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03 Dec 2021



30 Nov 2021

We have been offered an amazing 12 week programme for the children to help with anxiety and stress.  Research has shown that the children have found coping after the pandemic difficult.
Please see information about the programme below.
There is a consent form on Schoop for you to give consent for your child to take part in the sessions.
The session will start tomorrow, Wednesday 1st December and will continue weekly into the Spring Term.


30 Nov 2021

Since the pandemic, there has been a wide range of research about the impact on children's well-being.  The school has been offered class-based mindfulness sessions for the older children in the school.
The dates we have been offered for the sessions are:
1st December, 8th December, 15th December and 22nd December.
Please see the information below to explain the programme.
We have a form on Schoop to show your consent for your child to take part.

Christmas dates for your diaries

29 Nov 2021


Seren yr wythnos

29 Nov 2021


Parents' evenings

26 Nov 2021

Dear Parent / Carer,


Parents' Evening - Online Appointment Booking


I would like to invite you to attend our Parents' Evening. When you go online times and dates for each class will be stated and allow you to chose the best time and day for your appointment.


We are introducing a new intuitive and easy to use online appointment booking system. This allows you to choose your own appointment times with teachers and you will receive an email confirming your appointments.

Appointments can be made from Friday 26th November 4:00 pm (not before) and will close on Tuesday 30th November at 4:00 pm.

The dates are as follows-

Brongoch- Friday 3rd December.

Aderyn y To-Thursday 2nd December.

Barcud Coch- Wednesday 1st December.

Gwdi-Hw-Thursday 2nd December.

Colomen & Gwalch Bach & Bwncath - Wednesday 1st & Thursday 2nd December.

Curyll Coch- Friday 3rd & Friday 10th December


Hebog Glas- Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th December.


Please visit https://rhayaderchurchinwales.schoolcloud.co.uk/ to book your appointments. (A short guide on how to add appointments is included with this letter.)


If you do not have access to the internet, please contact the school office who will be happy to add appointments on your behalf and discuss any other support you may need.


The meeting will be short and stick to a time limit, so we ask that you do not have your child in the meeting.  This will allow the meeting to be more focused and all important information can be shared freely.

 Please click on link for booking appointment guide- parentguide_en-nov.pdf 

Yours sincerely,



Linda Crockett



24 Nov 2021

Celf o Cwmpas in Llandrindod Wells are a local community arts charity based in Llandrindod Wells and are looking to start a weekly children’s art club, working with children and young people to offer a specific high quality artistic experiences. They would like to gather parents and children’s opinions and ideas and hoped you would be able to share this short survey.  The survey will be open until Thursday 2nd December.
Children's Art Club Survey (surveymonkey.co.uk)

Seren yr wythnos

22 Nov 2021


Warn and inform letter- positive contact

16 Nov 2021

Dear Parents/ Carer,
Please see letter attached- Following our school risk assessment we ask that you book a PCR test for your child and forward the negative result to office@rhayader.powys.sch.uk before your child can return to school. If the result shows as positive please let us know. Please also complete the day 8 test as this seems to be where positive results are showing up.
We are aware that if your child has already had a Positive PCR test in the last 30 days your child does not need to have a PCR test unless they are showing symptoms and can remain in school. If this is the case please contact the school.
Work will be available on Google classroom for all children to complete.
Thank you for your co-operation and keeping everybody safe.

Seren yr wythnos

15 Nov 2021



09 Nov 2021

Dear parent/carer,
Rhayader School has introduced a wonderful teaching resource called Jigsaw PSHE across the school to deliver Health and Well-being and Relationship Education.  
Many of you will have seen your child's certificate celebrating them completing themes such as 'All About Me' last half-term.
Here is a video showing what children in other schools say about Jigsaw PSHE and how it fits into the Welsh Curriculum.
Here is the parent guide.

Seren yr wythnos

08 Nov 2021



08 Nov 2021



07 Nov 2021


Covid-19 Powys contact tracing- warn and inform letter 1st November

04 Nov 2021

Good morning,
Please see attached the warn and inform letter. Please follow our school guidance which was sent out via Schoop yesterday, all children will need to have a negative PCR result before they return to school.
This is to protect the vulnerable Children and staff we have in school.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Covid-19 updated guidance

03 Nov 2021

Covid -19 updated guidance.
Good morning, The Welsh government guidance for Covid-19 has now been updated. If you are unsure of any of the current guidance please see the link below
As a school setting we also need to follow our own Covid-19 school Risk assessment, this states that ALL children including under 5’s need to self-isolate (stay at home, DO NOT comes to school) if someone in your household has tested positive for Covid-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive.
Your Child can return to school when they have had a negative PCR test, the results will need to be forwarded to the school office email office@rhayader.powys.sch.uk before your child can return to school. However, you may prefer your child to self-isolate at home along with the household member that is positive for the isolation period to avoid the spread of infection to vulnerable/ high risk Children and members of staff in school.
Thank you for your support and co-operation to keep everyone safe.

Christmas cards for schools

02 Nov 2021

Christmas cards for schools. Your child's Christmas card design has been sent home today along with an order form.
Please complete and return the order form to school. We will NOT be taking cash payments, please make payment of the correct amount on Parentpay.
Please make payment on parentpay and send the order form at the same time.
All order forms and payment on parentpay need to be returned to school by Tuesday 9th November at the latest.
Any orders received after this point will returned.
Thank you.


22 Oct 2021


Covid-19 Powys contact tracing- warn and inform letter 22nd Oct Gwalch Bach

22 Oct 2021

Please see information attached, if your child has a positive PCR test please inform the school.

Covid-19 Powys contact tracing- warn and inform letter 22nd Oct

22 Oct 2021

Please see attached if your child receives a positive PCR test please inform the school.

Covid-19 Powys contact tracing- warn and inform letter 20th Oct

20 Oct 2021



20 Oct 2021

The Welsh government has agreed to fund sessions held in the Forest school on the grounds of the Llysdinam estate in Newbridge, which will be free to attend. Transport is also funded.
Your child's class, Curyll Coch have been offered for the following sessions are 2nd and 3rd November; 9th November and 18th November and 7th and 14th December. 
We have a restriction on numbers to meet the COVID guidelines of up to 10 people per week.  Your child will be offered to attend 2 Forest School sessions on the above dates.
A consent form will be sent home with your child today.  On the top of the form will be the date that we have arranged for your children to attend the sessions.  Please can you complete the consent form and return it the school by Monday 1st November?
Please ensure children come prepared for all weathers, especially as the site is high up. 
Children may not be able to take part in activities if they are wearing unsuitable footwear.
We strongly advise:
Long sleeve top and jumper/ hoodie 
Waterproof and warm coat
Trousers and waterproof over trousers
Thick/warm socks
Wellies for getting to the site. 
Trainers or shoes for the bus journey.
The sessions will be during the normal school day and your child will need a packed lunch and plenty of drink.

Seren yr wythnos

15 Oct 2021



14 Oct 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,
I am writing to inform you that Mrs Rhian Jones, teacher of Hebog Glas, (Year 4, 5 and 6 - Welsh Stream) is currently unwell and has been absent from school since Friday 8th October.  
Mrs Jones will be absent from school until the end of this half-term and we will be reviewing her return for after half-term.
Although this is a huge loss to the class, we have been able to employ an experienced, fluent Welsh speaking teacher, Mrs Helen Hopkins, for the absence period.  Mrs Hopkins will continue to be assisted by Mrs Sarah Power in class every Monday (all day), Thursday and Friday mornings.
We wish Mrs Jones a speedy recovery and will update you when you have more news after half-term (Monday 1st November).
Kind regards,
Mrs Crockett

Covid-19 Powys contact tracing- warn and inform letter

13 Oct 2021

Important please read the letter below- This is for children in Aderyn Y To only (Welsh Reception & Year 1)


10 Oct 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,
It has come to our attention this weekend that a number of our children are watching 'Squid Game' on Netflix.
We have noticed that an increased number of children are starting to play their own versions of the game on the playground and this is causing conflict within friendship groups.  Children who have watched this are describing graphically realistic scenes of violence which is causing distress to other children.
We have researched the game this weekend and the programme is rated 15 and it is NOT APPROPRIATE for primary aged children!
Please could all parents monitor what their child/ren is accessing on the internet so we can stop issues arising from exposure to a programme like this.  We understand that this can be difficult with different aged children in one household but we would appreciate your support in prevent the children being exposed to this programme.
Thank you.

Seren yr wythnos

08 Oct 2021


Seren yr wythnos

01 Oct 2021



01 Oct 2021

Dear parent/carer,
As you are aware Miss Katie Havard-Pratt was appointed as the teacher for Curyll Coch this term to cover Mr David Lewis' Welsh sabbatical.  Unfortunately, Miss Havard-Pratt has been seriously unwell and has been absent since the 6th September.  Mrs Teri Lambrets and Mrs Crockett have been covering until now, however to ensure consistency for the class we have now appointed Miss Taya Gollaghy as class teacher until October half-term.   Miss Gollaghy has been working in school since the start of term covering absences in various classes and is very experienced.  Miss Havard-Pratt will hopefully return soon on a phased return and will assist in class until half-term.
You will be updated around half-term on the position.
Thank you for your patience and support.

Llanidloes high school open evening

30 Sep 2021

Please see below the invite from Llanidloes high school for their open evening. I have contacted the high school as there is no time on the invite.
The start time is 6pm.

Seren yr wythnos

24 Sep 2021



21 Sep 2021



20 Sep 2021



20 Sep 2021


Letter from Cllr Phyl Davies

20 Sep 2021



20 Sep 2021


Seren yr wythnos

17 Sep 2021


Autumn Term Newsletter

10 Sep 2021

Please follow links below for the newsletter and Seren yr wythnos


09 Sep 2021

Dear Parent/ Guardian
As you are aware the number of positive Covid-19 cases are on the rise throughout Powys. We are having a number of families using the lateral flow tests on children when they are ill and taking this result to mean they do not have Covid. These tests are not suitable to be used in this way and a PCR test MUST be used. This needs to be booked or a home testing kit ordered.
We understand that there will be a number of different bugs doing their rounds at the start of the school year, but if you have any concerns or if your child has any of the symptoms please organise for a PCR test to be done.
Please follow the link below for more information-

Update for parents

07 Sep 2021

Dear Parent/ Guardian,
We would like to start by thanking parents, children and family members for the great start to the Autumn term, we appreciate your support with the fantastic way the car park is being used  for wearing masks on site and following the one way system around the school.
We were all hoping that school life would be back to normal at the start of this term but unfortunately due to the rise in Covid-19 cases our school risk assessment remains the same as it was at the end of the summer term. We have made small changes to the school day inside of the current guidance and risk assessment.
However, due to the current rise in the number of Covid-19 cases within Powys we need to remind parents that Children are NOT to have calpol for any reason before attending school, this is due to it masking the Covid-19 main symptoms.
If your child is unwell for any reason, please do not send them in to school.
Can we also remind parents that absences need to be reported to the school office via a telephone call on 01597 810288 by 9:30 am on the day of absence, with a reason for the absence. 
If you do need to contact the school for any reason during the school day please do this via telephone or email. Please do not use the Facebook messenger.
Thank you for your co-operation 
Rhayader Primary school staff

Change to Lunch Menu Tuesday 7th September

06 Sep 2021

Change to Lunch menu- Tomorrow (7th September) will be Roast Chicken not sausages. Please find attached a copy of the Lunch menu.
From Wednesday we will be on week 1.

Curyll Coch P.E

03 Sep 2021

Bore da pawb!
It has been lovely to see so many smiling faces in Curyll Coch this week, you have all been very welcoming.
P.E for Curyll Coch (year 4&5 English stream) will be every Tuesday afternoon outside. Please could your child come to school dressed in P.E kit every Tuesday as they did last term. Due to restrictions Children are still unable to change for P.E in school.
Please ensure they are dressed appropriately for all weathers.
Many thanks
Miss Havard-Pratt


02 Sep 2021

Annwyl pawb,
We have had a lovely day back and it has been lovely seeing the happy smiling faces of the children.  The school has been a very busy place and there has been so many interesting stories to hear about their summer holidays.
We are pleased that the car park has worked very well today.  We ask that you all continue to use the space safely.  The arrows on the ground show the one way system, please could everyone follow that.  Although, Powys has extended the car park and we have more spaces than before it is still limited in the number of parking spaces available.  If there are no spaces left when you arrive could you all refrain from parking on the slip road by the Coach House and also not park along the school driveway.  If there is not space in the car park you will need to park off the school site.  Thank you to everyone who has continued to walk their children into school.
The one way system through the school playground was followed by most parents today.  We do understand it is a long way to walk around if you want to go back to the car park but we are trying to make it safe for everyone.  The one way system will be in place in the morning and at the end of the day.
In the morning for drop off, could the parents of  Aderyn Y To (Miss A Evans) and Brongoch (Mrs J Rimmer) wait by the blue railings and not walk down to the class doors.  We have put an orange line on the floor and stop signs where the teachers will meet the children.  At the end of the day, Mrs Rimmer will bring her class up to the woodchip as this afternoon so could these parents wait next to the sheds?
At the end of the day, Aderyn Y To  (Miss A Evans) will wait below the gazebo outside the classroom, so could all parents of Aderyn Y To please stand next to the blue fence above that area so Miss Evans can see you to release your child.

Barcud Coch (Mrs Davies/Mrs Bevan-Jones) class will now be met by the canteen door (next to the bike shelter)  and this will be their exit door.  We still ask that ALL of the parents of Barcud Coch use the one way system through the classroom and that they wait behind the barrier away from any moving vehicles.
Thank you

Internet Safety questionnaire follow-up

02 Sep 2021

In February, we sent out a questionnaire to parents with regards to Internet Safety.  Thank you for taking the time to answer the questionnaire. 
As part of our Internet Safety Policy, we have created a short follow up questionnaire that we would kindly like to ask you to complete.
Please click on the link below to complete the questionnaire.  Please answer the questions that you can.

Groups update

01 Sep 2021

Dear Parent/ Guardian 
We hope you have all enjoyed the summer break and look forward to welcoming all the children back in to school tomorrow (Thursday 2nd September).
Could all parents please update class groups on the schoop app. Please make sure you have selected the correct class for your child and also added the year groups, these have changed.
Click on My schoop- Rhayader C in W School-settings(or the cog in the right hand corner)- change groups-select the year group as well as class.
Whole school also needs to be selected.
If you need any help please contact the school office.
I will also be sending out contact information in the coming weeks, please ensure this is checked and returned to school. If you have changed your contact telephone number over the holidays please let the office know as soon as possible.
Thank you.


30 Aug 2021


Letter from Cllr Phyl Davies

30 Aug 2021

We are currently working through the risk assessments, operational guidance and will send you more information about what that means for Rhayader School on Wednesday.
Thank you

September Arrangements - Back to School

15 Jul 2021

Please find the information about arrangements for September.  We understand that face masks for parents dropping off and collecting children will be voluntary, however visitors inside the school building will need to wear face masks.  Staff on the entrances may choose to wear face masks when greeting parents and children but will confirm this at the start of term.

Summer reading challenge

14 Jul 2021

Please click on the links below for more information

Internet Safety information

13 Jul 2021

As part of our continued support for parents, we are providing information for parents regarding internet safety.
We would again like to point out that we are not saying what you can and cannot do as parents, but just offering appropriate advice inline with our E-Safety policy at the school.
Please click on the following links for more information: 
Social media
Online Safety tips for children aged 0-5
Online Safety Tips for children aged 6-10
Online Safety tips for children aged 11-13

Seren yr wythnos

09 Jul 2021


Re-sending the class list for September

09 Jul 2021

Sorry but for some reason the class list sent out on Wednesday could not be opened.
We are re-sending it so you can see class names and staffing for September.

Classes for September 2021

07 Jul 2021

Please find attached letter, class list with staffing and school plan showing classes for September 2021.
Your child has been told today which class they are in, who the teacher will be and also the current Year 2 and Year 3 have individual letters confirming the information and classes for you.


07 Jul 2021

Dear Parent/ Carer
If you would like a slot for parents' evening after receiving your child's report to discuss anything, please make an appointment using the link below. Appointments will be available to book from 4pm today.

Upcoming events

02 Jul 2021


Seren yr wythnos

02 Jul 2021



30 Jun 2021


Leaflets promoting Rhayader

28 Jun 2021

We wanted to share with you the fantastic work that the children have been completing over the last couple of weeks.  We have been focusing on Rhayader and looking at what Rhayader has to offer its visitors.
The children were asked to create a leaflet to promote Rhayader.  As class teachers, we could not be anymore  proud of the children, they worked so hard and in the PDF link is the work that they completed.
Well done to all the children.

Seren yr wythnos

25 Jun 2021


Lego Spike

25 Jun 2021

This week the children have been using the Lego Spike kindly, donated to the school by https://raisingrobots.com/.  This company is part of a push to get Lego Coding in to schools.  The children were given twenty minutes to create a moving model.  Click on the PDF to look at some of the different examples that the children came up with.  Also, all the models moved successfully well done.
We have been very proud of the children.

Seren yr wythnos

18 Jun 2021


Forest School Sessions

16 Jun 2021

The Welsh government has agreed to fund sessions held in the Forest school on the grounds of the Llysdinam estate in Newbridge, which will be free to attend. Transport is also funded.
The dates that Hebog Glas have been offered for the sessions are 24th June, 1st July and 8th July.  
We have a restriction on numbers to meet the COVID guidelines of up to 10 people per week.  Your child will be offered to attend a Forest School session one of the above dates.
A consent form will be sent home with your child tomorrow.  On the top of the form will be the date that we have arranged for your children to attend the session.  Please can you complete the consent form and return it the school by Tuesday 22nd June?
Please ensure children come prepared for all weathers, especially as the site is high up. In the summer, hats and sun cream are advisable.
Children may not be able to take part in activities if they are wearing unsuitable footwear such as sandals.
We strongly advise:
Long sleeve top and jumper/ hoodie (its is a lot cooler in the woods)
Wellies for getting to the site. It is still muddy (up to ankles) in the summer.
Trainers or outdoor shoes for the actual site if preferred.
The sessions will be during the normal school day and your child will need a packed lunch and plenty of drink.

Online Gaming

16 Jun 2021

Please find attached a link to support parents with 'Online gaming'.  Again, this is not the school telling you what to do with your children, but pointing you in the direction where you can find information to help you support your child/ children.
Please click on the link below to find out some information about 'Online gaming'


13 Jun 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,
Despite Covid-19 restriction in Wales being eased, the school risk assessments and regulations are still very controlled.  Parents' visiting school is still very limited as are visits and trips. 
Following the Powys and Welsh Government guidance, we will not be able to provide a residential visit for Year 5 and 6 again this year.  Class trips have to remain within the locality so this is restricting visits offered this Summer.
Sport’s Day and end of year concerts can be run for the children only and not with parents invited in.   We also have to ensure that the Bubbles of children within school do not mix.  Therefore, we have had to make the tough decision to cancel out sport’s day, but instead we are going to run the Race for Life in Bubbles during the week of 12th July.  Each afternoon one bubble will go out onto the field for the Race, we will share the event with you virtually.  Each race will end with a paint run; the children will run through washable powder paint and get covered in a rainbow of colours.  We will be writing to you to obtain consent for the Race For Life being filmed and also for the Paint run element as the children will be messy.
The Year 6 end of year concert will be live streamed for Year 6 parents and their family members.  Again the date, the link and the consent forms will be sent home to you.
Final end of year reports will be sent home during the week of the 5th July.  A schoop alert and Facebook post will let you know which day your child’s report is handed out; we will be sending the out on a Bubble rota.  Siblings may not have their reports on the same day.  There will be no attendance letters, end of Key Stage level/outcome reports or National Test progress reports sent produced by the Welsh Government this year so it will only be the school report that you will receive.
Each teacher will be available to meet via School Cloud one afternoon/evening the week of the 12th July to discuss any aspects of your child’s report.  If you are unable to access School Cloud, a telephone appointment may be arranged.
To celebrate the end of the school year, each bubble will be involved a local outdoor project from the 28th June.
Bubble 1 – Aderyn Y To (Miss A Evans) and Brongoch (Mrs Rimmer) – Bee Project.  To design and create a Bee friendly school.
Bubble 2 – Colomen (Mrs Bevan-Jones & Mrs M Davies) and Barcud Coch (Mrs J Davies) – Let’s get growing.  To design and create a school garden with a Polytunnel in the school grounds.  The Polytunnel has been funded by Rhayader Town Council through the Bryn Titli Grant.
Bubble 3 – Gwalch Bach (Mrs Dingle) and Curyll Coch (Mr Lewis) – Wildlife Homes.  Making homes for the wildlife of Rhayader School – Hedgehog homes, Bug hotels, Bird boxes etc.
Bubble 4 – Bwncath (Miss E Evans) and Hebog Glas (Mrs Jones) – Rhayader Rubbish.  Litter in Rhayader, recycling and dog fouling in the town.
The staff and children will be in touch with some people who have expertise in these areas, but if you are able to assist any Bubble please get in touch and let us know.
We have decided to resume swimming in September as the safety requirements and risk assessments have meant we are unable to offer swimming across the school fairly.
Please ensure you keep checking Schoop for updates and communications.

Seren yr wythnos

11 Jun 2021



08 Jun 2021

Thank you to everyone who completed our recent surveys online.
90.7% of you agree to the move to Llanidloes Cluster.
7.0% do not mind which cluster Rhayader School is working with.
2.3% feel the school should remain in the Ysgol Calon Cymru.
Questions raised during the survey:
1. Can we still choose Ysgol Calon Cymru as a High School for my child?
Yes, currently parental choice is still in place.  Recently, the Local Authority have announced they are going to review the school admission policy and school transport policy.  Therefore, in the future we are unsure of what the new policies will mean for the pupils of Rhayader.
2. Will the children of Rhayader have transport to Llanidloes High School?
Yes, the local authority has announced that the children transferring in September 2021 will have transport to Llanidloes.   The Local Authority have announced they are going to review the school admission policy and school transport policy.  Therefore, in the future we are unsure of what the new policies will mean for the pupils of Rhayader.  We feel that being part of Llanidloes Cluster will strengthen transport arrangements in the future.
3. Will the move mean we have access to more or less resources?
As Llanidloes is a much smaller cluster, Rhayader School will be able to access a higher amount of sports coaching and working across schools will be easier.  As a small cluster, any cluster funding available will be more per school.  Llanidloes High School has an ASD Centre like Ysgol Calon Cymru that we will be able to access for support and Llanidloes Primary School has a specialist centre too.  Ysgol Trefeglwys is a dual stream school that is currently consulting to become a Welsh medium school; we hope that a Welsh Medium school will help our Welsh Stream with Welsh language resources.
The governors, staff and pupils have also agreed positively to the move of clusters.  The Governing Body will be discussing this and ratifying the decision to move clusters on 30th June.
92.5% of parents would like to continue having the online parent's evening through School Cloud.
7.5% of you would not like to use this again.
90% of parents felt the system was easy to use.
80% of you would like a longer appointment and the opportunity to view your child's work.
The teachers agreed that the meetings were easy to run, but more time per meeting was needed.  The company used School Cloud have added the function to screen share examples of children's work.   
We have already spoken to the company and are pleased to announce that we will be able to  continue this for the Summer Term final report meetings and for next academic year.
For those of you that are unable to access the online meetings there will be the opportunity to have a phone conversation instead if arranged in advance with the class teacher.
Thank you to everyone for your feedback.  We appreciate your input and it helps us to make improvements for the teaching and learning at Rhayader School.


28 May 2021


Seren yr wythnos

28 May 2021



27 May 2021

Dear parents / carers,


To coincide with the new academic year (2021/22), all Powys learners using the home to school transport service will be issued with a new state of the art bus pass to be used from September 2021 onwards.


The new bus passes will have an individual QR code which will be scanned by the driver each time your child uses the home to school transport.


This will not only allow Powys County Council to provide and run an efficient service across the county, but will also ensure an accurate record of individual learners on any bus, at any time, to conform with Track Trace & Protect purposes.


Being able to quickly and accurately ascertain which pupils are using each bus or other modes of home to school transport at any one time, ensures we can keep pupils and staff safe in the event of any further outbreaks of coronavirus or other infections or situations in the future.


To ensure we have the most up to date information before printing all the new passes, we would like to confirm the information we hold for each learner is correct.


Please can you complete a separate questionnaire for each child you have that uses the home to school transport service.




The introduction of the new Powys bus passes does not mean that there will be a change in the home to school transport service currently being provided.


Link to School Transport Questionnaire – https://tinyurl.com/nsm8ep53

Seren yr wythnos

21 May 2021


PJ Day

21 May 2021


Staff update

18 May 2021

Dear parent/guardian,
We would like to share with you some news regarding a member of staff in school. Mrs Crowe was taken ill on Friday and will be away from school for a period of time, we are unsure at this time how long this will be and are in the process of finding a replacement to take over some of her duties.
We are all wishing her a speedy recovery and sending our love. We will keep parents updated.
Kind regards
Mrs Crockett


14 May 2021

Pupil Development Grant – Access


The scheme was extended in March 2021 to include the following year groups:


  • Year 1, Year 5, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 11of school in September 2020


£125 per eligible pupil


Powys staff will check all current free school meal awards to establish if each child is eligible for the grant payment.  New free school meal applications will also be checked for grant eligibility.


Not every child receiving free school meals is eligible for the grant.


If your child is transferring to a school outside Powys, please apply to the authority that maintains the school.


If you think you may be eligible for Free School Meals, but are not currently claiming, please complete a free school meal application form here.


For further enquiries please call 01597827462 (please note we will not take bank details over the phone).


The fund will cover school uniform, other clothing worn at school such as sports kits, equipment for out-of-school-hours trips (including outdoor learning) and equipment for activities within the curriculum such as design and technology.


The scheme has recently been extended to include the purchase of IT equipment, laptop and tablet only, where the school is unable to loan equipment to the family.


This extension to the current scheme was announced on 5th March 2021 and will run until the end of June 2021.


Only one grant per academic year can be awarded.

Seren yr wythnos

14 May 2021



12 May 2021


Seren Yr Wythnos

07 May 2021


Summer reading challenge

30 Apr 2021

For the month of May, we're setting everyone the challenge to read daily for 3 weeks starting from Monday 2nd May. See the poster for more details. 
Am fis Mai, rydym yn gosod yr her i ddarllen pob dydd am 3 wythnos i ddechrau ar Ddydd Llun yr 2il o Fai. Darllenwch y poster am fwy o manylion.

Seren Yr Wythnos

30 Apr 2021


Cycling training

28 Apr 2021

Dear parents/ carer
Please see letter below for information. A consent letter has been sent home today. Please sign and return to school by Tuesday 4th May at the latest if you wish for your child to take part.


27 Apr 2021

We are having a large number of requests for holidays this term.  We understand that the last 12 months have been very difficult; family time and activities have been extremely restricted and therefore families may need time for seeing other relatives or to have family time away.
We do not encourage time away from school, but ask that you complete the form attached and return it to school for the headteacher to consider authorisation of your child's absence.  Without a completed form prior to the absence the days will be recorded as unauthorised and may result in Education Welfare Officer (EWO) involvement.
Diolch / Thank you


27 Apr 2021



26 Apr 2021

Dear Parent/ Carer,
Please find attached a letter regarding parents' evening this term, how it will work and also instructions and a guide to booking appointments.

Summer term newsletter

23 Apr 2021

Please follow the links below

Holiday requests

22 Apr 2021

If your are planning to request a holiday for your child please complete and return to school.

Seren Yr Wythnos

16 Apr 2021


Summer Term Blended Learning Plan 2021

15 Apr 2021

Please find attached the first draft for the Blended Learning Plan for Curyll Coch.  This is initially what the children would like to learn about this term.
We will update and share this document as the term progresses.

Screen time support for parents

14 Apr 2021

This month as part of our ICT support for parents, our next focus is going to be looking at screen time.  Again these documents are not here to tell you what to do, but offer some information about this very important area.
Foundation Phase
Key Stage 2

Seren yr wythnos

26 Mar 2021

Happy Easter to you all, enjoy the break after another extraordinary half term . We look forwarded to the start of the summer term and welcome children back into school on Tuesday 13th April.
Could we please ask when we return to school after Easter that all communication is via the school office telephone 01597810288 or email office@rhayader.powys.sch.uk not on the school facebook messenger- these are not always seen and communication needs to be during school hours. All child absence needs to be reported by 9:30 am via the office telephone with a reason for absence.
Breakfast club and after school club reopen after Easter. 
If you need to book a child in, please complete the form sent out on schoop and make payment via parentpay.

Letter from Lynette Lovell

26 Mar 2021



24 Mar 2021


Important information

23 Mar 2021

Could we start by thanking all parents that have supported the school following the guidance for car parking at this difficult time.
We understand that the current car parking situation is inconvenient for parents. However, we are receiving a large number of complaints regarding parents using the top car park to drop off and collect children, as we have four settings using this car park for staff parking there is limited space and any additional vehicles mean this could block emergency access.
The car park remains closed to ALL apart from staff of the four settings and those blue badge holders (these need to be displayed in your vehicle).
The car park being closed to parents is a key part of the school risk assessment and has to be adhered to to remain open safely and ensure the safety of staff and pupils.
Concerns have also been raised by a number of pupils walking into school about vehicles turning and parking on the pavement on Bryntirion Lane. Can we ask where possible parents walk into school and avoid the area.
Due to the large volume of cars now accessing the car park in the mornings and afternoons without a blue badge, checks will now need to be made on cars accessing the car park.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Term dates

22 Mar 2021

Please follow link to see term dates.

Seren yr wythnos

19 Mar 2021


Internet Safety

19 Mar 2021

Information for parents.

Llanidloes High school transport

18 Mar 2021

Year 6 transport to Llanidloes high school-
We have had a message from Llanidloes High school to inform any parents that have concerns over eligibility for transport in September to please get in touch with Llanidloes High school directly.
Thank you.

Internet Safety questionnaire findings

17 Mar 2021

Recently we carried out a parent questionnaire regarding Internet Safety.  Included in the PDF are some of the action points we have taken from the questionnaire.
Best Wishes
Rhayader Primary School

New Lunch Menu from April

17 Mar 2021

Please follow the link below.

Drop off and collection

15 Mar 2021

Dear parents,
It has been lovely to see all the smiling faces back in school today.
Can we politely remind parents that the school car park is closed and should not be accessed without permission from the school.
Also only ONE person per household to drop off and collect children.
All parents and children need to maintain social distancing along the path way and be courteous to others.
Please remain on the marked out spots (if your child uses the front entrance) until your child is called in by the teacher.
This is so we are able to follow welsh government guidance and our school risk assessment as just one positive case in school would close a school bubble for 10 days, so we need to reduce the risk as far as possible.
Thank you all for your cooperation and support during these difficult times.

Seren Yr Wythnos

12 Mar 2021

Sydney & Cora- For telling us all the amazing frog facts they have learnt.
Barcud Coch-
Olivia R- For being so helpful and writing an excellent recount of the Big Adventure.
Lucas P- For extending his sentences when writing about the Big Adventure and for reading with expression.
Colomen- Oliver H- Excellent behaviour and great work on his 2 and 10 times tables.
Aderyn y to- Hari E- For showing much more confidence in class.
Da iawn pawb.

Red Nose Day

12 Mar 2021


11 Mar 2021


Healthy schools initiative

10 Mar 2021

Good afternoon,
Just a reminder that with ALL children returning to school on Monday, we are part of the Healthy schools initiative. This means fruit only should be brought into school for a break time snack, water bottles only no squash or fruit juice apart from with a lunchbox.
We allow children to bring a fruit bar or cereal bar on a Friday only.
Rhayader Primary school from Monday expect all children to be wearing school uniform.
Thank you.

School uniform

10 Mar 2021

We have had a number of inquiries regarding purchasing school uniform.
To order school uniform please visit https://www.uniformsbypc.co.uk/ 
We also have a limited amount of second hand uniform in school available. A small donation to our pupil voice siop revolve is welcomed. Please contact the school office on 01597810288 if you require second hand uniform.
Thank you.

Internet Safety

08 Mar 2021

Please find attached information about Internet Safety at the school.
Please find attached the first link for you.
Kind Regards
Rhayader Church in Wales Primary School

Seren Yr Wythnos

05 Mar 2021

Brongoch- Whole class- Super first full week back!
Aderyn y to- Frankie- Frankie has settled into school well and has already made lots of new friends. Da iawn ti.
Barcud Coch-Baylie- Very focused in both language and maths. She has contributed to the class discussions with enthusiasm.
Colomen- Rowan- Great reading & maths. Excellent attitude to settling back in.
Da iawn pawb!

Letter from Powys regarding re-opening of school

05 Mar 2021



04 Mar 2021
You will all be aware of the announcement made by the Welsh Government that Key Stage 2 children can return to school on Monday 15th March.
This is the date we are planning to have ALL of the children back in school. Obviously, the school will respond to any changes made by the Welsh Government between now and Monday 15th March.
On Monday 15th March, all Key Stage 2 children can restart school and the start and end times are the same as the Autumn Term. Start times are 9am - 9.15am and the end of the day is 3.30pm. The register and dinner register is taken at 9am so it is important your child is in class by 9.15am.
The same entrances will be used (a plan is attached to refresh your memory if required). School uniform will be expected to be worn by all children.
We ask that no bags are brought into school and that reading folders and lunchboxes are wipeable. Reading folders are to come into school on Monday and they will be returned on Friday.
Breakfast Club and After School will not resume until after Easter. We are currently looking at options for running the clubs in the safest possible way.

Important information

24 Feb 2021

Good afternoon all,
Please follow the links for important information.


23 Feb 2021


Letter from Director of Public Health

22 Feb 2021


Urdd Membership

12 Feb 2021

Please see the letter about Urdd membership.
A Schoop form will be sent out later today to sign up and join the Urdd.
ParentPay will be available for the £9 payment on 22nd February 2021.

FAQ - Fact sheet

11 Feb 2021



11 Feb 2021


St David's Day Virtual Eisteddfod

11 Feb 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,
On March 1st we will be celebrating St David's day.  We have prepared a 'virtual' Eisteddfod for the children.  Atttached are activities you can do with your child at home between now and Friday 26th February.  We hope you enjoy them, we have tried to think of ideas that are varied and involve every area of learning.
Every entry made gains points for class, so we will have individual winners as well as an overall class winner.  The overall prayer activity winner will win the Eisteddfod Chair and will awarded the Silver Cup to keep.
On March 1st, we hope your child will be able to dress up in traditional Welsh costume or wear red or green at home, on Google Meet live sessions or in school.
Diolch yn Fawr / Thank you.

Letter From Powys Local Authority

11 Feb 2021


What we have done this term...

11 Feb 2021


Letter from Cllr Phyl Davies

08 Feb 2021


Welsh Support at home

02 Feb 2021

We would like to draw your attention to a new service being launched today by RhAG, supported by the Welsh Government.


RhAG is in the process of developing an online platform and forum for parents, in particular non-Welsh speaking parents, to discuss their concerns about supporting their children maintenance of their Welsh language skills. Parents can contact RhAG at: help@welsh4parents.wales / www.welsh4parents.cymru


Content will be updated regularly – feel free to share the 5 Top Tips! (attached)


Professor Enlli Thomas - Supporting children in Welsh Education


Here are the videos and articles by Professor Enlli Thomas of Bangor University discussing how non-Welsh-speaking parents can seek help to support their children's educational and linguistic development in the current period and in the future


29 Jan 2021



22 Jan 2021

Please see the simple video links to help you access Google Meet.
After clicking the codelink provided:


21 Jan 2021

As previously shared the school will now require your child to attend at least one online live session each week.  The children in school will access this with a teacher from the provision on that day acting as the responsible adult in place of you the parent.
Curyll Coch will be acting as our ginuea pigs and trialling the whole class 'live check in session' tomorrow (Friday 22nd January) at 10.30am.
Instructions on how to join the meeting will be posted on Google Classroom and a link code will be shared with your child just before the meeting starts.
Below is the timetable to prepare for the times of the check in sessions for each class.  The rest of the school will be starting the sessions from Monday 25th January.  Hopefully, any issues or problems that we see in tomorrow's 'trial' will be resolved for everyone on Monday. 
Please ensure you check the details and instructions posted in each Google Classroom or on SeeSaw in Dosbarth Brongoch.
All safeguarding measures have been put in place to ensure maximum security, however as the sessions are live and online we have a user agreement for the session.  Please read this before the check in session.
We look forward to meeting with your child tomorrow or next week.

Check in Well-being sessions

19 Jan 2021
Every Monday and Friday, your class teacher will be holding a Class Meet check in session. Please see information on your child's Hwb Classroom page or for Mrs Rimmer's classroom on Seesaw.
Your child must attend at least one of the sessions, but are welcome to be in both. The session will be a chance to speak about work, discuss any problems, share news and have a general chat with friends. There will be 2 members of staff at each check in session.
A full session timetable will be shared later this week using Schoop as well as on Hwb and Seesaw.
If your child is unable to attend the session please let us know as soon as possible so alternative arrangements for a private session with a member of staff and for your child and an adult at home to be made.
Unfortunately, if we cannot see and speak to your child during the week the school will need to inform the Education Welfare Officer and a home visit will be made by the Local Authority.
Please look out for the messages on Google Classroom and Seesaw.



18 Jan 2021



12 Jan 2021



11 Jan 2021


Blended Learning

08 Jan 2021

Please find attached the Blended Learning Plan.


08 Jan 2021



08 Jan 2021
You have probably seen today's announcement from Kirsty Williams about the extended Blended Learning for schools.
We are aware this can feel overwhelming for some of you - but do not panic!!
We will continue to be opening the school as we are this week for the Key Worker and Vulnerable children. The children will be doing the same work that is set for the children at home as well as other 'hands on and practical' activities.
The booking form for each week will be on Schoop from Wednesday and will close on Friday at 4pm. Any changes you need to make can be done by messaging Rhayader Primary School or by emailing office@rhayader.powys.sch.uk
For those children who are at home, we understand it is difficult and what you can do at home will vary from family to family. Please do not judge yourself on what others are doing.
School staff are here to help you and we are grateful for any learning you can do with your child at home. Use the Hwb or Seesaw as you can. For some of you that will mean you can sit for hours with your child and complete the week set, however for others you will not be able to do that. If you can complete a small amount with your child then well done and thank you! Your child's teacher looks forward to saying hello to your child, so even just dropping in to Google Classroom and having a chat with the teacher, it is appreciated.
We have Doodle maths set up for every child and that is an App/program that your child can do without to much of your time, so is an easy go to activity.
The staff are busy trying to organise IT equipment to help you. Please keep an eye on Schoop where we will be sending out forms for booking to loan equipment next week.
If we haven't seen any activity from your child at all, then a member of staff will give you a ring to check everything is ok and see if there is anything we can do to help.
Remember - you are only human and cannot be a full-time teacher, a full-time parent and carry out your own jobs too. You can only do so much! Your children will return to school at some point and we will focus on their learning. In the meantime keep safe and keep sane.


07 Jan 2021

Blended Learning Plan.
This is being sent out to help you in case you have internet issues or have limited access to electronic devices.  The activities can be viewed on your phone and then your child can do them practically or on paper.  Please can you take a photo of this and upload to Hwb or send to Rhayader Primary Messenger and the staff will upload if needed.
Each child has a log in and password for Hwb and DoodleMaths.   If you do not have this please contact the school.


07 Jan 2021

Blended Learning Plan.
This is being sent out to help you in case you have internet issues or have limited access to electronic devices.  The activities can be viewed on your phone and then your child can do them practically or on paper.  Please can you take a photo of this and upload to Hwb or send to Rhayader Primary Messenger and the staff will upload if needed.
Each child has a log in and password for Hwb and DoodleMaths.   If you do not have this please contact the school.

Blended Learning

05 Jan 2021

Afternoon, tomorrow the 'Blended Learning'  will begin.  Last term we were learning about the Vikings, but I feel that we now need a change of topic smile.  On the Google Classroom, I will be putting some topic choices up for the children and I would like them to decide what they want to learn about. Once the children have completed this form, I will create a Blended Learning document that will be sent out with ideas that you can complete at home.
Tomorrow the children will be able to work on Doodle Maths and Doodle Times Tables.  There will also be a Doodle Comprehension Task that the children can also complete.  
I hope that you are all keeping safe and looking after each other.


04 Jan 2021

Pupils to return to school next week

Schools in Powys will not be re-opening to all learners later this week, the county council has said. 

Learners were expected to return to the classroom this Wednesday (6 January) following the Christmas holidays.

However, with concerns over the new coronavirus variant, Powys County Council has today decided that the majority of learners will now not return to school before Monday, January 11.

Schools will be open from Wednesday, January 6 for primary school-aged learners and those in Years 7 and 8 whose parents or carers are key workers as well as vulnerable learners.

Schools will now offer blended learning from this Wednesday onwards for those learners who will be at home.


Maintained 3+ settings and also childcare for key workers with school-aged children will continue.


Cllr Phyl Davies, Cabinet Member for Education, said: “Our intention was for our learners to return to school later this week following the Christmas holidays.

“However, we continue to be in the grip of this pandemic that continues to raise a number of challenges which we have to adjust and adapt accordingly. Things are moving rapidly across Wales and the UK, and we need to ensure that we are responsive so that our pupils, families and staff are as safe as we can make things."

“This decision has not been taken lightly but given the new coronavirus variant and that Wales is still in tier 4 restrictions, it is only right that we delay the return of all learners to schools.”


A form will be sent out later to ensure the school has the adequate staff members for Key Workers and Vulnerable children needing to attend school from Wednesday 6th January.


17 Dec 2020



11 Dec 2020


Seren Yr Wythnos

11 Dec 2020

Elin- Always works hard and a super helper.
Olivia-  Working hard in class.
Aderyn Y To-
Hari- has shown lots of confidence in class this week and has used his phonic knowledge to spell words independently.
Barcud Coch-
Billy- For excellent reading of words.
Emily- For excellent independent writing.
Tansy- Always trying her best and excellent Maths work.
Gwalch Bach- 
Finn & Moli- Great word work, reading and enthusiasm.
Curyll Coch- 
Trystan- Working hard all term.
Hebog Glas-
Harry N- Being thoughtful on Google classroom checking how everyone is every day and some lovely work.
Whole class- Excellent Pablo Picasso cardboard portraits.

Hwb login reminder for all parents

08 Dec 2020

Please find attached some useful tips on how to use Hwb and google classroom.  These were documents that we sent out in the Spring and Summer term.

Letter from Powys County council

07 Dec 2020

Please see letter below regarding self isolation for Children in bubble 4. 


07 Dec 2020


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