
The school canteen will operate as usual. Children will be taking their meals in their class bubbles.
Our usual policy on uniform now returns, and we strongly encourage your child wearing new clothing each day.
Arrival and departure times
In order to minimise congestion and to ensure all classes can access hand washing facilities safely, arrival and departure times are staggered.
Classes 2 and 5 - Arrival 8.50 am    Departure 3.20 pm
Classes 1 and 6 - Arrival 9.00 am    Departure 3.30 pm
Classes 3 and 4 - Arrival 9.10 am    Departure 3.40 pm
We kindly ask everyone dropping off or collecting children to respect social distancing - one adult per family please. A member of staff will direction children from their gate to their classroom. Infant children are to use the infant gate, and juniors the main playground gate. There will be no pre-school playtime, so please work to the arrival times. Bus children will be met from the bus and escorted to the relevant gate.
Sadly, for the immediate future, we must discourage physical visits into the school building, but if you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to ring or email school.
With thanks and all best wishes.
Mark Williams
Deputy Headteacher

Return to school on September 3rd

17 Aug 2020

Dear Parent,
I hope you are all enjoying the summer break.
In line with our risk assessment policy and Powys Council advice, our return to school for all classes on Thursday 3rd September will be staggered, as was the practice at the end of last term. This is to ensure any congestion at the school gates or car park is managed safely and social distancing adhered to. This is also to ensure that children can wash hands in the cloakrooms  on arrival with minimal congestion. On arrival children will go directly to classrooms, and spend the school day as a class bubble with staggered playtimes and lunchbreak. Children arriving by the school bus will be met and safely escorted to their classrooms.
Classes 2 and 5 - Arrival time 8.50 am - Departure time 3.20 pm
Classes 1 and 6 - Arrival time 9.00 am - Departure time 3.30 pm
Classes 3 and 4 - Arrival time 9.10 am - Departure time 3.40 pm
Infant children are to access the school by the infant gate, and juniors by the main gate.
I hope this is useful. More information will follow before the start of term.
With all best wishes,
Mark Williams
Deputy Headteacher.

Childcare offer being re-instated

04 Aug 2020

Dear parents 
Please see below regarding the childcare offer being re-instated.  Please pass on this information to anyone who may not have schoop.
Many thanks
Cath Gore
Setting Leader
How the Offer will be re-instated:
  1. The Offer will be opening again for applications during August and September. Parents who would have been eligible for the Offer in the summer term, but who missed out on a full term because they had not started taking up the Offer before the pandemic, will be able to take up the Offer from the start of the autumn term in their local authority, if still eligible - Applications for these children will open August 10th.
  • If families had already been accepted for the offer previously, Ceredigion are in the process of contacting them asking them to just send them updated information. They do not need to complete the whole application again.
  • Families who had not applied previously will need to complete a full application.
  1. For those parents whose child becomes eligible for the Offer in their authority from the autumn term, they will be able to apply from 21st September and can take up a funded place once the authority has processed their application and if they are found to be eligible.

Parents of autumn term children will not be able to apply before the 21st September as the form will not allow them to.
  • An application for the Offer needs to be approved before a child is allowed to take up the Offer.
  • A parent can use childcare whilst they are waiting for their application to be processed but they should do so at their own cost; childcare payments under the Offer are not backdated.

 If an application for Offer funding has not been approved by the local authority, there is a risk that the application may not be approved and the parent will be liable for any costs.
Important information for parents:
Parents/Carers must have the following information available in the format of a photo or electronically ready to upload as part of their application.
 Child’s birth certificate
Proof of address (Council Tax Bill or Utility bill dated within the last 3 months)
Payslips – 3 most recent monthly payslips for each parent or if paid weekly each week for the last 3 months.
If self-employed your most recent Self-Assessment Tax Return.
 If parents are in new employment and do not have a payslip. They must have a copy of their contract or a letter from the employer confirming the income and hours worked.
  • Parents who do not attach evidence as part of their application will delay the approval process. As request for evidence will result in applications being pushed to back of the queue.
  • Priority will be given to fully completed applications.

 Due to the volume of applications, it will take at least 28 working days to process applications. Please ensure parents do not contact the unit unless urgent.
  • Please be aware, even if you have submitted an application for the Offer - If a parent uses childcare before their application is approved, the parent is liable for paying the costs of the childcare and no childcare funding can be back-dated to account for the period before an application is approved.


School Uniform

24 Jul 2020

Just to let you know that you can now order Llangors school uniform from The Prints of Wales website  www.theprintsofwales.co.uk 
You will need to enter this password 'Llangorsschool.'

You can either collect your orders from The Prints of Wales in Bwlch or have them
posted via Royal Mail.

Contact number - 01874 711911

Final video message

24 Jul 2020

Good morning,
Here it is; the final video message. Thank you to the children who managed to send in their poems. Click on the link and enjoy.
Have a great summer,
Mr Godfrey
Final video message

Important Newsletter 22.07.20

22 Jul 2020

Llangors Church in Wales School
22nd July 2020
Dear Parents,
Update on Staffing for the next academic year 2020/2021

Following on from my previous newsletter regarding staffing and classes for next year I am writing to update you on new developments.

As stated previously our school budget struggles to support 6 teachers plus the non-contact time for headteachers and this time last week we were in a position where we could only afford 5.7 teachers plus myself returning to support Mr Mark Williams for one day per week.

Having heard of the £29 million support for schools in Wales as announced by Kirsty Williams,  I started to look at the budget again to identify areas where we could possibly make savings in order to fund the 6th teacher and keep classes as they are now.  Working with the finance team in Powys I am delighted to say that we have come up with a solution at least for the next academic year  -  this was ratified by Governors last evening.  It is a tight squeeze on the budget but it thankfully does not create an overspend on this year’s budget.  Whether or not we will sustain this for future years is uncertain but I think in these unusual times we will work on 1 year at a time!!

I know some of you will be wondering why I sent out the staffing structure last week and am now changing it this week  -  but without the promise of the Covid monies to support returning to school we could not have achieved this.   Exactly how much we will receive is not yet known and some schools will receive more than others, but there is an expectancy that we will receive an amount in September.

To understand the constraints on the budget you need to understand the Powys Funding Formula.

Schools do not now receive a set amount per pupil as in the past. 

31 pupils generate funds for 2 teachers ( there always has to be 2 teachers however low the  

                                                                         numbers in a school)

You then have the funds for an extra teacher every 30 pupils so:

31 pupils  =  2 teachers

61 pupils  =  3 teachers

91 pupils  =  4 teachers

121 pupils = 5 teachers

151 pupils  =  6 teachers     and so on……

Until we reach 151 pupils in the school  (we start in September 2020 with 139 pupils) we will not have the money in the budget for 6 teachers so this is why it has been difficult over the years to maintain 6 teachers and was only made possible by me giving up my 2 days headteacher non-contact time.


However, with a thriving nursery (Mes Bach) we start September 2021 with 147 pupils  -  another 4 and we have our 151  -  so get out there and advertise our school!!!


Classes next year will now be as follows:


Class 1:            16 reception pupils                 Miss Meg Jenkins (with cover until her return)

                                                                        Mrs S Harbour LSA


Class 2:            21 Year 1 pupils                       Ms S Quine

                                                                        Mrs Charlotte Belcher  LSA (newly appointed)


Class 3:            22 Year 2 pupils                       Mrs C Henry-Davies

                                                                        Mrs Rebecca Tarquilio LSA (newly appointed)


Class 4:            31 Y3 / Y4 pupils                     Mr G Godfrey

                                                                        Mrs A Barber LSA

                                                                        Within this class there will be 20 Y3 pupils and

                                                                               11 Y4 pupils born between 19.01.12 / 31.08.12


Class 5:            31 Y4 / Y5 pupils                     Teacher to be appointed

                                                                        Mrs P Mcintosh LSA

                                                                        Within this class there will be 23 Y5 pupils and

                                                                               8 Y4 pupils born between 01.09.11 / 18.01.12


Class 6:            18 Year 6 pupils                       Mr M Williams

                                                                                (Mrs Griffiths 2 days per week support)


Total on roll September 2020:                        139 pupils


I will be returning to support Mr Williams for 1 day per week up until Easter 2021 inititally.


I am sure this will be good news especially for parents of Reception / Year 1 and Year 2.  However can I just ask you all to have confidence in the school, the staff and governors, if we are in a situation where we have to reduce teacher numbers in the future.  This is happening in nearly all schools and unfortunately the cost of Covid 19 may jeopardise future budgets  -  who knows?   We will always do the best for your children and put them first.


I am so pleased that we have managed to find the funding for our 6th teacher.  May I wish you all a great Summer and a good start to September 2021.


With best wishes

Lynne Jones




Home Learning Survey

21 Jul 2020

Please click on the link to access our Home Learning Survey
Home Learning Survey
It would be great to have responses by the end of term, or whenever you can complete the survey. We are keen to hear your views.

Monday video message

19 Jul 2020

Please click on the link to watch the Monday video message for this week.
Monday Video Message
Have a great week.
Mr Godfrey

Important New Letter

17 Jul 2020

Llangors Church in Wales School

17th July 2020


Dear Parents,



I write this letter on what should have been the last day of school for the academic year 2019 / 2020. Who knew when we started in September what the end of the year would bring. I would like to thank staff, parents and pupils for all their efforts and hard work over lockdown. It has not been the easiest of times but I hope by all ‘pulling together’ we have got through it.   Let us hope we see a little more normality in September.


However September will bring changes to staffing in the school and I want to update you on the staff and classes for next year.


As you are all aware I am retiring on 31st August 2020. It has not been an easy decision and I am sad to be leaving the school but I leave it in good hands.

From September 2020 Mr Mark Williams (our Deputy Head) will become Acting Headteacher for the next academic year.

Mr Williams is an excellent teacher and will make an excellent Headteacher - I am glad to be leaving the school in such ‘good hands’.

To support him in this, the Governing Body have invited me back as a part time ‘Assistant Headteacher’ and I will be spending 1 day a week in school over the next few terms, not teaching but helping and supporting Mr Williams in leadership and management. I am thrilled to be able to keep in contact with the school and it now seems less of a ‘wrench’ to be retiring.


Unfortunately due to budget restraints and the need for Mr Williams to have his entitled ‘management days’ we are dropping from 6 to 5.7 teachers.   This means that the Foundation Phase will now have 2 not 3 classes and next year’s Y1 pupils will be split between Reception and Year 2. I know we have not seen this for many years but there is nothing to worry about in having mixed classes.   The children will be taught according to year groups and there will be opportunity for the Year 1 children to come together to be taught as a class on some occasions.

The junior classes will remain as now with a Y3/Y4 class, a Y4/Y5 class and a Y6 class.

To cover the 2 days management time for Mr Williams I am delighted to say that we have ‘persuaded’ Mrs Liz Griffiths to return to the school. Mrs Griffiths taught in the school for many years and has returned several times to teach and support pupils in Y5 and Y6. We are delighted that she will now be supporting Mr Williams and his class.


Mrs Dando and Mrs Hudman who ‘job share’ in Class 3 are also retiring. They will both be really missed but we wish them a long and enjoyable retirement and thank them for their hard work and commitment to the school over many years.

The vacancy left by them has been filled and I am delighted to inform you that last Wednesday evening Mrs Henry Davies was appointed as a full time teacher in the school.

Four candidates were interviewed and Mrs Henry Davies was selected.   She has proved herself time and time again as a great teacher and we are delighted that she is to remain in the school.

On Tuesday evening interviews were held and we appointed 2 Learning Support Assistants to work in Foundation Phase. They will begin work in the school in September subject to their DBS approval - therefore I will not name them now but will leave Mr Williams to introduce them in September.

Miss Jenkins is to return to the school after maternity leave in November 2020 - until such time we will appoint a temporary teacher to cover her absence.


The class structure for next year will be as follows:


Class 1:            Reception / Year 1                  Miss Jenkins (a temporary teacher will cover  

                                                                               until her return in November 2020)

                                                                        Mrs Harbour LSA


Class 2:            Year 1 / Year 2                        Mrs Quine

                                                                        1 newly appointed LSA + a second newly

                                                                               appointed LSA to work between Class 1 and

                                                                               Class 2


Class 3:            Year 3 / Year 4                        Mr Godfrey

                                                                        Mrs Barber LSA


Class 4:            Year 4 / Year 5                        Mrs Henry-Davies

                                                                        Mrs Mcintosh LSA


Class 5:            Year 6                                      Mr Williams

                                                                        Mrs Griffiths supporting 2 days per week


At the beginning of next week we will let you know which class your child will be in for each of the ‘mixed’ classes.   When a year group is split we do so by age not ability - this is the policy of the school.

If any parent would like to discuss any of the above please do not hesitate to contact me at the school. All staff are in school next week looking after the children who are eligible to access the childcare Hub.

Hub children:

Can I please remind parents that the childcare hub is for parents who are unable to keep their children at home due to being key workers. Next week is going to be very busy for the staff in moving and re-organising classrooms, looking at ways of keeping children in their own class ‘bubble’ for meals and playtimes, working out a staggered approach to the beginning and end of each day, completing school reports and end of term assessments and many other things besides.

The booking for next week has now closed but if you are able to keep your child/children at home then you must do so. We only want children in school of parents who have to go out to work and have no other childcare. We are very happy to look after these children - that is what the Hub is for.   I thank you for your co-operation in this.

Also, each week we look at the information from Powys about the number of children booked in and set up work stations for them on a daily basis.   Sometimes they do not all turn up. If you find that you don’t need the Hub but have already booked into it please let us know the day before that you will not need to use this facility.   This will help us to arrange the appropriate number of staff to cover. Thank you.


Back to school:

There is a lot of talk about returning to school in September and how this will happen.   As it stands now we have decided in the Gwernyfed Cluster that schools will start back on Thursday 3rd September 2020 - arrangements from the cluster are as follows:                            You will be aware that the Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams, announced last week, that schools would re-open to all pupils in Wales by 14th September 2020.
Further guidance was issued earlier this week and after consideration and much discussion with all of the head teachers in the Gwernyfed Cluster, we have decided to open our schools to the children from Thursday 3rd September.
Guidance from Welsh Government is being updated almost daily. We are going to take the first two days of the new school year to ensure that our schools and our staff are ready. We want to open our doors to the children on Thursday 3rd September, confident that all of the necessary risks have been addressed and that we are all ready for the new academic year.
Within the most recent guidance, there is also the expectation that start and finish times will be staggered, individual school’s uniform policy will be reinstated and school meals will provided.   Further information on this will follow next week.
We have also attached is a copy of the calendar for the Gwernyfed Cluster of schools for the next academic year – (at end of letter). You may spot two changes to the calendar.
The first change is that there is an additional week of half term holiday in October. This is to re-pay the additional week taken at the end of the summer term. This means that the half term in October now runs from Monday 19th – Friday 30th October.                           The second change is that we have moved a training day from Monday 4th January to Friday 15th January 2021. School will be OPEN on Monday 4th January, but CLOSED on Friday 15th January.


Y6 Pupils:

This is the time of year when we say ‘good-bye’ to our Y6 pupils. It is so sad that they are unable to do the ‘fun’ things associated with their last week or so.   There will be no leavers service, no short concert expertly put together by Mr Williams, no BBQ, no presentation of Record of Achievements and no good-bye to friends and staff in the school and no opportunity to wish them well and thank them for their hard work. Therefore I will say it now. We are very proud of our Y6 pupils - they have worked so hard throughout the year and achieved so much, from work on various committees in the school, a brilliant Christmas concert performance, success at the Black Mountains Lions Quiz, success with the Brecknock History society projects to the work and progress they have made in class. Back in March 2020, every child in the class was destined to achieve Level 5 in end of year assessments with a % achieving Level 6.   100% Level 5 - what and achievement that would have been. I hope as parents, you are as proud of them as we are and I wish them well in their respective High Schools and for the future.


Lastly can I say a big thank you for my 30 years in Llangors School. To pupils, parents and staff, past and present, who have helped me make the school what it is today - one of the top performing schools in Wales with a recognition throughout Powys as being such. It was always my ambition to have pure year group classes in the school and this was realised for a few years. Sadly, cuts to nursery education and school budgets meant we moved from 7 teachers to 6.

Numbers coming into the nursery are very healthy and with a large group moving to Reception in September 2021 I am hopeful that we can move back up to 6 teachers.   I can assure you that I will work with Mr Williams and the Governors to achieve this as soon as possible.

Thank you to all who have sent me good wishes on my retirement - what you have said is very moving and makes my whole career worthwhile - it has been a privilege to teach and watch children grow into confident young adults knowing that you helped them at the start of their journey.

As I said earlier, you will still be seeing my face around here next year so I will not say ‘good-bye’ just yet.

Take care and have a lovely Summer

Best wishes

Lynne Jones


Gwernyfed Cluster of Schools
School Term Times 2020 – 2021
Autumn Term 2020
Thursday 3rd September 2020 to Friday 16th October 2020
Half Term: Monday 19th Oct 2020 to Friday 30th October 2020
Monday 2nd November 2020 to Friday 18th December 2020
Spring Term 2021
Monday 4th January 2021 to Friday 12th February 2021
Half Term: Monday 15th Feb 2021 to Friday 19th February 2021
Monday 22nd February 2021 to Friday 26th March 2021
Summer Term 2021
Tuesday 13th April 2021 to Friday 28th May 2021
Half Term: Monday 31st May 2021 to Friday 4th June 2021
Monday 7th June 2021 to Friday 16th July 2021
Non-Pupil Days 20/21
Tuesday 1st September 2020
Wednesday 2nd September 2020
Monday 21st December 2020
Tuesday 22nd December 2020
Friday 15th January 2021
Monday 12th April 2021
Plus, an additional non-pupil day to be taken during the academic year – Date TBC

Friday's video message

16 Jul 2020

Please click on the link below to watch Friday's video message for this week.
Friday Video Message
Have a great weekend.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey

Learning Survey

16 Jul 2020

As learners are a key part of our Transforming Education strategy, we would like learners to contribute to the development of our Transforming Education branding.
We have prepared a short survey for them to complete which can be found here, where we are seeking their views on 3 different styles.
Our short survey will end on 22/07/2020. Once ended, we will add up the individual responses and see which style is more appealing to our learners. We will then seek to develop a range of materials around this style.
Many thanks,
Transforming Education Programme Team

New School Menu

15 Jul 2020

Please see attached the new menu for September 2020
New Menu Sept 2020

Online safety at home

13 Jul 2020

Please see link for more information

Monday Morning Message

12 Jul 2020

Click on the link to watch the Monday Morning Message for Class 5.
Monday Morning Message
Have a great week
Mr Godfrey

Friday video message

09 Jul 2020

Please see the link to this week's Friday video message. Enjoy!
Friday video message
Have a great weekend.
Mr Godfrey

URGENT LETTER form Powys County Council

09 Jul 2020

Please click on the link below to read the letter from PCC
Letter from Powys County Council

Leaflets to support families

09 Jul 2020

Please find attached some leaflets to support families.
eat well spend less

Childcare and holidays

09 Jul 2020

New Autumn Half Term Dates

09 Jul 2020
Dear Parents
As you are aware, schools in Powys are open for an extra week this term.  Instead of breaking up on Friday 17th July 2020 like many authorities, we will break up on Friday 24th July 2020. 
The Autumn half term dates have now been confirmed by Powys and will soon be on their website  -  they are:
Break up on               Friday 16th October 2020  
Back to school on     Monday 2nd November   
The extra week for the Autumn half term is to cover the extra week worked this term.  With regard to childcare or possible booking a holiday I hope this information helps.
Best wishes
Lynne Jones

Monday morning video message

05 Jul 2020

Please click on the link to see Monday's video message for this week.
Monday morning video message
Have a great week,
Mr Godfrey

Friday Morning Video message

03 Jul 2020

Please click on the link to watch the Friday morning video message for Class 5.
Have a great weekend.
Friday Morning Video Message

Online safety at home

30 Jun 2020

Please follow the link below regarding Online Safety at Home

Music Lessons

30 Jun 2020

L. Hanslow
Ty Capel
22nd June 2020
Dear Parents,
I hope this letter finds you all safe and well. The last few months have been very challenging times.
It is doubtful that I will be able to resume “normal “ peripatetic lessons much before September. I am conscious however that some pupils have now missed out on almost 3 months of music making.
I have managed to touch base with a few pupils during lockdown via online lessons. These have been quite successful and pupils have managed to make progress despite the obvious challenges that these have posed.
I will be continuing these lessons over the coming weeks.
If you would like more information about online lessons you can e mail me on the address below.
Wishing you all the very best.

First day back

29 Jun 2020
Dear Parents
We have survived the first day back!!  The children have been wonderful as we knew they would be and I think they have all had a good day.   We've been outside as much as possible but unfortunately the weather has been quite cold  - (at least it has remained dry).
It's been great to catch up with the children and they have enjoyed being with their friends.  We've managed the social distancing well  -  our children are so good at listening to, and following instructions.  They have coped well with the change to routine and the appearance of the classrooms  -  we are all proud of them.
Thank you to parents for your patience in dropping off and picking up children.  Again everything went smoothly (with good social distancing!!).
Hopefully it will be the same tomorrow
Best wishes
Lynne Jones

Emergency childcare Hubs

29 Jun 2020

Llangors Church in Wales School



Dear Parents,

There has been a lot of discussion and information about the school based hubs for the next 4 weeks of term, and I think there is some confusion about what is being offered.



Every child who wishes to can access 4 days at the school from 9a.m. to 3.30p.m. for a Check in and Catch up session in their own classroom and with their own teacher.  This has now been organised and I hope that everyone has the necessary information that I sent out.   Apparently I ended up in most people’s JUNK mail!!!!!




There is a Hub provision at the school for key worker children  -  so if your child is not in for the Check in and Catch up session as outlined above then they can access this.

The hubs are basically ‘childcare’  -  there is no real provision for catch up work or teaching.  We will give the children the work that has been sent home for their home learning that week.

At Llangors all of our key worker children have been offered, and accepted the Check in and Catch up session for the first week.

  • Do bear in mind that the hubs are for key workers (there are many more key workers now than originally as people start back to work).
  • If you are able to keep your child at home then you should do so. However, if you are working and you have no other childcare then please do use our hub facility.
  • Priority will be given to parents who have been using the cluster based hubs since last March.
  • Priority will also be given to teachers who are having to return to work -  their children will need to access the school hub
  • Anyone NEW who now needs to access the hub can apply to do so via the Powys website. These children are not guaranteed a place at their school hub unless there is room.  If the Headteacher feels that there is not enough staff / space available for the number of children requiring the Hub then these children can access the emergency hub at Brecon Leisure Centre.


I will try to accommodate all of our parents but I cannot make any promises.  I do not get access to see how many parents have booked children into the hub until a Thursday evening.  I will then make a decision about how many I can offer this facility to, based on the criteria above, and let parents know accordingly.

Again I stress, please only book your children into the Hub on the days that you are working and there is no other childcare available.     Thank you

Lynne Jones


Monday's video message

28 Jun 2020

Welcome to another week Class 5.

Click on the link to watch Monday's video message.
Monday's video message
Have a great week.
Mr Godfrey

Friday's Video Message

25 Jun 2020

Please see the link to Friday's video message for Class 5.
Friday's video message
Have a lovely weekend.

Childcare Hubs

25 Jun 2020

Please click on the link to access the letter to parents.

Monday Video Message for Class 5

22 Jun 2020

Click on the link below to see the Monday morning video message.
Have a great week.
Monday Video Message

Friday video message

19 Jun 2020

Dear Parents,
Please find below the link to the Friday video message. 
Friday Video Message
Thank you to everyone for your responses to my email regarding the return to school during the last four weeks of term. If you have yet to respond please could you do so as soon as possible.
Many thanks and best wishes,
Mr Godfrey


18 Jun 2020

Llangors Church in Wales School
18th June 2020
Dear Parents,
I am sure that you are all keen to know the arrangements for how your children will return to school on 29th June 2020. I really appreciate the patience you have shown while we sorted out the logistics of this - I wanted to be sure that you had all made a decision about the return and that we had identified the extra key worker children who would need to access the ‘hub’ provision within our school.
The guidance has been issued from Welsh Government. (see link below)
The safety of your children is of paramount importance to us, and although we cannot take away all of the risks we will endeavour to follow strict hygiene rules:
· washing hands regularly
· wiping surfaces regularly
· wiping equipment used on a regular basis
· social distancing
· extra cleaning in the middle of the day
Looking at the numbers who wish to return we are confident that we can offer all children 4 consecutive days in school to ‘check in and catch up’. However, as priority has to be given to key worker children, these arrangements could change but we will keep you fully informed of this. We can only take in 33% of pupils in any one day - this includes the key worker children. To accommodate this, the following will apply:
· Children returning to school will be offered a block of 4 consecutive days (Monday to Thursday). We are working on organising groups of pupils each week and this information will be with you shortly. It will be difficult to meet requests for set days or to ensure ‘friendship’ groups but we will do our best.
· Key worker children will be able to access the school on a Friday also but only if no other arrangements can be made for keeping them at home.
· For the majority of pupils the opening hours for the school will be as normal 9a.m. to 3.30p.m. Opening hours for key worker children will be 8.30a.m. to 4.30p.m.
· There will be staggered start and finish times to avoid congestion and to enable us to adhere to the social distancing rule of 2m. We ask parents to take a sensible approach to this and adhere to the signs and markings around the carpark and yard areas.
· Each classroom can accommodate around 8 pupils whilst adhering to the required social distancing and we will not exceed this.
· In ks2, (classes 4, 5 and 6) pupils will sit at a table which will be set up as a work station. The school will provide all of the stationary required. Children are NOT to bring pens and pencils from home.
· In the Foundation Phase (classes 1, 2 and 3) children will work/play in small groups of no more than 3 / 4, in their own designated area called a ‘bubble’. All equipment will be provided for them in their own ‘bubble’ but children will NOT be allowed to move from one bubble to another.
· We will endeavour to get children outside as much as possible but this will be dependent on the weather. Each class will stay with their own teacher whilst working / playing outside and the same social distancing rules will apply.
· You are asked to provide your children with loose, comfortable clothing which can be changed each day. There is NO requirement to wear school uniform.
· Powys will NOT be providing meals for pupils. All pupils should bring their own packed lunch and drink, including a healthy ‘snack’ for break times. Key worker children spending that extra ‘hour’ in school are welcome to bring a ‘tea time’ snack.
· Please provide your child with enough to ‘drink’. The school will not be using children’s water bottles and no child will be allowed to use the water fountains in the street.
· All coats and packed lunches will be kept in the classrooms - the cloakrooms will not be used for any sort of storage.
· We are fortunate to have outside doors in each classroom and these will be used for children to enter and leave classrooms rather than through the cloakroom doors.
· Please follow all Welsh Assembly guidelines for people who are shielding or for pupils who have a medical condition that puts them in the ‘vulnerable’ group. Any children who are ‘shielding’ are unable to return to school at this time.
School based childcare ‘hubs’
Now that the ‘area’ hubs are to close, each school will provide for their key worker children. If your child is booked into the ‘hub’ - (i.e. it is not their week for the 4 days ‘check in and catch up’ in their respective classes) then you book this through Powys as before. Can I please remind you that the ‘hub’ is a sort of last resort for childcare and if your child is able to be looked after at home then this is the option you should take. If there is only 1 key worker then it is expected that there is someone at home to look after your child / children.
Children will not be able to access the ‘hub’ one day then be in class the following day. If it is not their week for ‘catch up’ in their own class then they will remain in the hub which will be separate from the classrooms.
For key worker children, please be mindful that if your child is invited as part of the group for the class based ‘check in and catch up’ sessions running from a Monday to Thursday then they will finish school at 3.30p.m. If you require childcare until 4.30p.m. then you must decline the offer to be part of the class and book in to the hub as normal.
We will be updated by Powys on a Thursday as to the children we can expect in the hub the following week and a register will be sent to us. If you have NOT booked through Powys then you will not be able to ‘just turn up’ in school to access this provision. Powys will decide who can / cannot access the hubs NOT the school.
Please do not send in ‘messages’ for staff on paper. All communication with the school should be through email or telephone.
You will be given times for your children to be dropped off and picked up. Please stick to these times as we don’t want classes to ‘overlap’ thus causing congestion.
The school will not be running as ‘normal’ and you must prepare your child for this. They will have limited access to parts of the school. The classrooms will look different and they will have to get used to ‘staying’ at their work station or in their bubble.
Having said this, we will endeavour to make their return to school happy and enjoyable. It will be lovely to see the children again and will give us a chance to ‘chat’ to them and find out all that they have been doing. It will also be lovely for them to see their classmates, chat to one another and generally ‘catch up’. As a staff we are looking forward to this.
We will continue to send out work for ‘home learning’ up until the end of term. If your child is in the hub or the ‘catch up’ sessions in class then they will be expected to complete some of this work and no work will be sent home for them for that week.
Although we cannot accommodate a parents evening this year, end of year reports will be provided based on what the children achieved when they were at school and, where possible, on the work that they have been undertaking at home, especially in ks2 where work has been returned for marking.
Can I say a big thank you to you as parents for your support during this crisis and for the work you have been doing with your children at home. A big thank you also for the staff who have risen to the challenge over the past months and worked hard to provide home learning and cover in the hub school. It is not something we have experienced before and I hope we never experience it again. Do take care and very best wishes - Lynne Jones

School re-opening letter

18 Jun 2020

Please click on the link
Re-opening school letter


17 Jun 2020

We have been asked by PC Skyrme to send the following link to all parents.  It is in relation to live streaming and vlogging !!!!!

Some really, really good information and advice to look over. Its brief and direct.


The IWF’s Online Child Sexual Exploitation: Examining the Distribution of Captures of Live-streamed Child Sexual Abuse research found that:

•96% of victims were girls.

•96% showed a child on their own, in a home environment.

•98% of images found were of children aged 13 and under.

•28% were aged 10 or under.

•The youngest child was aged just three years old.




schoolbeat.org - The All-Wales School Liaison Programme


Stay safe and well, hopefully see you all soon



School meals

17 Jun 2020

Dear Parents/carers,
As you know schools are planning to reopen from the 29th June 2020 with a phased approach for all pupils to check in and catch up. Following discussions with head teachers and the education service it has been decided that during the last 4 weeks of the summer term school meals will not be provided to pupils in schools to minimise risk to both pupils and staff. Therefore, it is requested that parents/carers make a packed lunch for their children whenever they attend their schools.
This will be effective from the 25th June 2020 when the Hub schools will close, and key worker children attend their normal schools.
Pupils who are entitled to free school meals will also need to bring in a packed lunch from home as these pupils will continue to receive the free school meal allowance through vouchers or BACS payment.
Diolch / Thanks,
Lee Evans
Swyddog Cyfathrebu ac Ymgysylltu
Communications and Engagement Officer
Ffôn/Tel: 01597 826023
Ffôn Symudol/Mobile: 07769 640058
Croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg / We welcome correspondence in Welsh 

Home to School/College Transport Policy

16 Jun 2020

The Learner Travel (Wales) Measure 2008 states that all local authorities have a duty to transport learners to their nearest suitable school if they meet the qualifying distance criteria.
The Council’s current Home to School Transport Policy was approved in 2018, however since its implementation in September 2019, it has become apparent that there is a need to further review the policy to reduce ambiguity in order to ensure that the policy can be applied consistently.
On the 9th June 2020, the Council’s Cabinet approved carrying out consultation on the draft policy. The consultation will end on 27th July 2020.
To respond to the consultation, you can:
Following the consultation, a Consultation Report will be prepared summarising the issues raised during the consultation period and the Policy will be updated as needed. The Consultation Report and the post-consultation version of the policy will be considered by the Cabinet in September 2020.
It is intended that the updated policy will be implemented from September 2021. 
If you require a printed copy of this document, or a copy in a different format, please contact the School Transformation Team on 01597 826277, or e-mail school.organisation@powys.gov.uk.

Latest Update from Powys CC

12 Jun 2020


Datganiad Newyddion / News Release
MR 1157

June 12, 2020
For Immediate Release
School-based emergency childcare hubs to close
School-based emergency childcare hubs are to close later this month as schools in Powys prepare to re-open before the end of the summer term, the county council has said.
Powys County Council is working with school leaders across the county to enable schools to re-open for a limited number of learners each day as part of ‘Check in, Catch Up, Prepare for summer and September’ – the Welsh Government’s next phase for schools in Wales which will start on Monday, June 29.
As part of the preparations, the school-based emergency childcare hubs will close on Wednesday, June 24.
For Thursday 25 and Friday 26 June, childcare will be offered by individual schools across Powys for their own pupils between 8:30am and 4:30pm.  This will be for the children of key workers and the vulnerable learners who are currently accessing childcare.  
From Monday, June 29, schools in the county will make childcare provision for the children of key workers who have used the emergency childcare hubs between the opening of the hubs in March and the end of May. This provision will be on school days only from 8:30am to 4:30pm from Monday,
Additionally, the children of schools’ staff will be able to join the childcare facility to allow their parents to work in schools. Vulnerable learners will also be able to access schools for the usual school day, and they will be informed by their schools.
For primary-aged children of key workers (who used the hubs between March and May) and the children of schools’ staff, parents will still need register online at www.powys.gov.uk/emergencyhubs until the end of the summer term.
Other learners will access as many days as schools are able to facilitate but parents and carers are being reminded that no more than 30 percent of pupils will be present at school at any one time.
Schools will determine the number of days and inform parents about which children will be able to attend on each day. School transport will be provided to those who usually use that service – with careful social distancing put in place on transport. 
For the period of the schools’ summer holidays, the council is currently exploring options to provide childcare for school-aged children of key workers. This provision will not be managed by school staff.
Cllr Phyl Davies, Cabinet Member for Education, said: “The school-based emergency childcare hubs have been invaluable since they were introduced at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and we are grateful to everyone who has worked in them for the extended days over the last 12 weeks – including weekends and bank holidays.
“As ever, our main priorities are the physical safety and wellbeing of our children, young people and staff across Powys.”
“We are now preparing for the re-opening of schools in Powys and this means closing the school-based emergency childcare hubs. Closing the hubs on Wednesday June 24 will allow school staff to prepare their school ahead of their re-opening as schools on Monday, June 29.”

MR 1157

Mehefin 12, 2020
I’w Ryddhau
Canolfannau gofal plant brys mewn ysgolion i gau
Mae’r cyngor sir wedi dweud y bydd canolfannau gofal plant brys mewn ysgolion yn cau yn hwyrach y mis hwn wrth i ysgolion ym Mhowys baratoi i ail-agor.cyn diwedd tymor yr haf.
Mae Cyngor Sir Powys yn gweithio gydag arweinwyr ysgolion ledled y sir i alluogi ysgolion i ail-agor ar gyfer nifer cyfyngedig o ddysgwyr bob dydd fel rhan o ‘Ailgydio, Dal i Fyny, Paratoi ar gyfer yr Haf a mis Medi’ – sef cam nesaf Llywodraeth Cymru ar gyfer ysgolion ym Mhowys a fydd yn ail-ddechrau ddydd Llun, 29 Mehefin.
Fel rhan o’r paratoadau, bydd y canolfannau gofal plant brys yn cau ddydd Mercher, 24 Mehefin.
Bydd gofal plant yn cael ei gynnig gan ysgolion unigol ar draws Powys ar gyfer eu disgyblion eu hunain rhwng 8:30am a 4:30pm ar ddydd Iau 25 a dydd Gwener 26 Mehefin.  Bydd hyn ar gyfer plant gweithwyr allweddol a dysgwyr bregus sy’n defnyddio gofal plant ar hyn o bryd.
O ddydd Llun, 29 Mehefin, bydd ysgolion yn y sir yn gwneud darpariaeth gofal plant ar gyfer plant gweithwyr allweddol sydd wedi defnyddio’r canolfannau gofal plant brys rhwng agor y canolfannau ym mis Mawrth a diwedd Mai.  Bydd y ddarpariaeth hon ar gael ar ddiwrnodau ysgol yn unig rhwng 8:30am i 4:30pm o ddydd Llun,
Hefyd, bydd plant staff ysgolion yn gallu ymuno â’r cyfleuster gofal plant i ganiatau eu rhieni i weithio mewn ysgolion.  Bydd dysgwyr bregus hefyd yn gallu defnyddio ysgolion ar gyfer y diwrnod ysgol arferol, a bydd yr ysgolion yn gadael iddynt wybod y trefniadau. 
Bydd angen i rieni cofrestru ar-lein yn https://cy.powys.gov.uk/canolfannaubrys
tan ddiwedd tymor yr haf ar gyfer plant oed cynradd gweithwyr allweddol (a ddefnyddiodd y canolfannau rhwng Mawrth a Mai) a phlant staff ysgolion.
Bydd dysgwyr eraill yn cael mynd i’r ysgol am gynifer y dyddiau y gall yr ysgolion eu derbyn ond dylai rhieni a gofalwyr gofio na fydd mwy na 30 y cant o ddisgyblion yn yr ysgol ar unrhyw un adeg.
Yr ysgolion fydd yn penderfynu ar nifer y dyddiau ac yn rhoi gwybod i rieni pa blant fydd yn gallu mynychu bob dydd.  Bydd cludiant ysgol yn cael ei ddarparu ar gyfer y rhai sydd fel arfer yn defnyddio’r gwasanaeth hwnnw – gyda phellter cymdeithasol yn cael ei ddilyn.
Dros gyfnod gwyliau haf ysgolion, mae’r cyngor yn ystyried opsiynau ar hyn o bryd i ddarparu gofal plant ar gyfer plant oed ysgol gweithwyr allweddol.  Ni fydd y ddarpariaeth yn cael ei rheoli gan staff ysgolion.
Dywedodd y Cynghorydd Phyl Davies, Aelod y Cabinet ar faterion Addysg: “Mae’r canolfannau gofal plant brys yn yr ysgolion wedi bod yn amhrisiadwy ers iddyn nhw gael eu cyflwyno ar ddechrau’r pandemig coronafeirws ac rydym yn ddiolchgar i bawb sydd wedi gweithio ynddynt ar gyfer y diwrnodau hirach dros y 12 wythnos ddiwethaf – gan gynnwys y penwythnosau a gwyliau banc.
“Yn yr modd ag erioed, ein prif flaenoriaethau yw diogelwch corfforol a lles ein plant, pobl ifanc a staff ledled Powys.”
“Rydym nawr yn paratoi ar gyfer ail-agor ysgolion ym Mhowys ac mae hyn yn golygu cau’r canolfannau gofal plant brys mewn ysgolion. “Bydd cau’r canolfannau ar ddydd Mercher 24 Mehefin yn rhoi’r cyfle i staff ysgolion baratoi eu hysgolion cyn eu hail-agor ddydd Llun, 29 Mehefin.”

Lee Evans
Swyddog Cyfathrebu ac Ymgysylltu
Communications and Engagement Officer
Ffôn/Tel: 01597 826023
Ffôn Symudol/Mobile: 07769 640058
Croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg / We welcome correspondence in Welsh 

Letter from Powys County Council

10 Jun 2020

Please click on the link to view the letter from Powys County Council.
School re-opening information

Return to school questionnaire

07 Jun 2020
Dear Parents,
Many thanks to everyone who has completed the questionnaire sent out at the end of last week. It will help to inform the first stages of planning for the end of June although I am sure there will be more in the coming days as more information is needed. If you have yet to complete the questionnaire, it would be really appreciated if you could do so before lunch time on Monday. The link to the questionnaire is below.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey


Powys Survey

05 Jun 2020

Dear Parents,
Further to my email yesterday regarding pupils returning to school on 29th June, I have just received a link to a Powys survey.  Please could you ALL fill in this survey and submit it to Powys.   I am sorry that I cannot give you clear guidelines for a return to school but things seem to be changing on a daily basis.  I will keep you updated as and when I receive information.   Hopefully things will become clearer in the next few days.
Best wishes
Lynne Jones

Return to School

04 Jun 2020

Dear Parents,
As you are probably aware, Kirsty Williams (Education Minister) has announced that children can return to school on 29th June 2020, and the term will be extended by 1 week and will end on 24th July 2020.
We will only be allowed to take in 33% of pupils at any one time, due to social distancing,  and to make this work, with the necessity for a deep clean between groups of children, we are looking at taking in groups of children for a 4 day stretch.   This means that your child will access school for about 5/6 days out of the 4 weeks.
The actual organisation of groups of children cannot be undertaken until we establish who is going to take up this offer, but I would endeavour to keep families together in the same week.
Another fact to consider is that home learning will continue  -  it is the well being of children that we are being asked to address when they come into school and the work they will complete will be the same as the work being sent home for home learning.
Please could you let us know if you wish your child/children to return to school this term by completing the form?  We would be grateful if you would complete the form for each of your children. Please click on the link below.
Return to school form
Obviously we are working on the information received so far which could possibly change.
If you could respond before Monday 8th June 2020 I would be grateful.
These are very uncertain times and I wish I could give you more positive news, but unfortunately this could be the mode of learning even in September.  Hopefully not!!
If you have any concerns do email me and I will try and address them as best as I can given the information we have at present.
I hope you are all keeping safe and well
Best wishes
Lynne Jones

Class 5 Home learning Letter 8

01 Jun 2020

Dear parents,
I hope that you have all had a good half term week and have been able to enjoy some of the glorious weather we have had. This week is the start of the last half term of the school year which seems strange since we have been away from school for so many weeks.
For the children’s home learning I have set some more assignments in the same format as before. These can be found on the Class 5 Llangors Teams page. Again, to complete everything in some of these activities may take more than one session to work through. Please look at the activities and choose the parts that you want to work on if you think doing everything will take too long. You can also spread things over a few days if you prefer and miss out activities towards the end of the week.
There will be voice over lessons for maths which I will add daily. A new spelling unit will be added each week for the children to work through and the word of the day files will be updated daily too. Spending a few minutes each day doing some work on the spellings will help children to remember the spelling patterns. The spelling star activities are good for this.
On the Class 5 Llangors Teams page you will also find some video messages for the children. One from me and one from the new mascot. Taffy was desperate to share the adventures of the half term week!
I hope you have a good week.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey
Below are links to the voice over lessons for today as well as the video messages from myself and Taffy.
Video message
Taffy’s half term
Y4 summer 6 day 1 Voice over lesson
Y5 Summer 6 Day 1 Voice over lesson

Year 6 Work Update

01 Jun 2020

Dear parent,
Year 6 work schedule is set up for the week ahead. An email was sent out last night. Can you remind your child to look at Teams, Mymaths and Giglets.
It looks like another hot day is ahead of us! 
Best wishes,
Mark Williams.

Year 6 Transition to Gwernyfed

27 May 2020


Could those children going to Gwernyfed in September please ensure that the One Page Profile document I sent to you is completed and returned to me  via mwilliams@llangorse.powys.sch.uk as soon as possible.  I hope to send them all to Gwernyfed at the start of next week.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine.

Best wishes,

Mr Williams

Activity Packs

26 May 2020

Please click on the link below for more activities to do at home if you need more inspiration.
Activities for home

Some activity ideas for half term

25 May 2020

Activity ideas
How to grow a rainbow
Fireworks in a glass
Fun with density
Lava Lamp

On at Hay today

22 May 2020

On at Hay Today,
 Please find below links to events on at Hay today.
Mr Godfrey

Liz Pichon


Here is your chance to meet Liz Pichon, the awesome illustrator/author of the Tom Gates series. She’ll introduce her new book about Tom, and there’ll be quizzes, readings and doodles from Liz.

Bali Rai


Learn about a little-known side of the Dunkirk evacuation story with bestselling author Bali Rai. Now or Never – A Dunkirk Story is part of the Voices series, which aims to showcase authentic, unsung stories of British history from the perspective of BAME protagonists. In this session, you will discover the tale of a young Muslim soldier during this crucial milestone of World War Two.

Michelle Paver


Travel back six thousand years into the Forest of the Stone-Age: a world of myth, menace, natural magic and exhilarating adventure. Michelle Paver reveals the secrets behind her bestselling Wolf Brother series and what’s next for Torak, Wolf and Renn in book seven: Viper’s Daughter.

Newsletter May 2020

21 May 2020

Llangors C in W School
19th May 2020
Dear Parents,
Election of Parent/Governor:
Last term (it seems so long ago now) we had an election for a Parent/Governor. I am pleased to inform you that Matthew Rees was elected as Parent/Governor and attended his first Governing Body meeting this week. Matthew is the parent of a child in the Reception class and is a past pupil of the school. We are very pleased to have Matthew on our Governing Body.
Coronavirus update:
I am sure that many of you are wondering when your children can return to school. News reports can be confusing especially as England and Wales are following different paths. A good place to find the latest information is on HWB. Your children all have log in details and you will be able to find the latest information here.
As a developing situation, there are no definitive answers. At present Kirsty Williams (Minster for Education) has stated that children will not return to school unless the Welsh Assembly Government feels it is safe for them to do so. She has also told schools that they will be given ample notice before children return to school - this will enable schools to be deep cleaned and staff given time to prepare for the return of children. As soon as I have any concrete news about the situation in Wales, I will let you know and give you plenty of notice of when our school will open. Powys are currently undertaking an evaluation of their Hub school provision for key worker children as numbers attending the Hub appear to be increasing. As I am updated about this, I will pass it on to you.
I hope that ‘home learning’ is going well and your children are able to access the work provided for them. Do remember to keep in regular contact with your class teacher who will be able to help and support you during this difficult and unprecedented time. I have spoken to all of our staff and they are very pleased with the work that the children are undertaking. It is difficult for us all, but rest assured, there will be an end to this and ‘normality’ will return.
I am aware that some parents are concerned about how their children will settle back into school and where will they be in terms of work and standards etc. We will be supporting your children back into school both in terms of work and well-being. Within the first weeks of returning to school, children will have a simple class assessment to establish a ‘baseline’ for their learning and moving forward, work will be tailored to their specific needs. As soon as normality returns, you will be amazed at how quickly your children will settle back into school and catch up with work - we look forward to that day.
As you are all aware, I have decided to retire this year (after 43 years in teaching). I am in the middle of writing a letter to you all and this will be with you very soon. However, I will still be the Headteacher until 31st August 2020 and so will be working hard to organise how we will support you and your children in the return to school. The well-being and education of your children will ALWAYS be my top priority.
Do take care and keep safe
Best wishes
Lynne Jones

On at Hay today

21 May 2020

Dear Parents,
Please see below the links for the events that are available from today at Hay Festival. I have included the links as well to make them easier to find. I hope you enjoy them. Yesterday, I watched Cressida Cowell talk about how she came up with her ideas for her stories and how she starts to write them. I am really excited about the release of her next book in September as it is the last instalment of the Wizard of Once series. It was amazing to hear her read part of the first chapter of this book. I can’t wait for it to be released.
I hope you enjoy the watching some of the events as much as I did.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey

Christopher Edge


Christopher Edge’s critically acclaimed fiction blends heart-warming stories with scientific knowledge. Following on from The Many Worlds of Albie Bright, his new book about time proves again that science can be thrilling and fun. Join him for an interactive event packed full of mind-bending facts and sensational science as he introduces The Longest Night of Charlie Noon.

Eloise Williams


Wilde is desperate to fit in at her new school, but strange things keep happening around her. When the witch from the old, local legend of ‘A Witch called Winter’ starts sending frightening letters to the other students, Wilde is the first to be blamed. A new spooky, contemporary story of witches and curses from the Children’s Laureate Wales.

Staff video message

20 May 2020
Dear Parents,
The staff have recorded messages to you and the children which have been put together in a short video. You can watch this by clicking on the link below. 
Special thanks to Mrs Henry-Davies for coordinating the idea and collating the messages, and to Mrs Quine's daughter for putting it all together. 
We all hope you enjoy the video.
All the Staff
Dear Parents,
The teachers have recorded messages to you and the children which have been put together in a short video. You can watch this by clicking on the link below. 
Special thanks to Mrs Henry-Davies for coordinating the idea and collating the messages, and to Mrs Quine's daughter for putting it all together. 
We all hope you enjoy the video.
Mr Godfrey
Dear Parents,
The teachers have recorded messages to you and the children which have been put together in a short video. You can watch this by clicking on the link below. 
Special thanks to Mrs Henry-Davies for coordinating the idea and collating the messages, and to Mrs Quine's daughter for putting it all together. 
We all hope you enjoy the video.
Mr Godfrey

On at Hay today

20 May 2020

On at Hay today
Here are some of the events available today at Hay Festival. I have included the links to the events below to make it quicker for you to find.
Mr Godfrey

Chae Strathie


If you’ve got a passion for horrible history, then join award-winning author Chae Strathie as he takes you back in time to ancient Rome to find out what life was like for kids. You might be picturing sunshine and togas, but think again! From washing clothes in wee to snacking on dormice and even fighting in gladiatorial combat, get ready for a hilarious, interactive trip back in time to discover all things raucous in Rome!

Pamela Butchart


Join Blue Peter Award-winning author Pamela Butchart as she returns to Hay for more laugh-out-loud fun.There’s plenty to giggle at as Izzy and the gang take on the Greek myths in Icarus Was Ridiculous – not to mention the hilarious stories Pamela herself has to tell! She might even need your help inventing a new one…
Other events that are available to watch include:

Cressida Cowell



Onjali Q Rauf



Konnie Huq



Emma Carroll



Children's Commissioner for Wales survey

19 May 2020

Bore da / Good morning,
The Children's Commissioner for Wales has created a nationwide survey for children and young people, to find out how they have felt during the coronavirus pandemic, and what effect it has had on their lives.
Could parents please either directly or using your social media channels complete the survey? Here are the links to the survey and social media posts:
English survey – https://www.childcomwales.org.uk/coronavirusandme/
Welsh survey – https://www.complantcymru.org.uk/coronafeirwsafi/
English tweet – https://twitter.com/childcomwales/status/1261674136692236293
Welsh tweet – https://twitter.com/childcomwales/status/1261675069295779841
English Facebook post - https://www.facebook.com/childcomwales/videos/2433698213588595/
Welsh Facebook post - https://www.facebook.com/childcomwales/videos/618453595681574/

Decision Framework

18 May 2020

Please click on the link to view the Decision Framework
Decision Framework

Powys Distance Learning Plan

18 May 2020

Please click on the link to view the Powys Distance Learning Plan
Powys Distance Learning Plan

Another week begins

18 May 2020

Dear Parents,
Welcome to another week. This week would have been the last week before the summer half term. Most of the end of year test would have been completed and we would be preparing for our trip to Hay Festival on Thursday.
We did have some great authors to go and see this week and I know that the children would have really enjoyed their day as they always do. Sadly we are not able to go this year but Hay Festival have gone digital and are holding a digital festival where you can watch and listen to authors. This also includes some ‘Free Films for School Children’ where they have posted author presentations that have been recorded over the past three years. The can be accessed here:
On this page you will be able to see all the recordings they have available and it gives you information about the ages the presentations were aimed at. One I am excited about seeing is the one by Kiran Millwood Hargrave, who wrote ‘A Way Past Winter’. We read this as a class book in class 5 and I know many of the children really enjoyed the story. I’ve included the link to this recording below.
I hope that you are able to find some time to watch some of these presentations. If you find one that you think is really good then please let me know and I’ll post it on the class Teams pages to let others know about it.
I hope you all have an enjoyable week.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey

Letter from the Chair of Governors

12 May 2020

Dear Parent,
I do hope this message finds you all in good health during these extraordinary times and aside from the homeschooling you are all managing to spend valued time with those closest to you. It has certainly been a time in which to reflect. With this in mind I write to let you all know that Lynne Jones has decided to retire from her role as our Headteacher. 
Lynne has not come to this decision lightly. Rather she sees the current circumstance in which we all find ourselves as an opportunity to consider what is right for the children of Llangors School. As we in Wales embark on a new and exciting National Curriculum Lynne comfortably feels this is a good juncture at which to step back from the School so that new and existing Staff can embrace this transformation.
As part of this parent community myself, we have all known that this day would inevitably come but as a Governor I want to reassure you that the ethos Lynne and her Staff have established for our children’s School will remain intact. The Staff and the Governors are resolute that the direction the School takes will always be to the benefit of our children. Familiar faces will be waiting at the school gate to welcome our children back to school when that day comes and as we move forward, we look forward to bringing new members into our existing exceptional team.
I will of course update you all with any further news in due course.
Stay safe and well.
Sara Alford
Chair of Governors.

Caring for teeth

08 May 2020
Dear Parents,

The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry have produced three child friendly videos to promote toothbrushing and prevention for children and young people.
The videos combine live action with computer animation. The aim is to give dental teams resources to share with parents and carers to inspire them to keep children’s teeth healthy. Particularly at this difficult time where access to dental care is limited.
Dr Ranj- NHS doctor, TV presenter, author and celebrity contestant on “Strictly Come Dancing”stars in these videos with his sidekick Supertooth – the voice of actor Gemma Oaten who rose to fame in TV soap Emmerdale. They guide children in different age categories on how to brush teeth. The videos are aimed at parents of children aged 0-3, 3-6 and 7+
0-3 https://youtu.be/owbp5F0K45c
3-6 https://youtu.be/lQE4xxk1r5g
7+ https://youtu.be/GHS27DHyIi0
I hope you find the above information useful.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey

Class 5 Home learning Letter 7

07 May 2020

Dear parents,
Thank you again for all the hard work that you have been doing at home with your children. I have enjoyed seeing the work that the children have been doing and hope that you are finding the lessons and resources that are available useful.
This week I have started creating voice over lessons to go with some of the maths resources. I hope that these have proved useful and that you have been able to access them without any difficulties. If they have been helpful, I will continue to produce similar videos in the future.
On the Class 5 Teams page there is an assignment called VE Day 2020. In here, there are a few resources and activity ideas to do on VE day. These are optional and for the children to complete if they are interested.
I will update the word of the day files with Friday’s words and the end of the week writing challenges for those children who would like to complete them.
I hope that you have a lovely weekend and that you are able to make the most of the Bank Holiday. I look forward to seeing some more of the work the children have been doing.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey

School Beat activity booklets

06 May 2020

Activity booklets launched by School Beat
More resources are also available on  our website at www.schoolbeat.cymru

Class 5 Home learning letter 6

04 May 2020

Dear Parents,
Welcome to another week. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Thank you again for all the excellent work you have been doing at home. I have seen some brilliant work and it is clear that the children have been working really hard.
I have set some new tasks on the Class 5 Llangors Teams' page. Again there are plenty of activities so that you are able to choose the activities that suit the way you are working. If you are still working on some of the activities that were set last week then please continue with these. This week, I will also be adding some video files that include an introduction to some of the maths activities. I hope that the children find these useful and clear. I will continue to add more throughout the week.
I will be adding some more My Maths activities this morning and there should be some more Giglets activities as well. Please work through these if this is your preferred way of working.

Again, some of the resources have a lot of pages and I would recommend not printing these out. The activities can be completed in the exercise book that was given out before school’s closed or on paper. If you need another book, please let me know and I will arrange for one to be available for you to collect from school. If you feel you need to print something, just select the pages needed and not the whole document. 


Similar to last week, some of the resources have differentiated activities where the children can choose the piece of work they think suits them and how they are feeling about the subject area. They don't need to complete all the activities. 

I hope that you all have a good week. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing some more of the excellent work the children get up to this week. 


Thank you again for your hard work. 


Mr Godfrey

Year 6 Work Update

03 May 2020

Please check you emails tomorrow morning for you child's weekly work programme, and remind  them to look on Teams, Giglets and My Maths for their tasks.
Best wishes,
Mark Williams

Letter from Powys County Council

01 May 2020

Please click on the link to view the letter
Letter from PCC

Year 6 Work Update

28 Apr 2020

I hope everyone in your household is well.
Well done everyone for the work so far, especially the My Maths tasks. 
There  is still quite a lot of the Giglets work to be completed, so could we have a big push to try and complete the tasks this week, both the Reading Test Questions, and the HOTS, Higher Order Thinking Skills. Remember the two texts are : Rainforests, and British Goblins, Welsh Folklore, Fairy Tales and Legends.
Your children need to access the texts via the Library and read the book first. This way they are continuing their reading, undertaking a simple comprehension and developing their skills of deduction, a key Upper Key Stage Two task.
I appreciate that much work has been done on the four topic tasks I set on: Two contrasting rivers; the Water Cycle; properties of solids,liquid and gases; and a Caring World. Thanks for some lovely Powerpoint presentations. Some of that work has been done in the exercise books that I left you, and I hope to see it in due course.
In the meantime could you ask your child to either send me the work via Team or to my email;
or if the work has been completed in the exercise book, let me have a quick note, saying which topics have been completed.
From next week, I shall be sending out work weekly, via email, to parents. The children will be able to access tasks through MyMaths, Teams, and Giglets, as usual. In this way I hope everyone will be well and truly in the loop. 
In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact me via my email.
All best wishes,
Mark Williams

Class 5 Home learning letter 5

27 Apr 2020
Good morning,
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are keeping safe and well. Thank you for all your hard work at home with your children last week. It was great to see the work they have been doing. 
I have set some new tasks on the Class 5 Llangors Teams' page. Again I have set a lot of activities so that you are able to choose the activities that suit the way you are working. If you are still working on some of the activities that were set last week then please continue with these. For example, the Talk for Writing resource is designed to be completed over a few weeks so it is fine to still be working it. I will be adding some more My Maths activities this morning and there should be some more Giglets activities as well. 
Again, some of the resources have a lot of pages and I would recommend not printing these out. If you feel you need to print something, just select the pages needed and not the whole document. 

Similar to last week, some of the resources have differentiated activities where the children can choose the piece of work they think suits them and how they are feeling about the subject area. They don't need to complete all the activities. 
The radio blogging is continuing this week (https://radioblogging.net/). If you are listening to this, remember that this would count as the English for the day.
I hope that you all have a good week. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing some more of the excellent work the children get up to this week. 
Thank you again for your hard work. 
Mr Godfrey

Class 4 Update

22 Apr 2020

Dear Class 4 parents,
I hope you are all well and are continuing to enjoy this fabulous weather.
On Monday you should have received this week's activities via email.
Could I remind you that tasks are also posted on Teams which can be accessed via Hwb. There are comprehension, art and DT activities posted on there at present.
Giglets, TTRS and My Maths continue as normal.
   Your child can share work with me through my school email or through hwb. Thank you to all the children who have shared their work with me. I have received some briliant space Powerpoint presentations! 
If you have problems please email me at claire@llangorse.powys.sch.uk
Many thanks,
Claire Henry-Davies

Year 6 Work Update

20 Apr 2020

Hope everyone had a nice Easter under the difficult circumstances we all operate under.
Just a little update and a few requests for this week for your children.
My Maths work is set for the week. The theme is properties of shape. I set this work for each week, with a deadline, before we move onto the next topic. So do try it this week. Carry on with TT Rockstars. Remember your goal is to learn all your times tables up to 12  x 12 by the time you finish at Llangors.
Giglets. There is still quite a lot of work unstarted on the Rainforest, and Goblins books. Please read the books in the Giglets Library, and then move on to the comprehension tasks. I am keen to move onto our Macbeth topic as soon as possible.
The four Teams topics. I'm sure many of you will have finished the short topics in the exercise books I  gave you. All four should be completed over the next couple of weeks. In order for me to have a look at the work, and give feedback please could you  reproduce some of you work and send to me through Teams or as an email on Hwb. I'm really looking forward to reading that work.
Keep working hard, but above all else stay safe.
Best wishes,
Mr Williams.

Class 5 Home learning Letter 4

20 Apr 2020

Dear Parents,
I hope that you all had a good two weeks over Easter and that there are still at least a few Easter eggs left over!!
Thank you for your hard work at home with your children. It has been great to see the work the children have been completing. Please continue to share the work they have been doing either by sharing the documents, handing them in on Teams or emailing pictures of them to me.
I have created a set of assignments for the children to work through on the Class 5 Llangors Teams page. Using the assignments should give the children an easy way to share work they complete if they would like to. I have included several days’ worth of resources and activities to help you to be able to plan out and choose the things you would like to work on. I’m not expecting that you complete everything that has been set as I have deliberately set more to give a bit of choice. Again, the important thing to do is to try to get a balance of activities and subject areas throughout each day. However, if your child is really enjoying something and spends longer completing an English activity for example, then it is also OK not to complete any maths that day and spend more time doing maths on another day. Keeping a record of what you do each day can help to keep track of the different areas you have covered. You could use the recording sheet attached to this email if you find it useful or you could create your own.
With some of the resources there are some differentiated activities where the children can choose the piece of work they think suits them and how they are feeling about the subject area. There have been a range of new resources created to help support home learning and I have tried to make use of some of them. Please let me know how you get on with these resources as I will keep using them if you find them useful. Some of the resources have the answers at the end. This is to help you save time in letting your child know how well they’ve done. They could also self-mark their work.
One resource I have come across is https://radioblogging.net/
Every weekday morning at 9.30am, Pie presents on RadioBlogging.net This is a free internet literacy radio show aimed at KS2 that includes language games, creative writing and guest input from famous authors such as Frank Cottrell-Boyce. The programmes are interactive – the children write during the programme and afterwards. All of the shows that have been broadcast are available to listen back to online at RadioBlogging.net
I thought this looked really interesting and would be worth a look. If you complete this in the morning then this would count as your English for the day.
There will be new spellings set each week and I will also update the word of the day each day. I will continue to set work on My Maths and I will post on the Teams page when these are available. Times Tables Rock Stars is still up and running and it would be a good idea to use this regularly to help with the recall of facts. I’m planning on using Giglets less to begin with and use other resources for comprehension. If you would prefer something set on Giglets then please ask and I’ll do this for you.
There are several of the resources that include a lot of pages of information as well as worksheets. Please don’t print off the whole document as that would use a huge amount of paper/ink. There may be some pages that you might want to print off (if you have a printer) but printing the whole documents shouldn’t be needed. The majority of the activities can be completed without printing.
If you have trouble accessing any of the resources, then please let me know.
Keep safe and well.
Mr Godfrey

Raven Drama

05 Apr 2020

Raven Drama newsletter  please click on the link to read the newsletter.

Emotional Health and Wellbeing contact list

02 Apr 2020

Emotional Health and Wellbeing Services in Powys
Central Contact Information for Children, Young People and Families
Please click on the link below
Emotional and Wellbeing contacts list

Year 6 Giglets Work Update

30 Mar 2020

Dear all,
For the avoidance of any confusion, the last Giglets work was the book called "Rainforests", and I have uploaded several tasks on the latest: "British Goblins, Welsh Folklore, Fairy Tales and Legends."
When your child logs into their Giglets account, they may be presented with many book covers, which they worked on as Year 5's. Ignore these and only work on the two I have set. Remember to submit to me for marking.
Best wishes,
Mark Williams

Class 4 Update

30 Mar 2020

Dear parent/guardian,
Hope you are all well and keeping safe.
Outlined below are the activities for this week. As I stated last week it is up to you how you choose to organise the day but in school we usually cover language and maths in the morning and history, R.E. geography, science, P.E. art or music etc. in the afternoon. I have addressed the lessons to your child.
The Iron Man
  1. Retell the story, or a section of the story, from the point of view of the Iron Man.

For example, imagine you are the Iron Man walking towards the cliff, seeing the sea for the first time. What was he thinking? How was he feeling? He steps off the cliff unaware of what will happen to him and he crashes to the ground in pieces. He struggles to put himself back together but is unable to find all his body parts. What a terrifying experience but the Iron man doesn’t seem very concerned.
You may choose to write about him falling in the trap, covered in soil and buried for many years. How might he have felt? How would you feel in that position? Laying underground until eventually breaking free and spoiling a family picnic?
Do you think he  would have felt scared, alone, tricked or hurt?
 We know that the Iron Man has feelings: his eyes blaze different colours, depending on emotions.
You could choose to write about the battle between the Iron Man and the SBAD. Did he mind being taken apart, shipped to the other side of the world and reassembled? He must have been very concerned. What if one of the boats carrying a part of him sank? Would they be able to put him together again?  How did he feel facing a monstrous space creature? Was he confident or terrified?
       Don’t forget paragraphs and punctuation!
  1. Make a chart to describe the Iron Man’s emotion and the colour of his eyes. It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember the colours just make up some colours and match it to the appropriate emotion.

  1. Watch the film “The Iron Giant” or clips on YouTube. Draw up a list of similarities and differences between the book and the film.

  1. Log onto Giglets and complete the work set.

Unfortunately, I am still unable to access Hwb but the children can email any written work to me at my school address.           Claire@llangorse.powys.sch.uk
Same format as usual, year 4 to learn 15+ year 3 8 or more. Spelling test is on a Friday. I would be grateful if you could keep a record of the scores.
Silent letters
The same as last week but an extra table for each year group.
Year 3 this week learn 3x and 4x
Year 4 this week learn 2x 3x  4x and 5x
Write them out, cover them over and recite. Learn the reverse facts as you will need to recall these facts on TT RockStars.
Parents could you test your child on these tables once a week. Thank you.
Continue with any revision of the following,
 2d/3d shapes,
 ordinal numbers,
place value,
placing numbers on a scale,
 addition and subtraction with carrying and borrowing,
 multiplication facts,
inverse operations,
rounding to the nearest 10,100, (1000 year4)
 fractions (finding fractions of quantities).
I have added ‘My Maths’ to the learning program. All children have tasks to complete.
Watch these clips on BBC bitesize.
 Continue with your space research. If possible, create a book of all the space facts you can collate. This week find out about our solar system.
Concentrate on the planets; find interesting facts that make them differ from other planets. Here are a few facts I found,
Jupiter has 79 moons.
Neptune is the smallest gas planet.
Uranus lies on its side.
The clouds on Venus are made of sulphuric acid.
 A year on Venus is shorter than a day on Venus!
Watch this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXOanvv4plU  Listen carefully to the music, shutting your eyes can help you concentrate, just like our music sessions!
How does the music make you feel?  It is a very powerful piece of music. Draw a picture of the images that come into your mind when you listen to this. Write a couple of sentences to describe your feelings.
Find out some information about ‘The Planets’ by Gustav Holst.
Find some ‘environmentally friendly’ junk e.g. cereal boxes, card, cardboard rolls etc. and make an Iron Man. Paint him if you can and choose an appropriate colour for his eyes. Keep him safe because when we return to school we will use our circuits to give him ‘light-up’ eyes!
Ongoing throughout the coming weeks is the diary and the imaginary journal.
In addition, reading and any mental maths ‘quizzes’ would be great!
Claire Henry-Davies

Free School Meals Update

28 Mar 2020

Dear Free School Meals Parents
Please see the link below from Jason Rawbone (Professional Lead Catering & Cleaning) which gives new information regarding FSM. 
Free School Meals

Catch up from Mr Williams

27 Mar 2020

Dear all,
I hope you are all well and have been able to access some of the tasks for the last week. The My Maths tasks are set on a weekly basis. Well done to everyone who has already completed this weeks' tasks. Please don't forget Giglets, because this will provide some structured reading and comprehension. There is also the spelling work established under Teams. Do keep the assignment work going too. I have had a few problems accessing hwb myself from home, soon to be resolved, but keep the assignment work going and try to do one topic each week and I'll check as soon as I can. There will be more to come as necessary.
 Above all stay safe and if any problems emerge, lost passwords etc, please email me on mwilliams@llangorse.powys.sch.uk 
Best wishes,
Mark Williams

Blank Timetable attempt 2

27 Mar 2020


Blank Timetable

27 Mar 2020


Home learning Update for Class 5

27 Mar 2020

Dear Parents,
I hope you have had a good week and that you have found the work that has been set useful and engaging for the children. I will continue to update the Class 5 Llangors Teams posts page each weekday next week with ideas, tasks and information about work that has been set on other online platforms.
Please see these tasks as something that you can do with your children but not as something that you have to do. As long as, each day, the children are managing to complete some reading, writing, maths and something creative (all in relatively small doses) they will be learning. Again, keeping to a regular structure each day will help their days (and yours) go more quickly.
As an additional idea for keeping track of what the children have been doing, I will be sending a blank timetable. The idea of this is to record the different things your child does each day. This could be filled in by you or your child. I have been using this at home with my children and it helps to reassure them (and me) that they have done a range of different things each day but also if there is a box that hasn’t been completed, it is a good reminder.
I hope you find this useful. If you do make use of it, please feel free to share it with me at the end of the week. It would be great to see the different things the children have been getting up to.
Please remember to keep checking the Class 5 Llangors Teams page for updates and ideas. Also, if children have shared their work with me, I have added a comment to their documents which they will be able to read when they open it. In addition to this, I have given some feedback to all the work that has been ‘Turned in’. I’m not sure if the children get a notification that this has been done so please remind them to have a look if they are interested.
I won’t set anything new over the weekend although I will keep an eye on my messages if you have any questions. Enjoy the weekend.
Mr Godfrey

Letter from Lynne Jones - Please read

24 Mar 2020

Llangors Church in Wales School

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Dear Parents



I write to update you on the recent news from the LEA about arrangements to care for the children of key workers.  For tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday they are to come to their local school  -  please continue to bring a packed lunch.

From Friday they will attend a HUB school.   There is a designated school in each Cluster.

Gwernyfed Cluster           Llyswen Primary School (Archdeacon Griffiths C in W School)

Brecon Cluster                  Priory C in W School

Crickhowell Cluster          Crickhowell Primary School


You should have received an email this afternoon asking you to register which setting you wish your child/children to attend.  Llangors staff will be covering the Llyswen Primary school setting.  These centres will provide 3 meals a day and will be open from 8a.m. until 6p.m. and will cover week-ends as well.


Although I am not totally in favour of Hubs, this is the choice for Powys and many local authorities.  It does not sit easy with me to put so many children together in a setting where they will be exposed to a high number of staff and other pupils.  Therefore I ask you to only send your child to these HUBS if there is no other form of childcare available to you. 

I want to stress that the whole staff at Llangors are 100% in favour of providing cover and support for your children and will do so gladly.  We envisage that this will increase not decrease but we are totally committed.  It’s just a shame that it is not in our local school.  Be that as it may, don’t forget to register before tomorrow evening.  If you think you have not received the email then please get back to me and I can resend it.

Times are worryingly difficult,  but I am sure that we will get through this by working together.   Thank you to all key workers for putting themselves on the front line.

Do take care and try and stay safe


With best wishes

Lynne Jones


URGENT - Key workers ONLY

24 Mar 2020

Dear Parents
Please read the following information regarding childcare for Key Worker children.  There is a link at the bottom where you must register online by Friday at the latest to ensure your child will have a place. The link is highlighted in blue.
If you have any problems you can contact the school tomorrow.
Kind regards
JS Freeland

March 24, 2020

For Immediate Release


Emergency childcare hubs


Emergency childcare hubs will be operating from 13 locations across the county from this Friday (27 March), Powys County Council has said.


School sites in the county will remain open until Thursday, March 26 but only for children of critical workers and the most vulnerable children.


The hubs, which will provide childcare to support critical emergency workers, NHS staff and social care workers as well as the county’s most vulnerable children, will also operate at weekends.  The hubs will operate from 8am to 6pm.


To access provision from Friday, March 27 to Friday, April 3, critical workers will need to register their child at their nearest emergency childcare hub by filling in an online form by 9pm on Wednesday, March 25.


As part of the arrangements, meals will be provided to children three times a day and transport will be arranged for children to get to the hubs and back home.


Cllr Phyl Davies, Cabinet Member for Education and Property, said: “The advice to parents is clear – if your children can stay safely in their home, they should.


“However, critical workers will still need to have safe care arrangements for their children.  These emergency childcare hubs will be providing a vital service to support critical workers and our most vulnerable children.


“Our school sites will remain open up until Thursday as emergency childcare facilities but then they will close and these hubs will become operational from Friday onwards.


“I want to thank all professionals at our schools for their commitment during this extremely difficult period.”


The emergency childcare hubs are based in:


School cluster area – Emergency childcare hub


Brecon – Priory C. in W. School, Brecon

Builth Wells – Newbridge-on-Wye C. in W. School

Crickhowell – Crickhowell C.P. School

Gwernyfed – Archdeacon Griffiths C. in W. (A) School, Llyswen

Llandrindod Wells – Llandrindod Wells C.P. School Cefnllys

Llanfair Caereinion – Ysgol Gynradd Llanfair Caereinion

Llanfyllin – Ysgol Gynradd Llanfyllin

Llanidloes – Llanidloes C.P. School

Presteigne – Presteigne C.P. School

Machynlleth – Ysgol Bro Hyddgen – Primary Campus, Machynlleth

Newtown – Ysgol Dafydd Llwyd, Newtown

Welshpool – Welshpool C. in W. Primary School (Howell Road Site)

Ystradgynlais – Ysgol Dyffryn y Glowyr, Lower Cwmtwrch


To register your child, go to https://tinyurl.com/Emergency-childcare-hubs




Lee Evans

Swyddog Cyfathrebu ac Ymgysylltu

Communications and Engagement Officer

Ffôn/Tel: 01597 826023

Ffôn Symudol/Mobile: 07769 640058


Croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg / We welcome correspondence in Welsh 




Mae'r e bost hwn ac unrhyw atodiad iddo yn gyfrinachol ac fe'i bwriedir ar gyfer y sawl a enwir arno yn unig. Gall gynnwys gwybodaeth freintiedig. Os yw wedi eich cyrraedd trwy gamgymeriad ni ellwch ei gopio, ei ddosbarthu na'i ddangos i unrhyw un arall a dylech gysylltu gyda Cyngor Sir Powys ar unwaith. Mae unrhyw gynnwys nad yw'n ymwneud gyda busnes swyddogol Cyngor Sir Powys yn bersonol i'r awdur ac nid yw'n awdurdodedig gan y Cyngor.

This e mail and any attachments are confidential and intended for the named recipient only. The content may contain privileged information. If it has reached you by mistake, you should not copy, distribute or show the content to anyone but should contact Powys County Council at once. Any content that is not pertinent to Powys County Council business is personal to the author, and is not necessarily the view of the Council.

Please see information attached - FYI

24 Mar 2020

Please click on the links below.
Support and advice
Looking after yourself and advice

Contact Details for Mr Williams

23 Mar 2020

Dear Parents,
A couple of teething issues today.
Any children's  work to be sent to Mr Williams, or child enquiries about work,  need to be sent to Mr Williams' Hwb email account   -   WilliamsM1989@hwbcymru.net    -  I can then answer as quick as I can.
Any other enquiries to mwilliams@llangorse.powys.sch.uk.
Apologies to a couple of queries that I haven't answered. Our school work dialogue will only work if we use hwb.
Hope this all makes sense, and hope you had a good day.
Mr Williams       PS Yes, all the work sent home is homework; yes, feel free to decorate the exercise books; maths workings to be done in the book, and well done everyone for keeping their reading going. 

Class 4 home learning update

23 Mar 2020

Dear parent/guardian,
As I expected I am unable to send this from home. I will email it tomorrow, 23.3.20, from school. Apologies for the delay.
Outlined below are the activities for this week. It is up to you how you choose to organise the day but in school we usually cover language and maths in the morning and history, R.E. geography, science, P.E. art or music etc. in the afternoon. I have addressed the lessons to your child.
The Iron Man
1. Consider the actions of the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon in the last section of the story. Write a letter of apology from the dragon to the people of earth for causing so much mayhem and distress. We know that the SBAD is not an evil creature; in fact he is the opposite. Imagine you are the SBAD. What would he be feeling? Sorrow? Dismay? Exhaustion? Loneliness? Empathise with the character.
Think about the correct letter format, paragraphs, punctuation etc. Write and re- draft. You can illustrate if you wish.
2. Did the ending of the Iron Man surprise you?
Consider what has happened so far in the story; think about the characters, especially Hogarth. What could have happened to him? Perhaps the Iron Man couldn’t be reassembled, maybe one of his body parts got lost, he could have melted on the fire… There are so many things that could have gone wrong!
Write an alternative ending to the book. Don’t forget paragraphs and punctuation!
If the children write these on Hwb and send them to me, I am hoping that I will be able to receive them. At present, there are a few technical glitches!
2. Cartoon strip.
Fold a piece of plain A4 into eighths, divide it with a ruler and make a cartoon strip. Retell the story in comic form. You will probably need more than one sheet. Remember speech bubbles…do the writing before you draw the bubble! You can also use thought bubbles.
For those children who have been absent I will leave a copy of the text at reception for you to collect. If you are self isolating please inform Mrs Freeland.
Alternatively, you can find The Iron Man by Ted Hughes online.
Same format as usual, year 4 to learn 15+ year 3 8 or more. Spelling test is on a Friday.

Class 4 Home learning Letter

20 Mar 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,
In these unprecedented circumstances, I will endeavour to provide some learning experiences so that your child will continue to learn and build on their progress so far this year. However, I do not want to inundate you with tasks or cause any stress at home in what is a difficult and worrying time.
Every child has a purple book. On the inside front cover are a list of user names and passwords.  These will allow access to shared sites.
Here are a few activities that will be ongoing throughout the school closure.
If possible, please encourage your child to read every day whether it is a book, magazine, comic, holiday brochure or cereal box! Ask them to read aloud to you, their siblings, the dog, it doesn’t really matter as long as they are improving their fluency, expression and building their confidence. Take it in turns to read to maintain their interest if the text is difficult. If you are able, ask them questions about the story/ nonfiction facts, e.g. the plot, characters, outcomes etc. to ensure they are comprehending the text.
As an on-going project, I would like the children to keep a diary for recording daily events. They could include activities they have done throughout the day, describe what they ate, viewed online/TV and include any interesting/exciting events. In addition, I would like them to record their feelings and thoughts. I would like to know how they spend time at home; perhaps they will learn a new skill or learn how to play a game.
 A couple of lines, or more, will suffice and they could include an illustration, newspaper cutting, photograph or anything of interest. I envisage a ‘scrapbook of thoughts’. I will be sending home a purple ‘diary’ book today.
To run alongside this I would like your child to keep a diary of an imaginary place, we have discussed this today. It could be a tropical island, a space station, a mountain summit, a cave, an army camp, a tent in the jungle etc.  The location is entirely their choice. I have sent home a yellow/orange book for this activity.
For those children not in school I will leave the books at reception for you to collect. Alternatively, children can use a notebook of their own.

I will email you weekly spellings but please don’t worry or put your child under any stress to get them all correct it’s just to create some to maintain some continuity with school life. However, you will have to test them every Friday!


The password and login details TTRS are on the password list. We have worked on TTRock Stars today. I would like your child to continue working on this at home. It is great for practising table facts and good fun! I will be able to monitor their progress and increase the difficulty each week, depending on their progress.
Other maths activities that will be set include My Maths but not for the forthcoming week.
I will email the week’s activities to you on Sunday or Monday morning.
Most tasks will be completed online and the children can either email or share on Hwb…once my account is sorted!
I wish you all well during this uncertain time. Please contact me if there are any problems.
Best wishes,
 Claire Henry-Davies

Statement from Welsh Government

20 Mar 2020

Please click on the link to view the statement.
Statement from Welsh Government

Work Programme for Class 6 over coming weeks

20 Mar 2020

Dear Parents, 
I am writing to you to share with you the work organised for your children over the coming weeks. I have produced a plan for two weeks before, and two weeks after the Easter holidays. There will be a range of activities, tasks and ideas to help keep their days as structured as possible.
Most work will be delivered through Hwb and Office365, which the children are familiar with through their  normal school work. The children will find tasks in the Class 6 Llangors Team. The children have their Usernames  and passwords for the online platforms we use. Any problems, please let me know.
Reading and comprehension work - Please encourage your children to read each day. Additionally, they will have access to Giglets next  week to develop their comprehension skills, a key component of the KS2 curriculum.
Spelling practice -  The children will have access next week to spelling activities through Teams. They can also access Spell Blast on J2e, accessed through Hwb.
Assignments - I have posted 4 general assignments on Teams for the children to work on in line with topic work that we were about to start on. These will provide the children with a chance to research and collate information from a range of sources and develop their writing and presentation skills. I am not expecting anything quite as elaborate as the excellent history topics they produced, but these are expected to be pieces of work of some depth. I suggest they tackle one topic each week. This work can be produced online or in the exercise book provided for your child.
Maths and Numeracy - This work will be set using My Maths essentially, but also Times Tables Rock Stars. I have timetabled 5 themes for five lessons each week in line with what we would have accomplished in class. I will also send home maths sheets for your children to undertake.
Children can share their work with me by sharing it with me on my Hwb account - WilliamsM1989, or uploading to to the assignment section on Class 6 Llangors Team. Alternatively work can be sent to my school email account, (or any other enquiries) to mwilliams@llangorse.powys.sch.uk . Please feel free to share any other work with me.
I would suggest that you try to keep your child to a routine each day, some reading, a maths activity, some spellings, Giglet activity and some written topic work, but all in relatively small doses. A regular structure will help sustain their learning.
Please don't hesitate to contact me with any problems.
Best wishes,
Mark Williams
Class 6 Teacher

Information for Year 2 parents

20 Mar 2020

Dear Year 2 Parents
As we will be away from school for some weeks, I have prepared a list of activities that you could do with your children. I have outlined a basic example of what a typical school day could look like. If you could do an hour of maths and an hour of English and an hour of topic a day then that would be great but do not worry if you are unable to spend this amount of time with your children, as there are many activities that your children could do on their own.
If you have any queries or would like some advice, you are welcome to contact me or Mrs. Dando on
maree@llangorse.powys.sch.uk       or
I hope all will be well for you and your family. Hope to see your children back to school in the not too distant future.
Best wishes
Jean Hudman
An example for an outline of your day
Morning session 1
Choose an English activity (writing or reading)
Morning session 2
Choose a maths activity
After lunch
Topic activity
Writing Activities
  • News diary – Write about what they have done the previous day.

Where they have been, what they have done, what they saw etc.
Remember to begin with a capital letter, end with a full stop, use different sentence beginnings, use interesting words and to use connectives to extend your sentences like and, because so, but, while which, although etc. They can make up their news if they want. They can use their imagination!  They can also illustrate their news,
  • Nature diaries- once a week the children can go outside and write about what they can see in nature. Maybe a bird that they saw or a new flower or snow on the mountains etc. They write at least 2 sentences and draw a picture.

  • Research a wild animal – make a topic about 1 wild animal – what they look like, their young, what they eat, how they move, where they live etc. Then illustrate.

  • Write a letter to a relative or friend telling them what they have been doing and asking them about what they have ben doing.

  • Handwriting practice copying words neatly – remembering to write tall letters, small letters and letters with tails.

  • Learn to spell 10 new words every week

  • Make up a poem with rhyming words

  • Write a story about a trip into space. – Remember to draw a story map with pictures first.

  • Make an invitation to invite children to your birthday party or any other event – remember to include where it is, date, time and who it is from. (You could use the computer for this)

  • Write a book review of a book that you have recently read.

  • Make a poster to advertise a new brand of dog food etc.

Reading activities
Try and read for at least 10 minutes every day with your child.  As a little extra, I am trialing out Giglets for two weeks beginning 29/3/20.   Please have a go at accessing the account using your child’s details provided and let me know if you are able to do so.  It may not work as an on-line resource to parents, but I will try to assign one book each week to groups.  I will assess this after two weeks and decide whether to continue or not.
Maths Activities
  • Ordering numbers to 100 or 1000 – 54, 71, 13, 27 etc.

  • Addition and Subtraction to100 or 1000. 32 + 7, 25 + 36,  143 and 27 etc.

                                                                           29 – 6,  42 – 17,  154 – 26 etc.
  • Addition of coins

  • Money problems – I have £1/£2. I buy a pencil for 26p and a pen for 38p. What change will I have?

  • Data handling

       Favourite Animals
  • What is the most favourite animal?
  • What is the least favourite?
  • 2 more children like pigs …
  • 3 more children like cats – can you change the graph?
  • Which is the most favourite animal now?
  • What is the least favourite now?
  • Can you add rabbits to the bar chart? There are 6.

  • Draw lines with a ruler. 8cm, 3cm, 12cm etc.

  • All analogue time – 5past, 10past, ¼ past, 20past, 25past 1/2past, 25to, 20to, ¼ to. 10to and 5 to.

  • Digital time – what is the analogue time for 10:15, 3:30, 4:00, 4:45

Change analogue to digital. What is the digital time for 5:30 etc.

  • Fractions of shape -

Colour in ¼ etc
  • Fractions of number.

What is ½ of 30 etc.
What is ¼ of 20 etc. – halve and halve again.
  • Number doubles – double 2, 8, 10 18 36 etc.

  • Money problems – Tickets cost £2 how much do 7 tickets cost

                                       I pay £8 how many tickets did I buy?
  • Complete a sequence 46 – 56 – 66 - __  __  __

                                            36 – 47 – 58  __  __  __ etc
  • 3 + 6 = 6 + __, 20 + __ = 18 + 5,       70 – 30 = 40 + __

  • Problems involving money - 2 cakes cost 30p. How much do 6 cakes cost etc.

  • Sharing money. Add up some coins and share between 4 people.

12p shared between 6,       20p shared between 5 etc.
  • 1 ladybird has 6 spots. How many spots do 5 ladybirds have? Etc

  • Which 2 numbers make 20, 50, 100 etc.

  • Counting in steps of 2,5,10,

  • Say your 2,5,10,3,4,and 6 times table. Try and do each in 20 seconds.

Topic activities
  • Outdoor walk – find 10 things that are pointy etc

  • Make a newspaper outfit

  • Mini Olympics

  • Talent show

  • Foot golf

  • Make a collage

  • Make a card for a friend and post it.

  • Learn a new song (or make up your own)

  • Make paper aeroplanes and measure how far they fly.

  • Make a lego _________

  • Plant flower or vegetable seeds.

  • At the same time every day, measure the temperature outside your house. You could record this in your nature diary.

  • Make up a board game or play with one that you have at home.

  • Wash the car for mum or dad.

  • Play ‘shop’ with a friend.

  • Build a rocket with old boxes. (Don’t use too much tape!)

  • Bake some cakes or make a pizza

  • Look back at old photos of your family

  • Take photos of different flowers or trees that you find on your walk and try and find their names.

  • Phone a friend, parent or grandparent – make a list of what you want to tell them.

Also there will be ‘My Maths’ homework sent out each week. Hopefully all children will be able to access this.
Passwords will be sent out again with the children. If you have lost these please email me and I will resend them.
Also later on in the week I will send a list of child friendly websites which the children can look at.

Class 5 Home learning Letter

20 Mar 2020

Dear Parents,
To help support your children at home during the coming weeks, I will be setting work and activities for your children to complete. There will be a variety of activities, tasks and ideas to help keep their days as structured as possible.
I will share the work and tasks for the children to do through Hwb and Office365. The children are familiar with using this to get resources and access work as we have been using it for our spellings each week this term. The children will find tasks and resources in the Class 5 Llangors Team. The children should have their usernames and passwords for the different online platforms we will be using. If they don’t have them or they lose them, please email me and I will be able to reset their password etc.
The activities will include reading, writing, spelling, maths, projects and ideas for creative work.
Reading tasks will be set using Giglets. The children will be able to access different books to read as well as tasks related to the texts.
Spelling tasks will be set in the same way as they have been so far this term. The children can access the spelling lists, presentations and activities through Teams. They will also be able to access Spell Blast on J2e (accessed through Hwb). The children know which ‘book’ they are working on and should continue to work through the units as they appear. There is also a document called spelling stars which has a variety of different activities that the children can work on in order to practise their weekly spellings.
Writing tasks will be posted on the Class 5 Llangors team. These may be sentence focused tasks or longer writing tasks such as writing a poem or creating an information text.
Maths tasks will be set using My Maths and Times Tables Rock Stars. I will post messages on the Class 5 Llangors team page to let the children know they have tasks to complete. They can of course use these at any time.
Projects and creative tasks will be posted on the Class 5 Llangors Teams page. These will be more open-ended tasks and ideas for the children to work on. Your access to resources may impact your child’s ability to complete these tasks and that is OK.
Sharing work
Children will be able to share work with me by sharing it with my Hwb account (GodfreyG2) or uploading it to the assignment section on Class 5 Llangors team. If your child completes any other activities that they would like to share with me, that would be great. They will just need to share their work with me on Hwb
My intention is to see how this set up works over the next few weeks and review how successful it is. Please feel free to contact me using the email below if you have any questions or if something isn’t working. Over the weekend, I will try to create some documents for parents for how to use the online resources that the children will be using so you are able to help them if something doesn’t work properly.
Structuring the days
I would suggest that you try to keep your child to a routine. Each day the children should complete some reading, writing, maths and something creative. All in relatively small doses. Keeping to a regular structure each day will help their days (and yours) go more quickly and help to sustain their learning.
I hope this information helps to set out how your child can access a variety of learning resources. Please email me if you have any questions.
Best wishes,
Mr Godfrey                                                                                                   ggodfrey@llangorse.powys.sch.uk

School meals and parent pay

19 Mar 2020

Dear Parents,
Please be assured that all unspent school meal balances will be returned to your ParentPay Parent Account automatically, without the need for you to make an individual request. This will be completed as part of our school closure process. To help our staff cope at this challenging time, we would ask that you do not make individual requests to the school which risks delaying completion of this process, unless you have an outstanding query with your child’s account. We are liaising with ParentPay directly and expect to have this completed promptly. We will confirm when the funds have been returned to your ParentPay Parent Account, should you wish to then make a withdrawal.
Powys Catering

Urgent letter regarding the Corona Virus

19 Mar 2020

Mes Bach Pre-School
Llangors church in Wales School
19th March 2020
Dear Annwyl Parents,
As you are aware the Government has closed the schools, due to the spread of Coronavirus but the Nursery's, are remaining open.  
Mes Bach will remain open next week up until the 4th April where it will be shut for the Easter holidays.
Please can you let staff know if you will be attending Nursery in the coming weeks.
We will keep you posted with any developments with shutting, as and when we know
Thank you for your cooperation at this exceptional time.
                                                  Cofion Cynnes
Cath Gore
Setting leader

Urgent - School closure

18 Mar 2020

Dear Parents
An announcement has just been made by Kirsty Williams (Minister of Education Wales) that schools are to close from no later than Friday 20th March 2020. Please see the link below for details.
We will be open as normal tomorrow and Friday and will close at 3.30p.m. on the Friday.
The teachers will be sending work home for the children to complete, either through paper copies or on HWB. There will also be links for older children to GIGLETS, MY MATHS and TT ROCK STARS.
I will be keeping up with school emails so if you have any concerns or queries whilst the school is closed please do not hesitate to email the school and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
It is difficult to predict how long this closure will be but we must be hopeful that the effects of COVID 19 will improve so that we can get back to normal.
In the meantime take care and stay safe.
Best wishes
Lynne Jones

Urgent notice - School meals

17 Mar 2020
Dear Parents,
I have just been notified by Powys Catering that they are unable to provide dinners in school tomorrow and possibly for the rest of the week.  This is due to the fact that Mrs Price, our school cook, is away from school due to health problems and there is no cover available.
I have expressed my dissatisfaction  with this, but I am unable to do anything about it at this point.
Therefore, please could your provide your child/children with a packed lunch until further notice.
Yours sincerely
Lynne Jones

SPYM Junior Orchestra

17 Mar 2020

Dear Primary School
Some of your pupils had signed up to our Junior Orchestra workshops, starting tomorrow. Sadly, in the light of today's advice from the Government that we should avoid all unnecessary travel and gatherings in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, SPYM has taken the decision to cancel tomorrow's and subsequent Junior Orchestra workshops. 
I am so sorry this is such short notice, but I am sure you and the parents concerned will understand. We will of course be offering full refunds.
Thank you for your continuing support. 
Best wishes
Sally Morris (Administrator) southpowysyouthmusic@gmail.com 07814 277723
Tim Cronin (Musical Director) 07779 658635

News Letter 16.03.20

16 Mar 2020

Llangors Church in Wales School

Monday 16th March 2020


Dear Parents


Due to the current situation with Covid-19 the following events have either been cancelled or postponed until further notice.


  • Wednesday morning Playgroup
  • All Cross Country events
  • Welsh Eisteddfod at school
  • PTA Bingo


We are also asking for all the Eisteddfod miniature gardens to be taken home by the end of this week.  If your child catches the bus please make arrangements to collect them before the end of the week.


Many thanks

New guidance from Powys - Letter attached

16 Mar 2020

Llangrannog update

15 Mar 2020

Dear all,
As you can imagine, we have been closely monitoring the situation regarding Llangrannog. Llangrannog are still open for business.
Some schools have decided to postpone their trip and have been offered an alternative date at the beginning of May. However, Hay Primary and Ysgol Y Mynydd Du (Talgarth) feel the same as us and have decided to continue with the trip on Monday.
After considering the risks, there will now be around 60 pupils there instead of approximately 180, so in fact, it will be safer and a much smaller group than before – smaller numbers than school!!
Schools have not been ordered to close yet and we do not feel that it is likely to be so until at least the end of next week.
Also, according to reports, the virus is due to peak around May, so we are worried that it will end up being even more serious if we delay.
Staff are happy to still go and take the children on Monday.
Llangrannog have assured us of the extra precautions they are taking, regarding cleanliness, and have ordered extra soap, sanitiser etc which will be accessible to all.
If a child or adult becomes ill when away, we will be asking parents to come and collect their child and following the procedures set out in Friday’s update.
Unless Llangrannog change the situation, we are still planning to go as normal.
Obviously if we hear anything to the contrary, we will be in touch.
Best wishes and see you on Monday,
Mr Godfrey

LLangrannog 2020

13 Mar 2020

Llangrannog 2029 – 16th March -18th March 2020
Dear Parents,
We set off for Llangrannog on Monday! Hopefully it will stay dry while we are there. Children should arrive at school at the normal time with their bags, wearing clothes suitable for our trip. They should leave their bags in the hall before heading to the classroom. Miss Barber or I will be there to meet you. Once they have dropped off the bags, they can head into school as normal.
Any medicines and money need to be passed to Miss Barber or myself in the morning. If your child needs any travel sickness medication, please make sure they bring some for the journey home. I will keep this safe until we leave on Wednesday. In terms of money, up to £10 has been more than enough in previous years. There is a shop where children can buy some souvenirs of the time away.
We will be leaving school at around 9:15am on Monday morning. We should arrive at Llangrannog for lunch before beginning our activities in the afternoon. Lunch is provided by Llangrannog so the children don’t need to bring any lunch with them.
I will send out Schoops to keep you updated about what we have been up to each day.
On Wednesday, the plan is to leave at around 1pm. This should mean we arrive back at school at around the end of the school day depending on traffic although in previous years we have been later than this. Again, I will keep you posted through sending Schoops to let you know our estimated arrival time.
I hope you have a happy weekend packing!
Mr Godfrey

Information re Llangrannog

13 Mar 2020

Dear parent
Just to give you some information regarding Llangrannog next week. 
Refunds and deposits
If you are able to provide a medical certificate regarding any underlying health issues within the family you should be able to receive a full refund.
If however, you decide not to send your child for peace of mind, then you will be able to have a refund of £100 meaning you will lose your deposit.
Control measure for Covid-19 while at Llangrannog
If a child or adult shows symptoms associated with the Covid-19 they will be isolated in a room away from others.
Parents will be contacted and requested to collect their child.
101 will be called and the guidance from them will be implemented.
  • Other measures in place
    • Extra hand washing facilities;
    • Hand sanitiser distributed throughout the centre;
    • All high risk areas (door handles etc.) are to be disinfected throughout the day;
    • Children reminded to wash hands regularly.

If your child feels unwell over the weekend, please don’t send them into school.

Newsletter - Please read

13 Mar 2020

Llangors Church in Wales School

Friday 13th March 2020
Dear parents
Due to the current climate regarding COVID-19 we are trying to restrict as many activities as possible which include people coming into school.  Therefore I have taken the decision to cancel next Thursdays Eisteddfod until further notice.
I think this is a sensible precaution in the light of guidance received.  We will keep you informed of any further changes.
Yours sincerely

Lynne Jones


Love British Food

11 Mar 2020

Newsletter 10.03.20

10 Mar 2020

Llangors Church in Wales School
10th March 2020
Dear Parent


We had a wonderful day in school last Tuesday and Wednesday and would like to thank all the children for their efforts.  Da Iawn!   The display of craft is fantastic and will be on display in the corridors and classrooms so please feel free to come and have a look any morning or afternoon.
If you would like a chance to see the children perform you are welcome to come to the Eisteddfod concert which will start at 1:30pm on Thursday 19th March at the school.  The children will be performing a class recitation, class singing and the prize winners will also perform.

Velindre Chicks Appeal
Once again we will be selling Easter chicks in school on behalf of Velindre Hospital.  You will be please to know they are environmentally friendly and are no longer wrapped in plastic. These are now on sale at a cost of £1 each, and are available from the school office as well as in class.

PTA Bingo Night

Friday 27th March - Eyes down at 6.30pm Llangors School Hall.

Please support the school by coming along to the PTA Bingo night.  Great prizes for all!

Donations gratefully received. 
Yours sincerely
Lynne Jones

Year 6 - Griff's Story

09 Mar 2020

FYI - Bingo Friday 27th March

05 Mar 2020

Newsletter 02.03.20

02 Mar 2020

Llangors Church in Wales School

Monday 2nd March
Dear Parents
Parking and Speed
Could we please remind you not to ‘park’ in the bus bay or drop off bay.  If you pull up in the ‘Drop off Zone’ you should not get out of your car.  This area is a drop off and move on zone only. This needs to be kept clear for the bus and for parents who pull in, children get out and then drive off again.
There has been several cars actually parked on the Zebra crossing.  This is extremely dangerous for the children crossing.  The crossing is there to enable the children to cross safely, they cannot do this if there is a car parked across it.  If you are wanting to walk your children into school then please use parking spaces available.
Speed is also an issue.  Regardless of the time of day, we are a school and children may be arriving or departing at any time, therefore please drive slowly.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd March) we will be holding our St David’s Day Eisteddfod where all pupils sing and recite on the stage.   Please could your children dress up in traditional costume Rugby shirts or Cub, Scouts, Brownies uniform can also be worn.
If your child would like to play their instrument for Eisteddfod please ensure they bring it to school tomorrow.

Mes Bach (only) will be performing on Wednesday morning so please come in traditional costume on Wednesday.
Many thanks
Lynne Jones

Online Safety

02 Mar 2020

Guidance on Coronavirus

27 Feb 2020

Guidance from the Welsh Government on the Corona Virus can be found on their website at the following link - https://gov.wales/guidance-educational-settings-about-covid-19
Please see the Public Health Wales website for the latest advice. The relevant link is attached below: https://phw.nhs.wales/topics/coronavirus/

FYI - Sanctuary for Refugees

27 Feb 2020

If you are interested and would like to donate food items or toiletries to the Sanctuary for Refugees please bring them into school by Thursday 5th March.  Many thanks


Swimming after half term

13 Feb 2020


Dear parents


The consent letter you received this evening will need to be brought back into school tomorrow.  This is to provide the swimming instructor with information regarding any special needs.  Even if your child doesn't have any needs this form still needs to be completed and returned or your child will not be able to take part.

Swimming for the Year 1 (Ms Quine) and Mr Williams’ class Y6 will start on the Monday 24th February 2020 (the first Monday back after half term).  The cost for transport and lifeguard will be £12.70 for the 5 weeks. Please pay via Parent Pay. If for any reason your child is unwell I will refund payment for the session missed.  Please ensure your child brings their swimming kit with them on Monday 24th February, shorts must be above the knee. Any queries please contact the school. Thank you

FYI Hockey

11 Feb 2020


10 Feb 2020

Young musicians in South Powys

10 Feb 2020
There will be three workshops after half term, open to young musicians in South Powys. The workshops are open to all, whether they are members of SPYM or not, and instrumentalists in school years 3 to 7 are welcome. 
The dates are Tuesday 17th March in Elim Church, Brecon, Saturday 21st March in Ysgol y Bannau, and Tuesday 24th March in Elim Church again. The workshops will run from 10am to 2pm, and on the final day there will be a concert for family and friends at the end.
SPYO in concert with Brecknock Sinfonia on Sat March 7th in Brecon Cathedral
SPYM SPRING CONCERT on Wed March 25th at Brecon High School 
Sally Morris (Administrator) southpowysyouthmusic@gmail.com 07814 277723
Tim Cronin (Musical Director) 07779 658635

Llangors Multi Activity Centre - Half Term

07 Feb 2020

Parents Evening

05 Feb 2020

Parents Evening

05 Feb 2020

School Community Police Officer

05 Feb 2020


Afternoon All,

I am just sending this email out of concern more than anything. In no way is this meant to be a platform to instruct anyone how to parent and marshal app access and usage.  Last week,this week and next week I am focusing on junior schools in our area all 21 of them. I am delivering to year 5/6 and 3/4. I have been taken back so far, by the amount of pupils all over the county utilising social media apps such as Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram etc from the lower year age groups 3+4. We ask the young learners to be SMART online, and I will say whilst most are very good at recognising correct ways to deal with online threats, many still have access to these platforms.

These platforms are predominantly for 13 years old plus.  These platforms allow chat with persons unknown to them, friend requests from unknown people etc. We wouldn’t allow them to talk to strange people in the park or unknown people out and about in general. Can we just ask ourselves, is it essential that they have these platforms. If the answer is “ NO” then please can we explain that they have no need for them until they are of the age whereby they are building their own resilience and understanding of the threats that are posed to our young people by these platforms.

If anyone has concerns at all I am happy to talk to parents. Some great internet tips and app advice exists on the NSPCC website, Thinkyouknow.co.uk and other online outlets that like us all want to keep your little learners safe.




PC Geraint Skyrme 224

Swyddog Heddlu Cymunedol Ysgolion

School Community Police Officer PC Geraint Skyrme 224

Swyddog Heddlu Cymunedol Ysgolion

School Community Police Officer

Heddlu Dyfed-Powys Police

Ffon/Tel: – 101 ext 50500 or 999 in an emergency Mobile: 07970 614207

Ebost/Ebost:  geraint.skyrme@dyfed-powys.pnn.police.uk



                   Heddlu'n diogelu plant Cymru trwy addysg atal troseddu
Police safeguarding the children of Wales through crime prevention education



                   Heddlu'n diogelu plant Cymru trwy addysg atal troseddu

Police safeguarding the children of Wales through crime prevention education




Nid yw'r e-bost hwn nag unrhyw ffeiliau a drosglwyddir gydag ef o angenrheidrwydd yn adlewyrchu barn Heddlu Dyfed-Powys. Bwriedir yr e-bost ar gyfer y person neu'r sefydliad a enwir uchod. Os derbyniwyd yr e-bost hwn trwy gamgymeriad, dylid hysbysu'r anfonydd a dileu'r e-bost oddi ar eich system os gwelwch yn dda. Os na'i fwriadwyd ar eich cyfer chi ac nid chi yw'r cyflogwr na'r asiant sy'n gyfrifol am roi'r e-bost i'r derbynnydd bwriadedig, fe'ch hysbysir gan hyn na chaniateir i chi ddefnyddio, adolygu, lledaenu, dosbarthu na chopio'r e-bost ar unrhyw gyfrif. Archwiliwyd yr e-bost hwn ac unrhyw ffeiliau a drosglwyddir gydag ef am firws. Serch hynny, dylai'r derbynnydd hefyd archwilio'r e-bost a'r ffeiliau sydd ynghlwm am firws oherwydd nid yw Heddlu Dyfed Powys yn derbyn cyfrifoldeb am unrhyw ddifrod a achosir gan unrhyw firws a drosglwyddir trwy gyfrwng yr e-bost hwn.
This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are not necessarily the view of Dyfed-Powys Police. It is intended only for the person or entity named above. If you have received this e-mail in error please notify the originator and erase this e-mail from your system. If you are not the intended recipient or the employer or agent responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, review, dissemination, distribution or copying of the e-mail is strictly prohibited. This e-mail and any files transmitted within it have been checked for all known viruses. The recipient should still check the e-mail and any attachments for the presence of viruses, as Dyfed-Powys Police accepts no liability for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this e-mail.
Mae Heddlu Dyfed-Powys wedi ymrwymo i ddiogelu?r rhai hynny sydd fwyaf agored i niwed. Rydym yn gweithio gydag eraill i fynd i?r afael ag ymddygiad sy?n tanseilio cymunedau cryf, cydlynol ac rydym yn falch o wasanaethu?r trefi a?r pentrefi mwyaf diogel ar draws Cymru a Lloegr*. Os ydych o fewn Sir Gaerfyrddin, Ceredigion, Sir Benfro neu Bowys a bod arnoch angen ein cymorth, rydym eisiau clywed gennych - mae gofalu amdanoch yn bwysig i ni.
*Troseddau fesul pob poblogaeth o 1,000
Dyfed-Powys Police is committed to protecting those who are most vulnerable. We work closely with others to tackle behaviour which undermines strong, cohesive communities and, are proud to serve the safest towns and villages across England and Wales*. If you are within Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire or Powys and need our help, we want to hear from you ? We care.
*Crimes per 1,000 population


04 Feb 2020

Newsletter - Eisteddfod 2020

04 Feb 2020

Llangors Church in Wales School

Tuesday 4th February 2020



We break up for the half term holiday on Friday 14th February 2020 and we return to school on Monday 24th February 2020.  Our St David’s Day will be on Tuesday 3rd March and the Cookery and Craft competition day will be Monday 2nd March.   It is good this year that it falls a week after half term which will give you an extra week in which to complete the crafts etc.

For those parents not used to our Eisteddfod, there are 2 cookery and 3 craft items to make at home and bring to school on Monday 02.03.20.  Please ensure your child’s name and class is on each item.  In school your child will be learning a poem and welsh song, doing art work, handwriting, illustrating the national anthem, writing a poem and writing a short story.  If pupils enter all of the ‘home’ competitions then they will get extra points for their house.

The competitions are as follows:

Cookery:          6 welsh cakes on a plate (no more or less than 6 please)

1 whole Bara Brith (recipes are available from school if required)


Craft:               Make a miniature Garden (no bigger than 30cms x 30cms)

                        A decorated picture frame

                        A landscape collage


On Tuesday 3rd  March 2020 we will be holding our St David’s Day Eisteddfod where all pupils sing and recite on the stage.   Please could your children dress up in traditional costume for this day.   Rugby shirts can be worn.

 Later on in the term we will hold a ‘Welsh Eisteddfod Concert’ for parents.


Yours sincerely

Lynne Jones


Half Term activity booking form

03 Feb 2020

Please click on the link below for the Half term activities booking form.

Mountain Biking Half term

03 Feb 2020

Half term Multi-Sport Camp

03 Feb 2020

Half Term Multi skills camp

03 Feb 2020


St David's Day Menu

30 Jan 2020

We need your batteries

30 Jan 2020

We are still collecting batteries for the Amazon competition.  Please ask friends and family and bring any spent batteries into school.  We have already filled two boxes so have another two in the main reception at school.  Please see the poster below.

Abergavenny writing Festival 300 word writing competition

29 Jan 2020





Open to students from Year 3 to Year 13

Send in your hopeful words!

All submissions and queries to:




(This is a really important bit – without it we won’t be able to find your submission and link it to you when we have judged your words of hope!)















I am in Year



I have read and understand and accept the Terms and Conditions as outlined:


If you are under 14 years of age, please ask a responsible adult / parent / carer to sign and send on your behalf





Permissions form for ENTRANTS for the


We would love to display the work of our entrants for this competition where we can!  However, due to all things courteous (and GDPR) we need your permissions to do so!

Please could you complete this form and return it to us at:


Without this, we will not use any entrant details or writing.

We hope to create a display of our young writers’ work – especially during the presentation on Saturday 4th April at The Chapel, Abergavenny. Local press may also be running articles and we would like to share work where we can, with them – as well as online and with a proposed digital publication of entries (which will be made available on request).


(please circle / delete where appropriate)

                            Please complete


Entrant’s name:


Yes / No

School attended:


Yes / No

Year in school:


Yes / No

First line of entry / title:


I am happy for details (names, entries) to be used online with appropriate websites / in local press /during the festival and at the presentation / digital publication of young writers work. I have deleted options where appropriate.


Yes / No

Signed:  Parent / Carer / Responsible adult if entrant under 14 years.




Parent / Carer / Responsible adult print name





VE Day Art Competition

29 Jan 2020

Head lice - PLEASE READ

24 Jan 2020

Head Lice

If everyone does this during half term there is no reason for us to have any cases of head lice when the children come back after half term.  Please Please check your child's hair during the holiday.

Can we please ask that everyone checks and treats (if needed) their child’s hair as soon as possible and to continue to be especially vigilant with combing and checking daily so we can eradicate head lice from school.  

I have attached a PDF document produced by the Welsh Assembly, ‘The facts about head lice’. 


Thank you

Lynne Jones



24 Jan 2020


23 Jan 2020

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