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ICT equipment 10/07/2020

10 Jul 2020

Powys have been in contact regarding ICT equipment that we have loaned out to parents.
They have requested that the equipment be returned to schools.  If you have borrowed digital equipment from the school, could you contact the school to arrange returning the device.
You can call the school or email on office@rhayader.powys.sch.uk
Many thanks
Rhayader Primary School

School opening information 09/07/2020

09 Jul 2020


FSM information

07 Jul 2020

For your information.

Urgent information regarding childcare hubs 24th June 2020

24 Jun 2020

Urgent information regarding childcare hubs 24th June 2020

School opening times 29th June

23 Jun 2020

Please see the link about school opening times.

Information about transport

22 Jun 2020

Information about transport

Diabetes information

19 Jun 2020


Frequently asked questions from Rhayader Primary School 19/06/2020

19 Jun 2020

Please use the link to see the frequently asked questions document from Rhayader Primary School.
Sorry it appears blunt, but we want to make parents crystal clear about the standards we are setting to make the school as safe as possible for the children and staff.

Update from Powys County council

17 Jun 2020


School opening information

17 Jun 2020

Please find attached the school opening information for the 29th June.
We will be sending out a frequently asked questions document on Friday 19th June 2020 to help answer anymore questions that you may have.
Rhayader Primary School Staff

Information about the HUB closure at Cefnllys School

16 Jun 2020

Sorry please find an updated version.

An information pack to support your family with the return to school.

09 Jun 2020

This has come from Powys County Council.  
Many thanks
Rhayader Primary School

Information about School opening

09 Jun 2020


Update to parents- 4th June

04 Jun 2020

Please find attached information moving forward.

Update from Kirsty Williams

03 Jun 2020

Many of you will have heard the news from the Education Secretary of Wales. I would like to ask parents to be patient with the school now while we wait for more guidance from Welsh Government, we are expecting this next week. We will keep you informed as much as possible as we work through the logistics of making the school safe for both staff and pupils.

Letter to Year 6 pupils

20 May 2020

Please find attached a letter to the Year 6 pupils.

Update from Powys County council

02 May 2020


Digital equipment

28 Apr 2020

Welsh Government has stressed the importance of collating this information so that the right support can be given to families. Please only complete the questionnaire if you haven't completed it already.  We need to find ways of making digital equipment available to all.


FSM update

27 Apr 2020

Dear Parents/carers,

As an update to providing free school meal allowance, we have been processing many supermarket vouchers which are being sent to you by email. These vouchers will be sent on a fortnightly basis, the next vouchers will be emailed to you on the 4th May 2020. Click on the link to find a useful guide on how to use the vouchers: https://sodexo-engage.com/p/48OT-A0V/free-school-meals

For those who have opted to have a bank payment and have completed the online form on the Powys County Council website these payments are being processed and will be paid into you bank account. There is currently a back log of applications waiting to be processed, this is due to eligibility checks having to be done, please bear with us.

Parents/carers will only receive either a supermarket voucher or a bank payment not both.

If you have any questions or have not been contacted about Free School Meals, please contact our team on 01597 826660 or email cashless.catering@powys.gov.uk

A letter from the staff

24 Apr 2020


Uploading photos

23 Apr 2020

Mrs Davies (Dosbarth Colomen) has kindly put together this guide for parents on how to upload children's work onto google classroom.
We hope this helps.  We will also be sending out further support for home learning as soon as possible.

Update for Parents

22 Apr 2020


As it stands there has been no clear guidance as to the expectations of home learning.  They are going to be rolling out waves of information when are they are finalised by Welsh Government, although we are not clear when this is going to take place.  One of the key focusses is going to be ‘Emotional well-being’.

One of the main concerns is the lack of digital equipment that some families have access to.  This is something that is being investigated by Powys County Council and they are looking at ways that they can loan electrical equipment to these parents, but again this is not clear.

In terms on ‘Distance Learning’ we are in discussions with other Headteachers in our cluster to coordinate an approach that meets the needs of our learners.  We hope to have more information for you early next week.

The teachers have added work onto their chosen platform for the children to work through and we hope that you are finding this helpful.  We appreciate the challenges of home life and we can only ask you to do what you can.  While this work has been prepared for you, please try and spend time with your family. Cooking, reading together, playing a board game are just as beneficial as the work that the teachers are putting online for you.  We are just trying to provide some structured learning for the children.

We are looking at introducing ‘My Maths’ to support maths teaching at home.  Staff will be in touch with parents to send more information about this early next week.

If you are finding times challenging at home please get in touch with the school and we will do our best to get in contact with you and see what we can do to support.  Email the school on office@rhayader.powys.sch.uk

We hope that you are all safe and well.

Rhayader Primary School Staff

Further support

21 Apr 2020

Hopefully this will support you moving forward.

HWB support

20 Apr 2020


Hopefully this will help parents to understand how to log into Hwb.  We are still waiting for Welsh Government to provide us with guidance going forward.  From the questionnaire that I sent out the other day, many of you wanted resources to be posted out to you.  Unfortunately, this is not possible as we are all being advised by Welsh Government to stay at home.  We can appreciate how challenging this is as many of us have young family's at home and we are trying to facilitate home learning with them.

We will hopefully be able to update you later on today.

Letter to parents

15 Apr 2020

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We wanted to let you know that we are all working hard to make sure that all children can access home learning.  These are unprecedented times and many challenges still lay ahead.

We are still waiting for Welsh Government to outline what they think is the best way to learn moving forward.  As it stands, Welsh Government want everything to be completed digitally.  We understand for some families this is going to prove a challenge due to lack of broadband, lack of digital equipment and possibly a lack of confidence in using technology.

The online way of teaching is something that we use to support learning in the classroom.  It is not the sole way we teach the children, so for us this is something that we must adapt to and adapt to very quickly.  Most teachers have had a limited amount of training on Hwb and Google Classroom, but we are doing our very best.  To be able to complete work online it is going to take some patience from teachers, parents and children.  The children are used to completing their work on paper.

To the parents contacting the school regarding their children’s Hwb login’s, I do try and get back to you as soon as I can.  Please resend me an email if I have not got back to you yet using the office email which is office@rhayader.powys.sch.uk.

Again, I can only ask for your patience while we are all trying to adapt to the new situation.

Kind Regards

Rhayader Primary School Staff

7/4/2020 update

07 Apr 2020

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We hope that all the children and yourselves are coping well at home.  The staff are missing the children and hope that we will all be back together again soon.

I would like to thank parents for their understanding during this difficult period.  You have been very supportive of the school and shown patience.  This has been very much appreciated.

The staff have worked really hard this term and in particular the last 5 weeks.  Even though the school has been closed for just over two weeks, staff have been supporting the HUB at Cefynllys to make sure key workers are able to go to work. 

With Easter in mind, I have asked staff to take a week’s break so that they can recharge their batteries in preparation of the next challenge, home learning.  There are many difficulties ahead in making sure that all children are able to access the same learning content (online or pencil and paper method).  We are hopeful to have more guidance from Welsh Government moving forward and we expect this early next week. So, over the next week, staff will not be adding be adding anymore online content for home learning.  

I will continue to monitor emails as much as possible and respond when I can.  I appreciate that some parents are still waiting for refunds and I will continue to chase this up for you.

I hope that you all have a nice Easter.

Mr Lewis

Acting Headteacher Rhayader Church in Wales Primary School


FSM update for parents

06 Apr 2020

Dear Head Teachers,
Our teams are currently in the process of contacting all parents and carers of entitled free school meal pupils. This is to check that we have their contact details correct prior to issuing any vouchers or payments.
We have a Tesco voucher scheme set up, which we know will not suit everyone, however we are also in the process of also setting up a Pay Point “cash out” scheme,  where parents will receive a voucher via SMS or email which they will be able to cash at a local pay point store (for cash).
 If neither of these options are suitable, then parents will be able to contact the Income & Awards Team on 01597 826345 and request a payment to their bank accounts. Parents will receive £15.00 per week per child, this will include this week (30th March – 3rd April) and also over the Easter break period. Then ongoing fortnightly. Voucher queries can be made on 01597 826660, although all parents will be contacted by our team.
 The Pay Point voucher scheme is taking a little longer to set up and should be available within 1-2 weeks, but we are pushing to get this set up as quickly as possible. Our teams are working hard to get this arranged ASAP.

Update from the Minister of Education

01 Apr 2020


Well-being information

01 Apr 2020

Please see attached document regarding emotional health and well-being available to all.  

Llangrannog refund

31 Mar 2020

Dear parents/ carers

I have been chasing LLangrannog about refunds for parents.  After trying to speak to them for a week, I have finally managed to speak to someone there.  They have asked us to send information to them regarding refund amounts for each child.  Nicola in the office (who has been self-isolating with her family for 14 days) is currently working on this as we speak and this information will be passed onto them today.  Once they receive this information they will then do a BACS transfer to the school funds account.  They said they would hopefully do this by the end of the week.

Once the funds are received by the school we will be able to refund you.  I am sorry that this refund has not happened as quick as you were hoping, but it has not been through a lack of effort our side. 

As you aware school is currently closed and we are checking emails and responding to them when we can.


Mr Lewis


ALN update

31 Mar 2020

Information for parents regarding ALN assessments.

Information for parents

31 Mar 2020

Information we have been sent to the school that we have been asked to forwarx on to parents. 

Welsh Government Advice

26 Mar 2020


Lesson ideas

24 Mar 2020

Some ideas for the children to complete at home.

Update for Parents

24 Mar 2020

 The link I was given was incorrect in the document, so please read the following information below: -
If you have already completed the survey, unfortunately you will need to do so again using the following link.  Please read the information again to make sure you are a Key Worker.
To register your child, go to https://tinyurl.com/Emergency-childcare-hubs
There will be staff from the school there on all of the 7 days, so the children will at least know one adult from Rhayader Primary School.

Information for parents

23 Mar 2020


Letter from Powys County Council

20 Mar 2020



20 Mar 2020

Please find attached information for parents about critical provisions for next week.  We appreciate the support you have given us during this challenging time.  Staff will be continuing to provide updated learning content for your children moving forward, but as the Easter holidays has been brought forward, we as a staff recommend that you spend time with your children and reassure them that things will eventually get back to normal.

Home learning support

19 Mar 2020



17 Mar 2020


16 Mar 2020



16 Mar 2020



15 Mar 2020


Weekly Newsletter 13th March

13 Mar 2020


Eisteddfod program

12 Mar 2020



06 Mar 2020


Draw your mum

05 Mar 2020


Certificates Assembly

04 Mar 2020

On Friday we will give out certificates for Eisteddfod competitions instead of our normal 'Star of the week'.  The standard was very high.  Well done all.  Tea/coffee and cake will be available to purchase for a small donation of £1.  This will go towards funding the buses for our Folly Farm visit.


03 Mar 2020


Party Packs

03 Mar 2020


National Deaf Children's Society

03 Mar 2020


Holiday form

28 Feb 2020



28 Feb 2020


St David's Day- change to lunch menu

24 Feb 2020


Lunch menu Feb-March

24 Feb 2020



21 Feb 2020

We have some concerns about attendance currently at the school.  Please see attached information regarding the importance of children regularly attending school.  As you can see our School target is 95%.  In the Autumn term our attendance was 93%, which is below the target set by the Education Welfare Office.  This term we have currently 93% attendance, we need the support of parents/ carers to help us meet our target.

English Stream - Gwalch Bach - Miss M Jones

14 Feb 2020


School Eisteddfod

06 Feb 2020



31 Jan 2020


English Stream - Gwalch Bach - Miss M Jones

31 Jan 2020


Important information

27 Jan 2020



17 Jan 2020


English Stream - Gwalch Bach - Miss M Jones

17 Jan 2020


Head Lice in school

10 Jan 2020


Swimming years 3&4

07 Jan 2020


Information for all parents.

07 Jan 2020
Happy New Year and Welcome Back to everyone for the Spring Term.  
Mrs Crockett will be absent from school for the next two weeks but will be returning to work during the week of 20th January.  Please continue to contact Mrs Nicola Evans regarding any day to day queries or questions regarding school life.  If your query relates to your child's learning or well-being please speak to the class teacher.  The class teacher will refer any concerns to either Mr David Lewis or Mrs Sian Protheroe to investigate and resolve.    If your concern is not urgent and is able to wait and appointment can be made following Mrs Crockett's return to work.
Please could Facebook messenger not be used to contact the school for hometime arrangements, concerns or to notify us of your child's absence.  The reduction in personnel in the office means Facebook and Messenger will not be checked throughout the day and therefore important messages may be missed.

Linda Crockett

 Pennaeth / Headteacher
Rhayader Church in Wales Primary School
Tel: 01597 810 288


10 Dec 2019
KEY STAGE 2 CONCERTS POSTPONED- Joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat all performances postponed this week due to the large number of pupil absence.
The performances will be moved to next week as follows-
Tuesday 17th December @ 1:30pm START- doors open at 1pm PLEASE NOTE EARLIER START TIME.
Wednesday 18th December 6pm doors open at 5:30pm.
Thursday 19th December 6pm doors open at 5:30pm.
All tickets already purchased will carry over to the same day the following week performance.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


29 Nov 2019



26 Nov 2019


Tom Gates Live on Stage 4th December

26 Nov 2019


Christmas Dinner

25 Nov 2019



22 Nov 2019


Curyll Coch

15 Nov 2019


Weekly Newsletter 15th November

15 Nov 2019



13 Nov 2019

We are always striving to do better.  Can you help us please by completing the questionnaire about how well do you think the school is doing?
Click on the link below and complete the questions by Friday 29th November.


08 Nov 2019



08 Nov 2019



06 Nov 2019

On Tuesday 12th November, Colorfoto are visiting the school for a PTFA Calendar Photoshoot.  A calendar will be created which features all of the children pictured in birthday months.  Key dates for the school will be included on the calendar and the calendar will be on sale at the School Christmas Market on 6th December.
Could you please send your child into school on Tuesday 12th November with the following costumes/clothes for the photoshoot?  If you have any props which could help to create the photo please send those on on the day; the school will be able to arrange some.
BIRTHDAY MONTH          THEME                      CLOTHES                                 PROPS
January                             Winter Wonderland    Jumpers, scarves, hats             Snowmen,                                                                                                                                         sledges etc
February                           Valentines                  Red, pink tops                           Hearts etc
March                               St David's Day          Red, white, green                       Daffodils, leeks
                                                                          Traditional Welsh costume
April                                 Easter/Spring            Yellows/pastel clothes                Easter Eggs,                                                                                                                                   chicks, lambs,                                                                                                                                 flowers
May                                  May Day                   Non-uniform                             Maypole, ribbon
June                                Sports Day                Sports kit/PE kit                        Balls, sacks, egg                                                                                                                             and spoon
July                                 End of School            Non-uniform                             Books, banners
August                            Summer                    Shorts/t-shirt, sunglasses         Beach balls, linos
September                     Back to school           Uniform                                    Books, globes
October                         Harvest                       Brown, red, yellow clothes       Pumpkin, veg, fruit
November                    Fireworks                    Bright colours, scarves             Sparklers, rockets
December                    Christmas                   Christmas Jumpers                  Tinsel, presents,                                                                                                                               Xmas tree
If you have any questions about this please contact the school office.
Thank you


25 Oct 2019



25 Oct 2019


Llaeth y Llan

24 Oct 2019



23 Oct 2019


School photos- how to order

22 Oct 2019


Spooky Disco

22 Oct 2019


18 Oct 2019


Home work

18 Oct 2019

Thank you to all those who completed the Anderson Shelter homework. We have had a wonderful selection of work and the children have shown an excellent understanding of Anderson Shelters. The next homework has now been uploaded to the School’s website. Each child has also been given a paper copy of the homework today. Diolch yn fawr

Harvest Festival

15 Oct 2019


Pupil Voice- Well-being

15 Oct 2019



11 Oct 2019


Home work

07 Oct 2019

Thank you to all those who completed the Blitz homework. We have had a wonderful selection of work and the children have shown an excellent understanding of their chosen city. The next homework has now been uploaded to the School’s website. Each child has also been given a paper copy of the homework today. Diolch yn fawr.


04 Oct 2019


Llangrannog Trip

04 Oct 2019

Please see letter below. Dates for Llangrannog are 16th March- 18th March NOT 1st April-3rd April 2020.
Please ignore the first letter as these were dates for Welsh 1st language course which we have decided not to do and instead we will do the second language all together.


27 Sep 2019



20 Sep 2019


Home work

20 Sep 2019


Reminder Mental wellbeing sessions

19 Sep 2019



13 Sep 2019



11 Sep 2019


Lunch Menu

06 Sep 2019


Home work

06 Sep 2019


Swimming years 5&6 ( Welsh & English)

05 Sep 2019


weekly Newsletter wc 8th July

12 Jul 2019


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